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Moderator needed

PostPosted: 11 Jan 2023, 14:29
by ClaudiaM25
Hey gorgeous!

Do you consider yourself a ‘Lady Popular expert’?
Do you love chatting with your friends in the game and sharing your Lady Popular knowledge?
We bet you do!

We are looking for a friendly person with good communication skills to join our moderator’s team.

Before applying, please read our requirements:

- Good English skills
- 18 + years
- Over level 30 (bonus points if you have had an engagement and a wedding party)
- Based in Europe
This job requires 2 hours a day from your time during the work week.

You can send us your applications via Feedback (Settings > Contact us) until the 15th of January.
:attention: We won’t be accepting applications after this date.
Thank you!

Re: Moderator needed

PostPosted: 16 Jan 2023, 13:24
by ClaudiaM25
Stage 2 is now in progress.
Please if you are picked for Stage 2 send your replies until Wednesday.