I just saw the most oof outfit...

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I just saw the most oof outfit...

Postby CoraAudrey.com » 22 Jun 2020, 02:34

No, ladies, I won't mention any names ;) but... I just saw the most horrible color combination! :blink: :shocked: guess what it was? It was a dark green and a dark orange *shudders* now, some people may disagree with me, but... I got out of there as quick as I could :unsure: I don't mean to hurt anyone's feelings, so I was kind of unsure about posting this... but that's what this section is for, right? And, I didn't mention any names :P

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Re: I just saw the most oof outfit...

Postby korambinna » 20 Nov 2020, 08:47

sometimes we can be shocked by the combination of colors. But .... What if it looks beautiful on a girl? And what is the style of this dress?
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Re: I just saw the most oof outfit...

Postby Chantal- Mignon » 14 Jan 2022, 22:58

I have got to ask Was It Me... (and I'll tell you why)

I have had "eye problems" since I was very young so now as I am older, I don't see color very well. A great deal of the time when I am putting things together or "purchasing" items in the mall or boutique, I ask my hubby for "color" help.
I believe I put in a suggestion in the forum that as a cursor hovers over a color square, the color name should show up as well as color the garment on the lady.

If it was me... I'm not insulted - I do it all the time in real life (mixing odd colors) The only thing is that in real life you can usually find a colorful scarf (usually vintage vera) which brings the "awful" colors together.

IF it wasn't me... Well... One man's sugar is another man's (or woman's) salt.

Just sayin' (with plenty of love and smiles)
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