Mini Game Tutorial

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Mini Game Tutorial

Postby Gaia » 10 Feb 2021, 05:36

Hello! This thread is for anyone trying to learn more about the game. I will focus on covering certain topics that beginners usually have a harder time understanding.

If there's anything you would like me to talk more about send me a private message (not here in thread) and I will help you out with it.


1) Game rules
2) Getting help/reporting other players
3) How to earn diamonds/emeralds/cash
4) Skills and leveling up
5) How to expand your wardrobe
6) Clubs
7) Sending pics, clickable links, text editing, making websites & collages.
8) Common questions people ask me (Divided in categories)

I will go over more topics later, but these are the main ones I would like to discuss about.

Topic #1: GAME RULES

(not all rules are stated bellow. I only wrote the ones I consider the most important to comment on)
Here are the main rules that you should know:

1. NO asking/revealing votes!

2. NO multi accounts. ONE account per player. If you have a sibling who uses different account from the same device let the game staff know or otherwise you will be punished. How? The LP team can check the IP Address in your device, making it possible for them to know if you’ve been multi-accounting. Your account can be blocked, they might let you keep the account with the highest level but still don’t risk it.

3. Lady Popular game is for ages 18+.

4. Transfer of purchased virtual currency (credits, coins, diamonds, etc.) or virtual services (Premium subscription, talents, etc.) from one game version (country) to another, from one player to another or between diff XS-Software games are not allowed.

5. Using any techniques to obtain confidential information from other users, passwords, code types and all types of information to which they would not normally access.

6. Bug exploit- a bug is pretty much a glitch (ex: free items you would usually pay for) that may give you an unfair benefit from the game. If you don’t inform administration about this glitch your account risks getting blocked.

7. Game prohibits use of inappropriate behavior such as offensive/obscene names, picture, cyberbullying, spam, etc.

8. No falsely reporting of players; you will be punished if you do so.



Sometimes players might have a question about the game and they dont know where to go. Or they want to report someone else for breaking game rules. Here are some places you can go to in means of receiving LP team assistance.

Getting Help (1.1 -> 1.3)

1.1) The Feedback "Contact Us" Option. In the game's page (pc view) look at the top left part of the page and click the gear icon. That’s the game’s settings.



There you can discuss with the LP team the following:
Technical issues, payment problems, reporting, gameplay questions, complaints and recommendations for the administrators, suggestions, more.

1.2) Another way to ask questions to learn about the game is through the game’s guides. These are players with great knowledge about the game whose purpose is to answer questions. Go to settings (gear icon on top left of the page) and click “Guides.” Choose a guide (preferably someone who’s online so you get the answer faster) and click “Ask A Question”


1.3) You can also ask questions in LP Forum’s “Ask a Question” Section. Link to page: viewforum.php?f=14


Reporting (1.4 -> 1.9)

1.4) As stated above, you can report players through Feedback by clicking settings (gear icon top left) and “Contact Us”

1.5) Reporting players in LP Forum: click the exclamation mark ! to report.


1.6)To Report a player’s Profile info/pic click the red exclamation icon on top left part of their profile image (where yellow arrow is pointing at). You can also block the player by clicking the red icon on the left that looks like a (\) circle with line crossing inside (where the blue arrow is pointing at).


1.7)You can also report a comment in FEED Section by clicking the ! exclamation icon in blue (where the arrow is pointing at)


1.8) If someone is rude to you in the chat you can report them by clicking the exclamation mark icon and mute them by clicking the speaker icon.


1.9) There’s an ongoing issue with players offering diamonds and saying they want to help you, but in reality, they have malicious intentions and will steal your account and change your password the second you give them your account information. Please be careful, these people are trying to scam you. The only provider of diamonds is LP itself, not other players!



Of course, you can purchase diamonds and change them into coins, etc, but I want to talk about how to get all these things for FREE.

Diamonds (1.1 -> 1.5)

1.1) The best most effective way (at least I think it is) to earn FREE diamonds is through the game’s Daily Spinning Wheel. By logging in everyday you eventually will unlock diamonds as possible prizes from spins! You can get second spin through the LP App. It allows you to watch an AD and then spin one more time! :D


1.2) Another way to earn diamonds is through the App’s section designated for watching ads. It’s where the arrow bellow is pointing at.


1.3) You can also earn diamonds by playing Lucky Cards at the game’s Carnival.


1.4) Another way to win diamonds is by clicking the diamond icon where the arrow bellow shows and then complete the offers they have.



1.5) Moreover, you can participate in special events in the forum. There are events that give diamonds as prizes, so stay tuned.

Emeralds (1.6- > 1.11)

1.6) The main source of emeralds is usually the Fashion Arena. Win duels and you win emeralds. If you lose a duel you will win emerald dust, which 10 of them add up to 1 emerald.

1.7) You can also earn emeralds from the daily spinning wheel.

1.8) By completing all tasks from daily tasks, you get emeralds as prize.


1.9) Get emeralds from the APP’s Ads section as I mentioned earlier, they have ads to earn both emerald dust and emeralds.


1.10) Moreover, get emeralds by playing in Lucky Cards at the game’s Carnival.


1.11) Last, the LP Forum also gives emeralds as prizes for some of its games/contests/etc.

Cash $$$ (1.11 -> 1.19)

1.12) You can earn cash by judging and winning duels in the Beauty Pageant.
1.13) Earn cash from the spinning wheel
1.14) Do the daily tasks.
1.15) Apartment income.
1.16) Again, LP Forum has events that give cash as prizes as well.
1.17) You can change diamonds into money.
1.18) Watch ads in game’s App to earn extra money.
1.19) LP Party missions


Topic #4 Skills and leveling up

1.1) Skills

First, what are popularity skills?
These skills help make your lady stronger during Fashion Arena duels. Having higher skills also makes it easier for you to get accepted into great clubs, and help your club perform better in battles. The skills are the following: elegance, creativity, confidence, grace, kindness, and loyalty.


You can check your skills by clicking the pink circle with arrow on top of the page:


These skills require you to pay in the form of money to increase them. You can also buy items in the malls that give “fashion points” which can also be used to increase your skills.
It’s important that your skills are enough for your level. You can check to see how your skills are doing by looking for ARROWS next to them, which will indicate if your skills are bellow, middle, or above average. You can do so by checking the little arrow next to the skill number as shown in the image bellow. If you have no arrow next to your skills then you are in the middle, neither bellow nor above average. Here is an image with green arrows (skills above average):


If you were below average, the arrows would show up in red color, pointing down. This would mean you need to strengthen that skill more.

Now, you can purchase Beauty Pageant energy through the VIP Shop using diamonds. This energy will give you money to update your skills faster.
Another way to purchase Beauty Pageant (BP) energy WITHOUT using diamonds is through the game’s Fashion Machine (Carnival area). You can also get BP energy by playing Lucky cards.

1.2) Leveling up.
Leveling up is great. We unlock new items in the mall, furniture store, pets, etc. But, if your skills are really low I recommend that you battle less in the fashion arena and focus on increasing your skills before leveling up. The reason I mentioned the Fashion Arena is that when you win a duel there, you not only gain emeralds but experience points, which are basically points that help you level up.

Leveling up is not hard as long as you stay consistent with participating in Fashion Arena. By purchasing BONUSES to increase your popularity skills temporarily your chances of winning duels will increase. You can get these bonuses through Lucky Cards, Fashion Machine Store, VIP Shop.

Now, you can also purchase Fashion Arena energy through the VIP Shop using diamonds.
Another way to purchase Beauty Pageant energy WITHOUT using diamonds is through the game’s Fashion Machine (Carnival area). Also Lucky Cards can give you Fashion Arena energy.



When you are new to Lady Popular it can be hard to compete in the Beauty Pageant when you don’t have much of a variety of items in your wardrobe. No worries though, I’ll give you a list with many ways you can expand your wardrobe fast.

1. The game’s mall. This is usually the first place beginners go to purchase clothes. I recommend you check it out and buy as much variety of clothes you can, so that you are more prepared for the BP (Beauty Pageant).


2. Play Lucky Cards. This game in the Carnival can give you clothes as prizes.


3. Stay tuned to new temporary events. The announcements part of your mailbox will inform you about any new events. Most events give clothes, unless it’s a furniture collection.

4.Boutique. The boutique is like a mall that brings back flashback collections full of clothes!


5.Facebook and Instagram. LP Facebook and Instagram page have clothes giveaways. Here’s the link to the pages:


6.Party gifts. When you buy a party gift not only you give the present to the hosts, but it’s also added to your wardrobe. Parties usually have lots of clothes as gifts that you can purchase, they cost emeralds/diamonds but are very beautiful so it’s worth it.


7. Lady Popular’s Brag Corner. Sometimes in the LP Forum’s Brag Corner section there are clothes giveaways. Check out the Brag Corner section: Click here


Topic #6 CLUBS

Advantages of being in a club (1.1 -> 1.5)

1.1) Your skills increase in points when you are in a club (clubs with higher skills increase more your individual popularity skills).

1.2) You have your own community of friends who are there to support you throughout your LP journey.

1.3) You can participate in fun club activities such as fashion shows, club battles, member’s parties, weekly/monthly themes, etc.

1.4) Clubs have talents which give the members temporary advantage in various aspects of the game. Remember club presidents, you must wait 7 days to activate the same talent once again. Talents will last a total of 24 hours.


1.5) Clubs also have trophies that give members different bonuses depending on the type of trophy. Example of what some trophies do: faster energy refill, higher income from apartment, more money won from duels, etc.




How to join a club (1.6 -> 2.0)

1.6) You must be at least level 8 to apply. I would recommend that you try to increase your skills to a decent amount before you enter a club. Clubs usually look for ladies with good skills so the higher your skills the better chances of entering strong clubs.

1.7) Once you feel ready to join one its important to do your research about the best option of club for you. Go to “Ranking” and click “Club Ranking.” There it shows a page with all clubs in the game!



1.8) Please read the club’s “Description” box once you click the club’s page, which will let you know what to expect from the club. Many clubs have entry fees, weekly donations, skills requirements, so be sure to inform yourself about this instead of jumping straight to applying to a club that you might not even qualify for.

1.9) Then if you want to attempt to join the club choose the option “Apply” (in the club’s page) and write a message telling them you are interested in becoming a member.

2.0) If you leave a club, you need to wait 3 days (72 hours) in order to join another club.

Info for club presidents: if a president is 14 days inactive, you lose your president role and the next-in-line takes your place. Moreover, presidents should choose their vice presidents carefully. Vice presidents can activate club battles (risk losing club trophies if they make a poor choice), change the Club's name/logo (this cost 50 emeralds), and more.
I once had a VP who spent 50 emeralds to change my club's name and logo without my permission, and I had to spend 50 more emeralds to put back the club's original name and logo. That was a total of 100 emeralds wasted!!!! So please, please choose quality over quantity and make sure your VP is trustworthy.


Topic #7


Sending Pictures: Use this format when sending images:

Clickable Images with links: Use this format when trying to make a pic with a link you can go after clicking the image:

Clickable links (with texts you can click): Use this format:

[url=put the link of the site here]type the text here[/url]

So, for example, let’s say you want to give the link to and make the person click ‘Hey!’ text. Here’s what it looks like:

To post videos in the forum, use this format:

[BBvideo 425,350]put video link here[/BBvideo]
Text Editing:

Changing text color: [color=color of the text] type text here[/color]

So, for changing color here are some colors you can put inside the [color=]: Blue, Orange, Pink, Red, Green. Literally just type the name of the color and it shows.
In the game's mailbox, to apply colors click Image

So, it should be this format :


After that '=' equal mark, write the name of the color you want. For example, lets say you want to say HELLO in color Blue.


Changing text size: [size=put # of size] type text here[/size]

Making Websites: I recommend that you use Wix Site. Wix is the most common website used to make LP club sites and more. It's all free, just make an account and you are ready to go.

Making Collages:
Usually for collages I use and there you are able to make free collages, just make an account and give it a try! You can also try using Pixteller: Click here.
Topic #8

COMMON QUESTIONS PEOPLE ASK ME (Divided by categories)


Q1: How to get an invitation to parties?
A2: To get an invitation to parties go to "Party Center," click "View All Parties" and check the parties currently coming up. You can find the hostess name in pink, click it and send that person a private message asking nicely if they can invite you.
Q2: Is it against the rules to ask for votes on Wedding Photo Theme Contests?
A: No.
Q3: What level needed to enable party planning?
A: Level 20.
Q4: What's the minimum level to be invited to parties?
A: Level 10
Q5: What is the difference between Maid of Honor and Bridesmaid ?
A: Maid of honor gets 50% sale in bridesmaid shop and is the bride's most special bridesmaid.

Q6: What's the minimum level to get engaged?
A: Level 13. But you first have to collect all three presents from 25 boyfriends.
Q7: Minimum level to get a fiance?
A: Level 13.
Q8: How much happiness increases when you kiss your fiance?
A: 12 happiness points.
Q9: How Bf/Husband happiness bonus works?
A: Each of the 3 gifts from each bf gives 1,2 and 3 direct points to one statistic- 6 in total for each boyfriend. You keep those points in your statistics and you can never lose them.
There are 25 boyfriends in total -5 per statistic (excluding Loyalty), which means a total of 30 bonus points to each of the 5 statistics.
Your fiance, gives 50% bonus on the points from your boyfriends, not from the basic stats. (At maximum happiness).
Your husband gives 100% on your points from boyfriends. (At maximum happiness). In conclusion, total bfs gives 30 points for each stat (Loyalty excluded). And your fiance, gives a maximum 50% bonus to those points (45 points) and you husband gives a maximum 100% bonus (60 points).
Q10: Since the new update, does bf look change when he becomes your fiance?
A: Yes

Q11: After how many days of inactivity a club's president line passes?
A: 14 days.

Q12: How many days wait to join a new club once you leave a club?
A: 3 days.

Q13: How to become a game guide?
A: To become a guide you must know English well, be around level 35 to prove you've been playing for some time and have experience, have good knowledge about the game, and be kind and respectful towards players.

Q14: Why my votes reset to zero?
A3: Once the fashion podium contest resets, so does your votes. This gives everyone an equal chance for the next new contest.
Q15: How to make friends in LP?
A4: I would say the chats, clubs, and forum are the main ways of making friends on LP. You can then add those friends to your Facebook/Instagram accounts to keep in touch if you like, which is something I've seen people do.
Q16: What is the max comments you can post on profile before reaching the limit? 100 comments.
Also, the limit for pm is 100, and for mail is 100.
Q17: What are cars, what do they do?
A5: Once you get a car you unlock a new page in your profile page that shows your cars. Like this: Image
Moreover, cars give you bonuses, or boosts in your popularity skills for some limited time. You know those popularity bonuses you can buy at the arena? Cars can give something similar to those bonuses. It helps strengthen your lady skills.
Q18: How to use promo code?
Answer: The team needs to emit the promocode first. Fill in the promocode information, then click, "activate."
After that, you can go on and purchase your diamonds just like you usually do.
Q19: How to change your name?
A: To change your name click that gear icon on top of the page (computer view) its the 'settings.' Then click 'Rename your lady.' The first time you change your name is free, the other times you need to pay 50 diamonds. Image
Q20: How to download/ save to your device an image from the game's gallery?
A: To download an image from the game's gallery follow these steps:
1. Go to your gallery and click the image you want to download.
2. Look bellow the image and copy the 1st link that shows.
3. Paste that link on a new tab.
4. If you are using a computer, right-click the mouse and it should give you the option to save the image. In my computer it says, 'save image as...' But if you are using a phone, click image and hold it. Then it will pop out option to save it as well.
5. Once you save an image it's on your device's gallery/photos so that's the same as downloading.

Q21: Will you get punished if you inform the staff about your suspicions that someone is multi-accounting and you end up being wrong?
A: If the reporting turns out to be a false alarm you will NOT get punished. BUT, it's important to remember that purposefully or maliciously attempting to get someone in trouble through false accusations is something that will get you punished.
Q 22: What are the game versions?

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Re: Mini Game Tutorial

Postby Gaia » 20 Jul 2021, 15:31

For more information, check out this website with game rules created by the game---> here

Game's privacy policy ---> here
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Re: Mini Game Tutorial

Postby Waldo » 18 Jan 2022, 14:17

Thanks a lot i am new player and this is so informative thanks for sharing keep it up.

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Re: Mini Game Tutorial

Postby beautyskincare » 22 Jul 2022, 23:53

Gaia wrote:For more information, check out this website with game rules created by the game---> here

Game's privacy policy ---> here

Thanks a lot i am new player and this is so informative thanks for sharing keep it up. :rolleyes:
Thank you for visited. My Personal Blog.
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Re: Mini Game Tutorial

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Thanks Gaia!

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Re: Mini Game Tutorial

Postby louisellis » 04 Jan 2023, 10:03

Thanks for providing such a great page drift hunters
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