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1. General conditions

1.1. Forum of the game Lady Popular

The Forum is the official organ of the game Lady Popular.

1.2. Voluntary participation

None of the users of the forum, administrators or moderators, is obliged to take part in the discussions of the topics. Participation in this forum is voluntary and every action forcing a particular User to participate is unacceptable. The information in Lady Popular is given, not required.

1.3. Breach of rules

Every breach of these rules will lead to a warning. Forum administrators have the right to block and/or delete accounts in the forum and in the worst case – in the game. The execution and interpretation of the rules is at team"s discretion.

2. Accounts, warnings and punishments

2.1. Multiaccounting

Every user can have only one account in the forum. Registering more accounts and/or their simultaneous use can lead to punishment.

2.2. Banned users

When a user is punished by banning his/her account in the forum, it is absolutely forbidden to register a new account. Registering a new account after banning in the forum is considered a serious violation of the rules and can be punished in the game.

2.3. Insults

In case of serious insults user accounts can be banned without warning.

3. Language and culture

3.1. Language

The official language in the Forum is English and the Team regards as its duty to promote the use of it and every diversion or undermining of this promoting will be considered offensive. The users" excuses on the matter (laid out officially) will not be accepted, on the contrary, they will be treated severely.

3.2. Culture

The discussions in the Forums should be led with respect to the Users and with consideration of their right of a different opinion. Arguments and criticism are allowed when made with an appropriate tone. Provoking rude arguments and quarrels is inadmissible and will be punished. Posts with unethical or ironic attitude to other Users or to third parties or institutions will be removed and the guilty party will be sanctioned. Arguments that concern the opponent"s ethnic, racial, professional, sexual, etc. orientation are forbidden to be used in the discussion. It is not desirable the same User to repeat the same opinions on one topic without any change in his/her argumentation. Repetitions assume nagging and a desire to stifle the discussion with shouts. Posting doubling opinions on two or more topics is inadmissible and will also be punished.

3.3. “Caps Lock”

Do not always use “Caps Lock” (writing in capital letters} because that will be considered as “speaking loudly”. Such posts will be edited or removed, especially in cases of systemic breach or a breach of two or more rules. It is allowed to use capital letters or bold/color type only to put accent on definite parts of the text.

3.4. Quotations

Do not use quotations too often. Quotations have real effect only when you want to comment or show a definite parts of someone"s statement or it is on another page or in another topic. The excessive use of quotations only makes the reading harder and leads to unnecessary scrolling.

3.5. Means of expression

The excessive use of means of expression such as interjections, images and emotions makes the communication more difficult. Such posts will be edited or deleted and the systemic breach of this rule will be punished.

3.6. Requests for removing interdiction

Requests for removing interdiction must not be in the forum. You can use Private messages for that purpose. If you think that you are accused unjustly, you can send private message to the moderator who has accused you first, and then – to the administrator of the forum. The administrator"s decision is final.

3.7. Elements of avatar or signature

It it not allowed to use elements of another player"s avatar or signature. It will be considered offensive and will be sanctioned.

3.8. Number of opinions

Writing in the forum just to increase the number of opinions will be sanctioned.

3.9. Writing from the name of another User

Writing from the name of another User, especially of a locked one, is undesirable and the “lawyer” will be sanctioned.

3.10. Addressed topics

Topics, which are addressed to a definite User, will be deleted. If you want to speak with someone write private messages.

3.11. Information about the Players

It is not allowed to publish a name or information about the account of another player without their personal permission, except for the sections “Report a bug”, “Report for multiaccounting” and “Report an offense”. It is forbidden to publish information about another user or comapany/forum/site,etc., without their explicit agreement. In such cases the publisher will be sanctioned and the topic will be deleted.

3.12. Trading accounts

It is not allowed to trade accounts in the forum.

4. Writing on a New Topic and New opinion

4.1. New Topic"s Title

The title of each New Topic should be as descriptive as possible and should conform to the Forum"s section where the topic will be posted. “More descriptive” should be understood as using key words on the matter or on the problem, and not stating the whole matter or problem in the title

4.2. Doubling a topic

When a User opens a New Topic, he/she should have passed the “Search” section and to be absolutely convinced that this or a similar topic does not already exist. The so called “crosspoting” or posting the same, or a similar, topic more than once will be seriously punished according to item 7.

4.3. Topic-matter

When a User posts a New Topic in a particular section of the Forum, he/she should consider if his/her text conforms to the topic purpose of the section. There could be clearly expressed limitations or other specific rules for each particular section of the Forum. (They are usually published as “An Important Topic” at the beginning of the forum.)

4.4. Author of the topic

Each User who opens a New Topic is its author. The author of a particular topic is obliged to define the frame of the discussion in the opening text. It could be a specific question (in this case the theme and the parameters of the answers are defined), defining the problematic matter (the object for the discussion is set with its time or other frames) or other. The author has the right to address the Forum Team through a personal message (or by the “Report” button) and to ask for the change or removal of his/her User’s opinion in his/her topic on the grounds that it deviates from the topic or is off the point at all. The Team decides if the request is well-founded and takes measures accordingly using its own judgment.

4.5. Writing an opinion

Before posting a New Opinion on any matter, make sure it will be useful for clarifying the matter. Opinions such as “I don"t know about the hair-style, where can I get a tattoo?” are unacceptable. All misinterpretations of the topic will also be punished not only by banning but with a limited access to the forum.

5. Advertising/Propaganda

It is strictly forbidden ideologies offending a particular object/topic or a group to be expressed. The deliberate advertising of a product/ideology/service is also forbidden. Seeking help against payment and seeking/offering/spreading illegal information about a particular group/company/person is also forbidden.

6. Images

6.1 Vulgarity/eroticism/violence/racism

Any inscriptions, logos, brands, brochures,etc. with such topic (hidden or overt) will be deleted.

6.2 Avatar/Signature

The avatar and signature should conform to point 6 (as well as all previous and next points) and should not exceed 150 pixels in height. Users should not abuse the opportunities for thickening and coloring.

7. Actions of the Forum Team in cases of breaking the Forum rules

Each breaker of the rules could be sanctioned with editing or deleting a topic, opinion or part of an opinion without warning by the Forum Team. The breakers who persist in their delusion about the Forum and its mission, will be sent a single warning as a personal message or rising of “the Warning Level” (Warn %) and thereafter they will be deprived of their Users’ rights for defined periods of time or other administrative measures will be taken against them by the decision of the Forum Team.

Every User is obliged to observe these rules by his/her registration on the Forum. Of course, the participation in the Forums is voluntary, so the Forum Team takes for granted that the particular User had acquainted himself/herself with the rules and engages himself/herself to observe them.

8. Information about the limitations in case of breaking the Forum rules

Each sanctioned User could, by his/her decision, turn to the Forum Team. The only way to do it is by a Personal Message to a moderator/administrator. Thus the User could learn the reasons for his/her limitations. The Forum Team is not obliged to explain its actions or motives – it could be done voluntary, by its decision.

9. Proposals Section

Before making a new suggestion, please make sure that this was not done by another User.

As in the other sections, here descriptive titles are also required. The more sustained your proposal is and the more stylistically is formed, the greater is the chance to be considered. Your proposal must be accompanied by a poll with a clear and specific possible answers. If your proposal is rejected by the other players" poll, the chance to be realized disappears automatically. If you have a positive poll result, the proposal will be commented by the developers of the game and eventually be realized for the next reboot. Even if your proposal has been approved by the players this does not mean that it will be done with certainty.

All topics that do not meet these requirements will be locked and subsequently deleted.

10. Bug Report Section

The title should contain the exact description of the topic (Example: “I didn"t get dollars when I...”, “I can"t log into my account”) Items that do not meet these requirements will be locked and they will not be answered.

11. Moderation and Administration Rules

Moderation rules apply to the moderators (both global and of the different sections) and administrators.

11.1. They should regularly visit the forum and make sure there are no violations and abuses of the General Rules!

- to ensure that the topic is in the correct section of the Forum;

- to ensure that the title of the theme coincides with the content and is informative;

- to divide the topics when the conversation changes in different directions

- to be careful there is no duplication of topics with the same content by merging them or directing the creators of new themes to existing ones;

- moderators should promptly inform the administrator in cases of abuse of any kind;

-to clean up the themes of unnecessary dialogs/conversations about PMS, strives, unimportant to other users or comments unrelated to the topic in order the topics to be more informative and easy to review;

- to lock topics which development is necessary to stop or the theme is exhausted in order to prevent future unnecessary positions;

- to inform consumers of their actions or announcements by PM in the problematic issues, in case these actions constitute a substantial interference in the topic and could create confusion or ambiguity;

- topics in the working sections of the forum are locked after the moderator is absolutely sure that the problem has been exhausted.

11.2.Moderators moderate topics by putting a signature in Topic version. Moderators lock topics by putting last post explaining why the topic has been locked. A theme is unlocked by the moderator who has locked it if there is a decision of the Administrator, or if the man who opened the topic and asked to be locked, ask to unlock it again. In all cases unlocking the theme is made with a post with explanation why it is unlocked. Topics locked due to breaches can be opened only with the permission of the Administrator.

11.3. Moderators should remember that they must be in favour of the game, players and administration, and not vice versa. Assistance to players and monitoring procedures of the Forum are their main responsibilities. Expression of contempt, ridicule and misuse of power given to them is unacceptable (including deleting or editing of posts on a personal basis and when they do not conflict with current rules).

11.4. The main task of the moderator and the administrator is to settle the disputes quickly and adequately. Decisions on a topic of moderation without all the necessary information about it can lead to accusations of bias and leaving consumers with a false impression. Therefore, when taking a decision on a case, it is good to hear both parties involved.

11.5. Information from the moderator zone is not exported for any reason. Information (eg IP addresses) available only to administrators and moderators is not available to users or third parties.

11.6. Penalty imposed by a moderator or an administrator can be edited by another member of the team only after notifying the first one of the reason, but even better with a consultation with him. If the punished Users are interested in the cause they may be directed to the moderator, who imposed the sanction and future interventions in the current situation are unacceptable. If reasonable and comprehensive explanation has already been given, communication after that is not necessary or compulsory. When locking or moving a theme it is compulsory to leave a signature with information on who and why moderated the topic. Exceptions are clearly spam / blatant issues which need no comments.

11.7. It is desirable not to edit topics that have been moderated by another moderator. Of course, if during his absence there are violations in that topic, it can be locked until his return when he will decide what his future actions will be.

11.8. If a moderator hesitates what to do in a certain situation- it is better to consult with more experienced colleagues. If there is misunderstanding between the moderators a dispute in the public domain is STRICTLY PROHIBITED. To resolve the situation the moderators should notify an administrator who must take the necessary decisions in the presence of both parties.

11.9. Moderators and administrators must clean up the topics of unnecessary opinions, raise the warn level if necessary and as a last resort - put a ban on guilty members.

11.10. New moderators will be selected only by vote of a quorum of three Administrators. Selection of new administrators is made only by Root Administrator. Same conditions apply to the removal of rights (moderator and administrative).

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