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Postby Annnnnnna » 31 Jan 2012, 01:17

This story was made by ladies Aisha, аня., Sic_ and Annnnnnna.
It's hard to watch film when you don't understand what is it about so I will shortly write the story.

New Year time, Christmas trees, all of people are ready for celebration. But not Vasalisa. She thinks that business is the only one important thing. She is lonely. 31th of December Vasilisa came to the mall to buy herself gift - new laptop. But with the laptop she got the letter from Santa Claus with invitation to come to the park. Santa Claus asked her to help him with gifts.
First chapter is about couple who had relations during long time. And one day they decided that their relations are over. But they missed each other because love didn't leave both of them. Santa Claus with Vasilisa's help gave them snowball to make them remember how happy they were together. And hi made the prediction that they will married and go to Paris for honeymoon.
Second chapter is about father and daughter. Daughter wanted to became an actress agains her father's wish. She didn't enter institute and it was the reason for them to don't speak with each other. Then daughter leaved city and tried to be an actress but with no success. She married and borned baby girl and understood that she still needs her father and her little girl needs grandfather. Santa with Vasilisa's help gave her the post cart "To my dear Daddy" and she came to father's house again. Video from :

Third chapter is about ballet dancer. When she was 14 she was in love with boy who danced ballet too. She created special dance for him but he was too shy to open his heart. She was very dissappointed. Then he stopped dancing and they didn't meet anymore. She worked as ballet teacher and 31th of December Santa with Vasilisa's help gave her the invitation to the children's community to dance for children. She came there and danced and after that she heard the music from her dance. And young man, ballet dancer who was invited too, he started to dance her dance! It was he, he decided to say "I'm sorry" with the dance.
Fourth chapter is about lady who was very pretty and smart, successful in business but she was not able to have children. Santa with Vasilisa's help gave her gifts pocked and asked her to take it to the children's community. She did it and she played with children. She understood that every orphan child has the heart open for love. And next year she will adopt a boy and a girl.
And in the end Santa was open his face, Vasilisa saw that it's her colleague! He knew about all these people and wanted to help them. Also he wanted to make Vasilisa happy. He explaned that miracles happen because they are inside of us. Just relish your time. Don't leave empty pages in the book of your life. Give your hand to somebody who needs help. Listen to your heart. Video from :
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