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Re: Spots!

Postby zmaya » 19 Jun 2011, 22:34


buy some cleaning tonic for young skin (be careful to read for what age it is, it is not the same for 14 year old and for 40 year old :P ) and use it regularly. Don't use cream if you have oily skin. If you really want to use some make sure it is for oily skin, but be careful creams clog your pores.

Also, keep in mind, balanced food and lot of water. So in t.o.m. try to avoid junk food and lot of chocolate and cookies. You don't have to stop eating them, just keep it lower than usual. ;) OK, that is healthy advice even if you don't have skin problems, eat healthy and drink lot of water. :)

And the third tip. Buy a corrector in the color of your skin, in pencil one would be great, you can easily place that just on the few stubborn spots. ;) Don't use any other make up during the day, it is hot and it will melt. Use corrector only on spots and if they are really visible.
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