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Postby Gaia » 19 Dec 2020, 00:54

Veronica042004 wrote:
AndreeaG wrote:
Veronica042004 wrote:TEMPORARY OPTION PLEASE. It's almost 8 pm I can't do anything.

get a cartoon box and old newspapers

I got that. My mom has went looking for litter and sand. I don't know if I should keep her because she's literally sitting on the door meowing and as soon as I open the door she's ready to go.
So, I'm thinking of letting her go because all the animals are supposed to have there free will to live. I don't want her to be feeling uncomfortable and tied down.

Hey Veronica just read your diary posts, great poems btw. How is your cat doing now? Is she feeling better?

I let my cat go outside, but she is trained and always comes back home at the end of the day. A cat that gets lost in the streets can get pretty dehydrated and lose a lot of weight, which is dangerous. So if you let your cat play outside makes sure she knows the way back home. If you have a good connection with your pet they wont run away and not come back, but still be careful cause you never know what can happen outside.

Also there's this misconception that cats are lazy and just sleep all day long but that's not true. If your cat is sitting down on the same place and sleeping nonstop, then they might have a physical problem or are feeling depressed. My cat does enjoy sleeping, but she is also very active. She runs around the house, I play tag with her, throw toys for her to run after, you have to make time for your pet. Yes cats arent clingy like dogs, but they still want to feel loved. My cat may dodge my hand sometimes when I try to pat her head, but you know what, every now and then she jumps in my bed and comes to sleep right next to me. Cats might not always show it but they do like some care and attention. If your cat still not feeling fine send her to a vet to check her out, they will know what's wrong. I dont know what's wrong with your pet and Im not saying its depressed or anything, but just trying to inform you about what I know could be a cause for a cat being inactive like that.

Best wishes :)
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