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Postby ladyana » 15 Oct 2020, 17:09

Okay, "dreams" and "aspirations". I have them. They're embedded in my mind, perhaps in my heart too. I've never formally written them down so forgive me if I sound sloppy.
I have a fundamental idea of who I would like to be: A better person than I am today. A more responsible human being than I am today. To do a bit of good everyday. It's a dream because I haven't achieved that goal. Frankly, I don't know if it's an attainable goal. However, I would like to keep trying.
Most of my other dreams are just a means for achieving the formerly stated one.
For instance, I hope to adopt a child someday, when I'm capable. There are several children out there who grow up in homeless shelters in unhygienic living conditions and improper moral education. Every child deserves a good upbringing. This helps them grow positively. And we get a better future generation. We as human beings are supposed to show empathy to other forms of life.

I would like to help the environment, a bit more than I can now. Do what I can. Little things that would matter in the long run. Volunteer for this and that. Plant trees where I can. Shop better and more eco-friendly. Eat less of packaged food. Donate to an animal shelter. Run campaigns. The list goes on. Environment, as we know is degrading faster than we know. I just hope it's not too late to protect her.

Here's one thing I would do for myself. In an attempt to satiate my insatiable curiousity and wanderlust. I would like to visit very single country in the world. No matter how tiny or huge. Witness all the beauty the world has to offer. To learn about different cultures, races and the diversities of mankind. I like to learn everything. Even if it's only a quarter of what I had aimed for.

I would like to get myself a little bungalow somewhere in the suburbs of a Nordic country and grow a garden: Fruits, herbs, veggies, flowers and whatever can be grown. :D And just one huge tree in the backyard.
I wish I get good neighbours whom I can leave my pet cat with whenever I get out of town. And get a huge telescope so I could go stargazing on weekends. (Advantage of living in suburb is a clear sky and not one with thick clouds with chemical toxins!)

Also, my career based aspiration would be to study software designing and get a job (prolly which I could do from home atleast twice a week :P ). Really wish to do something about my keen love of psychology and astronomy.

I believe in spirituality. I connect to nature. I hope to develop and nurture that inner eye. All to be at peace with myself and to be content with what I achieve. And to fuel the urge that makes me strive to do better.

I believe, a person alone, cannot make the world a better place. Cannot bring about a change. But that shouldn't stop them from doing their own part.
So all's been said, buh-bye. :D Peace out!
(I sincerely apologise for being cheesy and for the grammatical errors if any.)

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