Guest logins?

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Re: Guest logins?

Postby Harmony » 17 Aug 2020, 09:39

I know I am a little late but here is what I think based on first impressions for this idea, just my personal opinion...
As a lone wolf (someone who has no friends and family who also play LP or even understands game people), this idea would not help me at all but I understand the frustration of losing your login streak and boyfriend...
This happened to me last month where I was camping and wasn’t able to login, I lost my login streak, boyfriend, and was duelled a lot, It was super annoying, especially since I also forgot to activate vacation mode...
I don’t know if a way to keep your login streak or boyfriend is possible but anything to give players more of a chance to keep their streaks and boyfriends would be great.
If vacation mode doesn’t keep your streak and boyfriend, maybe something like an ‘I’m Busy’ button would help, it isn’t perfect but a lot more people would be able to use it, this feature would only work on an active phone with LP installed (because cellular data would take the place of missing WIFI) and would still require you to login to LP for a few seconds. The button would make it so you don’t lose your login streak and boyfriend or get duelled while still being able to login whenever but the trade off for it might be that you would only be able to chat and donate to your club until you push the ‘I’m Done’ button that would take the place of the ‘I’m Busy’ button but it would cost a small amount of emeralds to use the button so it is used reasonably
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