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Postby Wax Storm » 26 Mar 2020, 04:48

AdelissaHunsley wrote:Hi this is a 2 parter. First of all, I think there should be somewhere in the game that tells what date your lady was created. This could be useful info if you are locked out of your account or something and just nice to know. Furthermore, I have played games where there were loyalty items like if you played 5 years you got a special piece of clothing, etc. A cute T shirt would be a cool idea. Something like "5 years still popular" (ok thats cheesy lol Im sure you guys could come up with something better) or like a letterman's jacket with the number of years you have played. I think that would be really cool.

If you message feedback and ask they will tell you the exact date your lady was created ;)

We have "loyalty items" already :) Every now and then LP gives us free outfits or hairs or something. For players that reached a 4.5 years milestone there is a whole outfit (shoes, jeans, top, jacket and a purse) as a gift that they receive.
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