Better dating EQUALITY

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Better dating EQUALITY

Postby Loca Luna » 30 Jun 2019, 07:53

I would love to see greater equality for the dating aspect of LP.
I'd like the choice to have a girlfriend, not just a boyfriend. Also, ALL of the current boyfriends are white. A bit of variety would be nice...especially if you're not partial to white men.
When I brought this up in feedback I was told that a boyfriend's skin tone can be changed once you've become engaged. That's a great eventual option. Plus they all look the same. it seems like they're put in a different category and given a different name and job and, ta-da, new guy.
Also, can I just say gay wedding!!
I hope more people will weigh in on this and if you agree to also send feedback with this idea That's how change is made.
Thank you!

Loca Luna
Loca Luna
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What if it really is all about the Hokey Pokey?

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