annoid and confused..

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annoid and confused..

Postby glemmer » 03 Feb 2019, 18:47

soo iam bored.. soo i think ill go read abit.. but the more u read.. the more confused u get.. u succeded in making one of the complicatests forums i ever visit.. in games.. out games.. yesterday i found the introductionsection.. its in the off topic section, and today i found soemthing wich was called chess.. i like chess, so ill think ill read.. its not about chess, but mostly about an annoing movie called lotr, the books were great, but the movies really suked.. but ok.. so i read some more,, and then teres a hole new section.. called houses.. wich is i have no idea wht they are..soo there in games.. out games.. chat trivia?? still noidea wht that is.. and tons more..its chat isnt working.. i dont mind.. but i like to know why.. but i still havent found anywere why it isnt working..i only keep on reading things that are more confusing..thank you.... the whole thanking thing is btw olso beyond me, but im too scared to read anything more..
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Re: annoid and confused..

Postby ClaudiaM25 » 04 Feb 2019, 16:09

Hello Glemmer and welcome!
We did our best to organize the forum as user-friendly as possible, but if you have suggestions on how to do it, feel free to tell us, the forum staff, and we will do our best to improve the experience that the players have while browsing here.
As far as I see it, the structure is quite simple: there is the:
Welcome section
Questions and bugs
A pocket full of poses - for dress up contests and clubs
Ladies wanna have fun(that includes different forum games, ART section, you can write your own diary, etc)
And some Forum events we hosted

Easy peasy!

Regarding your chat - why do you say it's not working? It's where the trivia is held - but if you would have read the announcement properly, you would have known. Also, feel free to ask in a kind way and you will be guided ;)

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