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Postby Tsunade » 28 Nov 2018, 08:50

Hey, Arnold!, one of my favorites tv show from the 90's, who didn't see this animated series?

Helga G. Pataki was one of my favorite characters


Here is my doll portraying Helga. And after the image, info about why this character
Lady name:
ID: 1306565


Though Helga usually acts bossy with her schoolmates and treats them with tough hand, she also have a soft side that's emotional and even loves poetry, area in which she is notably gifted. Helga is very uncomprehended, she's the way she is because feels ignored by her family. Helga only needs love! and the small attention Arnold gave her once (Click to see what I mean) leaved her madly in love :wub:
So glad that (Spoiler alert :biggrin:) Arnold corresponds Helga's feelings finally at 2nd movie :wub: :wub: :lol: Pic Take a peek
Lady Name: Image

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