3. What goes around, comes back around!


Re: 3. What goes around, comes back around!

Postby ketevank » 13 Sep 2018, 11:28

so my non magic story :D

we have facts 2 dead bodies near each other, it means they were fell together from one place. as in other cases one of body would be covered with snow whilst another not and they would be found in different places.

besides there are only one witness and therefore only one STORYTELLER, who know is it true ? no one can prove the survived man is saying true. and one more fact that he also is ambitious as he also went to this such a dangerous trip.

there could be happen 3 thing that 2 men attacked each other, were fighting and they both fell. third man decided to tell mystery story to became more popular

second it was just accident smth happend, one was trying to help anorther and they both fell again third man decided to change story

and third he killed him both :ph34r: :evil: besides their faces like smile and terrifying face its just imagination of frozen faces, like we see figures in clouds but its only clouds :P
we need to wait expertise .....

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