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Postby AnGeL » 28 Aug 2018, 22:10

Many years earlier..Me ,Angel Dufour, was 12.I saw the boy with large black hair during a visit to the castle with my dad .My Dad,Sir Benoit Dufour, was a nobleman. We started paying more visits to the castle . I always loved making fun of that boy's hair...soon we became friends..we played a lot. We made many adventures. I helped him many times to sneak out from the castle . And that was my nineteenth birthday..he came with a pretended smile with a gift in his shaking hands .. he told me some killing words. His relatives wanted him to go far and marry Lady Émilienne . She was very powerful . They said that she would help him in ruling the kingdom with all her relations and popularity . They told him I cannot be more than a childhood friend . He made his choice . Now he isnot my large haired boy ..He is King Louis XIV . I started seeking for power with all my will . I became very strict and i can say a little bit arrogant just thinking about positions but i have mercy and much care for my people..yes for my people. In a sunny day in 1682 , I was invited to a royal ball not as Angel Dufour but as Lady Angel Dufour , the Grand duchess of Tuscany. I didnot want to attend but it wasnot my choice . I dressed to show my power . i didnot know if he would recognize me after all these years.Soon, The doors of the castle were opened for me and I entered with all my dignity . I was a large hall with all that gold and glitter.I saw him..standing with sparkling eyes as if he was waiting for me ..He knew me from the first second he saw me. He came to me with a glass in his hand and said after some seconds in Intermittent voice " It is an honor to have you here Lady Angel "

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