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Postby krissyboss » 28 Aug 2018, 04:55

Golden Glass(The Sun Kings Ball)

The letter clutched in my hand I step out of the carriage. I openly gape at “The Palace of the Sun”, Versailles. Golden spires punch at the sky while ant-like people hurry around, dressed for the king. As my father steps out, I take his arm and we walk to the West Wing. As we walk I can smell flowers, sweet and natural above the cloying perfume and sweat. As we turn the corner I see the famed gardens, which has orange trees cascading with snowy white blossoms. A miniature river cuts through the scenery and a glass wing overhangs all of this, protecting the fragile blossoms from the frosts.

We have adjoining suites, at the begging of the Hallway of Diamonds. My room is lavished with silk and ivory, while imported teak-wood and mirrors make up an entire wall. I shake my head in disgust, wondering how the Sun King can be so blind to his own peoples suffering to build this oppelunt, wasteful palace. The bathroom is no better, with three maids to help me undress and another two to help me bathe. As I take off my corset I breathe a sigh of relief, I can go hours without the stifling device constricting my ability to think.

The next morning is a bustle of activity, preparing for the ball, hosted in the Sun Kings Honor. I have only to make a few choices, the ball’s theme is the Sun. I toss aside the idea of going as night, dusk, and overly yellow. A pale pink skirt with a golden brocade top and necklace, with a pink beaded circlet, and a pale pink corsage. My arms are bare, scandalously so, but I do not care, this night has no meaning to me. The maid I must admit though, is a master, giving an illusion of a sun-kissed face. I impulsively pull my hair from its elaborate bindings. It trails to my waist, wavy and slightly messy. I pull two strands out and tuck them behind my head. My maid watches disapprovingly.

All of these thoughts melt away as I approach the throne. The hallway too it seems endless with mirrors all reflecting everywhere. I school my expressions into a smile and bow before the sun king himself. I dare a glance around and see everyone else in varying shades of gilt. “What are you dressed as?” his voice rumbles from above. I almost jump but remember myself just in time. “Pardonnez-moi, je ne voulais pas offenser Votre Majesté. Je viens habillé comme l'aube qui annonce ton règne glorieux, ô grand Roi Soleil” I say with a deep curtsey. His face changes subtlety. “Then welcome to Versailles, little one.” As I back away I feel the eyes of his young son upon my shoulders. Then I understand, this is what my mother had kept from me. I will marry into the court to secure their future as my heart shatters into bits of broken glass.


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