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Postby WhatKittyWore » 27 Aug 2018, 18:30

Natalia Romanovna is the daughter of a rich and influential Russian noble. She is yet unmarried, despite her many suitors. Her beauty and grace are known to everyone who meets her, and her willful and intelligent nature impress without fail. Unfortunately for her, however, she is not the kind of woman to stay "in her place". She loves wearing bold colours and expressing her political opinions. Because of her honest and bold straightforward nature, she is very well liked by the tsar and his wife, who are known to ask her opinion on many matters. She is very shrewd and sees through people's fake outsides, protecting her friends from mean intentions by boldly exposing those with bad intentions.

However, because of her bold disregard for social norms, men are easily intimidated by her- Not used to a strong woman with strong opinions who boldly shows her intelligence and demands the attention and respect of those around her, men tend to look at her more as a friend than a possible romantic interest. Because of this, Natalia is secretly very lonely, even though she would never show it. She wants to be loved as much as everyone else, but she knows she can't be happy if she pretends to be like everyone else. Will she find someone who loves her for who she is, a man with an intelligence to match who will also respect her will and desire to be involved?

Lady name: Kitty E. Steffan
Version: English Facebook
Lady ID: 2758520


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