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Postby PenelopeT » 27 Aug 2018, 15:39

[size=150my day started like all the others when a letter changed things. it came from the king Louis who invited me and my mother to his palace.I was very excited, impatient to visit the royal rooms.the next day we set off, the road was long and I was so excited
at the palace, I was enchanted by the beauty of the walls and the amazement has increased.there were richer women accompanied by their daughters, but nobody knew why the king had invited us. we were in the main hall decorated for a party. the tables were covered with food and the glasses always feet of wine.
at one point, King Louis is escorted by his trusted men. The room fell silent and he spoke: was looking for a new wife.
become the wife of a king. all of a sudden the mothers exploded in a chorus of approval. but my mother did not and neither did I want to marry King Louis. so my mother silenced all the others screaming: my daughter is not interested and we approached the exit but the king's guards stopped us as if we were prisoners
we understood that we had not been invited by courtesy.
my mother could not accept to be held back by force and in a fit of courage she grabbed the guard's sword and pierced him with it.
he told me to run and not look back. He got on a horse and left the building.I have not seen my mother again. I cried his death for a long time, today I'm ready to avenge her][/size]



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