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Postby Czarina » 29 Aug 2018, 14:27

t was the first day in my life, when I visited the palace of Versailles. Since I was a relative of the king, I had to be present there. I was brought in Austria by my aunt. I had lost my parents when I was small. That is why I always had a lone feeling in my heart. But who knew that my life would change...
When I reached the palace in the morning, i saw king Louis. He was kind and gentle to me. He introduced me to the members of his court and Marie Antoinette aunt. She was a bit weird but sweet.
Soon the meeting started. Nobles and Kings from different nations came there. Suddenly when my eyes stopped on a handsome, charming guy. Marie told me that he was Malesherbes younger brother, Arthur. At that moment he looked at me too. I walked away from there to the garden. After a few minutes, he also came to the garden and asked my name. I replied him with a blush. Slowly we had a great conversation. We didn't even realize that the meeting was over and we now had to return back.
Few months later we again are here at Versailles.This time not for any other meeting, but for our wedding...

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