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Postby womaninwhite » 28 Aug 2018, 13:13


I was not beheaded, I survived, I am officially countess of Anjou but everyone knows me like a WITCH women in white.
Yes I was survived, becouse king knows I am always tell truth, I can predict future. I can’t see everything but what I see is TRUE.
king gave me lands and noble title, now I am standing in the middle of the hall in the Versailles , and I watch faces, eyes full of fear, ambitions, desire, avange, questions …I see , I see answers….

I see potions but no potion will find her correct AIM. Green death will come to take servant’s life instead of his beautifull pink lady…

I see a Husband who was never loved by his wife but will found his true love came from afar. slave from chidhood, slave of revange,she will became slave of Love…

See a woman in pain who trying to kill king of the sun will never see the sun…

athere will be no queen after year, lady with sunny colors will become a wife of the king but never a queen...

but now i am not going to tell all answers, i am going to dance...
lady: woman in white
id= 2506666

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