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Postby Glitterbits » 29 Aug 2018, 05:38

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Date Aug 28, 2018
Ball at the Palace at Versailles

Ahh…at last!! I shall enjoy another fanciful gala at our shining Sun King’s Palace and curtsey to my sovereigns again. The invitation arrived today & I’m rolling around on my fluffy big bed embracing it! I stir my handmaids to gather the satins, aigrettes and trims; my finest jewelry, and the biggest wig – the best of everything. We rush to the Palace at Versailles in the heart of France. I love it so much!

My gown is stunning. Fit for my stature as marquise. All my handmaidens labored day and night on the floral embellishments and ruffles, using only the best materials. I let them powder my face, and dress me, adjusting my hair just so. I stand before the mirror laden in jewelry. It is time to go to the ball!

As we depart the carriage I can already hear the festivities, music & people laughing inside. The palace is magnificently enormous and His Majesty is not finished adding to it! Three wings are planned next. The gardens are embellished with fountains, statues, basins, canals, geometric flower beds and groves of trees – so lush! I know it takes several servants to keep the topiary in such perfect condition.

Once inside, one cannot help but look up to the mural ceilings in the height of fashion, all gilded and ornate. The mirrored hall is filled with sparkling chandeliers. Golden statues hold more crystal lamps. The Sun King’s portraits are everywhere along with a mix of sycophants and friends.

I see the myriad curly locks and bouffant new styles in the crowd. The gentlemen with their beribboned cuffs & buckled slippers, all chatting in circles or introducing one another about the golden hall. I meet a few myself, followed closely by my lady in waiting with her hawk eyes set on protecting my reputation. King Louis is decked out in his high pleated collar, silk stockings & slippers peek out from beneath his ermine mantle adorned with golden fleur de lis ...and his Queen at his side (although his eyes do wander).

The ladies? How tall can you go? All of us in our wig confections, elaborately adorned with pearls, birds, aigrettes and pirate ships. Some powdered; some not. The jewelry so ubiquitous and brightly glittering; each of us proudly displaying a treasure trove about our necks. And all lean close to one another, cooing over the beautiful gowns, the food, the majestic "chateau", and interesting people we want to meet across the room.

It is loud with the soft murmur of cocktail guests, and staccato of laughter -- each hoping to get a bit of a chat with the King. He and Queen Maria Theresa come my way and I smile & curtsey (thank goodness, I did not trip). They greet me congenially, as we have met on prior occasions, and I query about his hunting. His eyes glisten, remembering the hunt. I have asked the right question and he tells me about the chase and the catch before moving on. Smiling, I head toward some of my friends across parquet floors to giggle a little over circumstance and enjoy the champagne. Tonight there are smoked pheasants and oysters, roasted duck with glace l’orange, bon bons and little cakes, and an entire table laden with cheeses and aperitifs. I shall take home dreams from this evening and sleep under fairy dust, happily.


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