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Postby Sulka » 27 Aug 2018, 18:34

This is the story of a girl who was taken by her father to the palace of Versailles, since he was in charge of the gardens, he was an expert in the field, so King Louis XIV, I entrust him the architecture and the design of the greenhouse of the orange trees of Versailles, which is under the Table of noon.
she was a beautiful, vivacious and brilliant girl, who attracted the attention of the king to such an extent that every conversation with her, for the king, was a breath of fresh air, is for that reason for he took so much appreciation to her; a casual day, the king approached the girl's father to take her as his protégé to teach her everything about royalty and protocolsthis opened for her a new world full of glamor and beauty, in which she, thanks to her great intelligence and sagacity, developed very well.she grew, in grace and beauty, to such an extent that it was the fruit of many conversations in the dances that her mentor (the king), because he loved her as his daughter, and protected and raised her as such.
One day in one of those many dances, she knew with whom she would steal her heart, to the point that the reason why I have intelligence was short-lived before that love; he was a man with fire hair and eyes of sea, the son of a jewelery merchant who had made an incalculable fortune; he and she danced all night, professing his love in every look and breath.This love was sealed with their marriage in 1680, giving birth to 2 beautiful children, whom their mentor, the king, always loved them as their grandchildren.
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