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Postby Eamane » 28 Aug 2018, 18:39

Now, it did not suit us at all to go to Versailles. It is a horrid, smelly, sinful place, with secrets and plots and alliances hiding in corners. But the flowers ARE nice, to be truthful. And the parks, forests, woodsmen...yes, especially the woodsmen.
But the sunshiny idiot says you have to come, and you come. No choice in the matter, if you want to keep your head, and the heads of the rest of your family.

Normally, I would be terrified and nervous about it. That is why we are all thankful to the Granny. SHE was something else. Noble by birth and from a powerful family, she was gifted with a 'far-sight', as the kings would mention. Some thought she was a witch, but being in the family of the king's closest and most trustworthy advisors, she was rather consulted than killed. Of course, the Church had their share of her services. Truth to be told, I think that the Granny had very little of supernatural powers. But she was gifted with strong intuition (or survival instinct), impactful AND pleasant appearance, extremely good hearing and memory. She had a skill to become the closest friends of many and she knew how to use it for herself (and us), without betraying the trust. She taught all women in the family as much as she could, strengthening the already present natural instincts and looks. So we learned to use our looks to maintain the lustful glances of men (pigs, I might add, most of them plain and dirty pigs), while enhancing the mystery of red hair and family history of those who see beyond this world, by the mercy of God.

Of course, she (as the rest of us girls of age) could not avoid calls of the flesh the kings and high-ranked advisors, church leaders and the rest of the smelly nobles had when they saw us. But as the powers of the Granny was whispered about, she used it to negotiate and choose the lovers as wisely as she could. "Always be modest and innocent, girls. At the first and second glance. No matter what you experience, seem modest and innocent. And never let them own all of you. And when switching to the next, never scorn off the old, but seem to suffer slightly after their friendship when you see them", Granny used to say. A very wise woman, that Granny of ours. If we were in the royal family, we would be killed off long ago. But this way, we danced on the verge of strange powers, but more than that, being wise and trustworthy and ... good in sack... well, no way to go around it.

So all of us girls put on our crimson dresses, did the hair as granny used to do to seem like we're half in this world and half in some other realm and thus taking our special position the moment we enter Versailles. That sunny bastard will go nuts after us. One of us will probably have to entertain His majesty, most likely. I hope it will be Beatrice, she likes slightly deranged men, God knows why. Mamma will see to the chancellors and be as charming as possible. In our free time, however, we will check how the woodsmen are getting on :D
Oh how I will miss swimming at home. Everything and everyone smells here something terribly, even through the smelly salts. Maybe a kind woodsman will show us a secluded pond in the forest to take a bath now and then... that would be so wonderful.
Hopefully in a years' time we'll do our service and sent off to our own estate, deserved by special services to the King and the Country.
It might not be so bad, after all. If the estate is large enough, we might hire woodsmen of our own. And have plenty of ponds.

Now, to the Court!

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