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Postby Roney Chanu » 28 Aug 2018, 14:48

Present day:- It was a tiring day. I ended the day early. I had been having a lot of weird dreams the past days so prayed for a good night's sleep and rested.

Me: ( am i dreaming, i hear birds chirp and smell lillies.) Wait where am I?

overnight I had traveled to the past. I saw many unfamiliar places , My poor little brain was in haywire. just then a hand grabbed my elbow. I turned and faced her and to my surprise the lady looked exactly like me. I was about to ask some things but then she said chop chop no time.

I was in some type of suit. she called her handmaidens and ordered to sew something wearable from it for the ball. I was like excuse me A ball!!. While the dress was being made, I tried to fill in the gaps. OMG she was a blue blood and she said we were invited to the palace of Versailles. And so me and my Doppelganger went to the ball after some etiquette lessons :P

The palace was grand , the garden was exquisite; I was awed in many ways but the mirror Hall which was so heavenly. Seeing it in real was nothing compared to looking at the 360 degree captures. But then the Queen started acting up as the king announced his search for a new wife. The king was enjoying the moment. Many tried to capture the King's heart. My doppelganger was more interested in finding her suitor to build her nation so we went and met many princes and lords. unfortunately she liked none. Then the whole ball got disturbed, bloods were shed. I said let us hide for now and return safely. Took her hand and ran without looking back.

by the split of a hair we managed to slip past the front door. We called her carriage and went for the day. I woke up after 2 days. what happened next was a mystery. I don't dare open a history book now. I still fear if i had caused a minor change.

Me Doppelganger in past era
Me who went to past
Lady name- Chu

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