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Postby ahiya123 » 02 Sep 2018, 18:04

I was invited by the King.I entered the ball room of the grandest palace,the center of political power and symbol of the king’s dominance and wealth.The royal court, garden,the 700-room palace housed the nobility that king had brought into his sphere and thousands servents serving the guests.A lady approached me, "oh! dear Marie-Anne,your bravenss pleased me,you found a way to get where you don't belongs!" .She was the king’s morganatic second wife, Madame de Maintenon who visited me few days ago at the convent to disabuse me.
"The fact that a lady of your rank has taken the trouble to tell her that she is not king's daughter convinces that she is" , Madame de Montespan, king’s chief mistress, who gave birth to seven of the monarch’s children, interupted us. After their grudge talk, Montespan offered me a glass of wine.She intrigued about the rumors of my birth how Marie-Thérèse,the first wife of the king,gave birth prematurely to a short-lived princess.The baby had dark skin caused by lack of oxygen.The baby did not die, but instead was hidden away in a convent and funeral was acted.She was a greedy lady and envied the queen.I moved around the ball.
"Your Royal Highnes" I greeted the king as i approached him
"You are privileged to enjoy the royal ball,you will be sent to a convent in Africa.Perceive yourself,i refuse to proclaim you my heir,only a white deserves that!" He was harsh and cruel.
I looked around for the young beautiful lady who served my mother during her last days.She melancholy explained,"Highness was patient, faint-hearted,naive, sweet-natured and very pious,a great admirer of her husband, she was hurt by majesty's infidelity.Her illness was sudden, and her decline swift."
The conspiracy behind my visit was nothing but to employ the young lady to mildly toxify the king's food everyday.I exchanged the toxin with her.He will decline gradually for abandoning my mother and perish four days before his 77th birthday when the last dose will be given, being unable to legitimate his illegitimate children of mistresses and royalty prevents the privileges of the morganatic queen.The way to have power is to take it!!!!!!!..........



Servant lady

lady name : Scarlet Timberlake

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