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Postby frrumussica » 27 Aug 2018, 17:49

My mother and I had always shared a common dream: to rule the land where we live. She struggled and fighted in her young days and she rised from a pour farmer's girl to this land's lord's wife. She was happy – as happy a woman married someone who she doesn't love could be. That was until King Louis XIV moved into the castle. She wanted more, but couldn't have it, so in her place I needed to get it – the power, the glory, the entire kingdom.

When we recieved the invitation to the royal ball, we accepted it in no time. What was there to think about? We made plans and preparations for a long time and we were waiting for the right moment to act. The plan was simple. I had to win the king's heart using my beauty – easy enough, knowing I was the most gorgeus young woman in the whole country – and play with his mind, making him forget about his wife.

But I never liked the ideea of being someone's second choise, so I'm going to take mother's plans to the next level. Yes, he needs to forget about his wife and fall in love with me, but the queen needs to die so I can take her place. For this, I prepared a death potion to witch I added a pleasent fragrance and poured it into a bottle of parfume. No one's going to suspect anything when their beloved queen would fall ill.

But I encountered one small problem: the king's wife were nowhere to be seen at the royal ball...

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