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Postby Hellanna » 27 Aug 2018, 17:33

Preamble: Since Louis XIV decided to install the Court and the central power at Versailles, in 1682, the castle gathered thousands of people: the royal family and its commensal officers, the courtiers/courtisan and their own servants, the ministers and their multiple clerks, but also a whole staff of servants, workers, merchants.
Note: I do not speak English very well. I hope most of my text is understandable. Thank you. :)

I am Hellanna d'Alençon and I am a courtesan at the court of Versailles.

I come from a noble family. We were invited to the Court of Versailles by the Sun King, Louis XIV, the spring of 1682. I remember the wonder that invaded me when I arrived at the Palace of Versailles. He was more majestic and grandiose than in my dreams. I had the deep conviction that this castle was waiting for me. It's when entering the castle that I decided that I would never leave it. I was ready for all the sacrifices and I am still today, to live there for the rest of my life. I want to live in wealth and abundance. I want everyone to bend their heads in my path.

As I mentioned before, I like luxury and abundance of wealth. The Palace of Versailles is huge, luxurious and filled with priceless treasures. I am still dazzled by so much beauty.

I was not born queen, princess, nor countess. But I feel I have the same rights and I have a plan to fulfill my dreams of royalty and to be treated and respected as I feel I deserve it.

To access the following privileges: To be fed, housed and entertained at the expense of the Crown.
I must attract the favor of the monarch and become his favorite.
I am willing to sacrifice my freedom for this title and be entitled to favors related to my rank.

By becoming the favorite of the King, I will be able to cross this large and magnificent castle and its gardens as I wish. I will attend court parties and ceremonies. I will be dressed in the most beautiful dresses and I will wear the most beautiful jewels and the most beautiful hats. I will be able to frequent the royal residences regularly. I will dance all night at the balls given in honor of the Sun King. I will be treated with respect ... I will become a great and beautiful lady of the court and I will be envied by all. Yes, all will envy my prestige and rank.

To please the King, I am interested in all forms of art and I learn the art of appearing at the court, which is essential to be noticed and appreciated by the King.

I am interested in the tastes of the King and his entourage.
I already know that Charles Le Brun is the favorite painter of the King. André-Charles Boulle is the cabinetmaker who created all the furniture that furnished the castle. And that Jules Hardouin-Mansart and Louis Le Vau are the architects of this great work of art. Lully, meanwhile, is the King's favorite musician.

So, to get nearer to the King, I will become the intimate friend of his wife Maria Theresa of Austria, and the confidante of her heir. I will dethrone his favorite, Madame de Montspan.

And after all her sacrifices and stratagems, maybe one day, I'll be queen!



Me, in all my splendor accompanied by my servant. :P
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