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Postby Sarah Eilonwy » 28 Aug 2018, 08:06

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I have never seen anything so bright in my life as the chandelier above my head as I go into the palace hall. The party has begun already and I seem to be late. The glamorous crowd stares at me, as people usually do when i go around in this garb of mine, i suppose I can pass as a jester, of a sort, as it is sadly it is the best I can do. Mom and I grew up poor, even on her seamstress salary. My predicament kept her from finding a husband of course, a matter I always felt guilt over. Now, she has passed away and I am left to clean up the mess that was made some twenty odd years ago. A pair of letters were sent on her death bed. One, to the palace and one to me. I take a glass of wine that is offered to me by a tall server. It is strong and bitter. I wince and I hear a woman nearby snicker as I place the glass down on a nearby table.

Every man has a woman on his arm, some have two. All are talking and laughing, watching the couples who are dancing with delight. They are a sight to behold. Elegant and desirous and poised, all in unison, each not missing and step and each still managing to look like they could very well be falling in love.
And I'll bet that some of those are actually sincere.

Then, she appears. The Dowager Empress. Elderly though she may be, she is regal beyond belief and still very beautiful in her deep blue silk gown and violet sash. She approaches me, nodding as people bow to pass her. She looks me up and down and asks, "You must be Helena's daughter?"
"Yes, Your Grace, I am Olivia."
She nods and beckons for me to follow her. "Come. You simply cannot meet my son looking like that. Ive had something made for you."
I follow her along, having a hard time in these ridiculous heels. "So you believe me? Believe my mother?"
"Yes, dear. Of course. I can tell just by looking at you."

Down the hall in a private room, she allows me to dress while peppering me with questions about my mother and mines life. Our hiding and running and scrounging all come out quickly. She listens patiently and seems to genuinely care.
"And your magic? How are you at controlling it?"
I frown as she helps me button up the beautiful dress that costs more than my family has made in four generations. "Well enough, when I keep my emotions in check," I admit.
"Well, lets not burn down the palace tonight, shall we?"
"Thank you, Your Grace."
"The same kind as your mother?"she asks, quickly pulling my wild black hair back and pinning it in place allowing just a touch to frame my face lightly.
"No, not at all. She only had powers of ice and wind. I have a combination of all five elements, but Im so weak, I could never master anything. Mom was so strong..."
"If things go well tonight, you will be trained by four of the finest masters of the elements this kingdom has known in decades. But, first things first..." She looks me up and down again, a gentle smile coming to her soft face. "Perfect. I pride myself on choosing the right fabrics for these occasions."
I take a deep breath feel my stomach do a somersault.
"Everything well be fine," The Empress promises me. "Louis will love you."
I nod, unsure of myself, of my will and my magic and my history and all of the stories my mother told me growing up of how this time would be...

I follow her back into the Grand Hall and see the crowds staring again. We pass them all, but the King is not present. The Empress leads me down another hall into yet another private room filled with guards. The King stand beyond all of them, dressed in his royal hunting gear as it is the annual celebration of the Boar and the Bear together. I almost smile, thinking of how the nobility finds excuses to drink their nights away in frenzied fits of gossip and dance.

I approach King Louis and curtsy deeply, like my mother showed me and dare to look into his deep dark eyes. "Hello, Father."

~Before and After Outfits~



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