Making reporting people more effective?

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Making reporting people more effective?

Postby laudare » 13 Aug 2018, 15:10

I don't know if this is the right place to put this but I saw a lot of abuse on Lady Popular, especially in the chat section. Some examples are:

  • Guys preying on girls, one guy texting me asking personal stuff (color of my underwear etc.), he was over 18 (I am too but still he told me that "age is just a number" so I am sure he wouldn't have been stopped by me saying I am underage)
  • People pretending to be "in touch" with the developers of Lady Popular, asking for votes because otherwise the people that do not vote would be deleted from the game (I don't know who falls for this but still)
  • People who are way too young. I guess everyone could lie about their age but then again it could still be checked by the admins or whoever is in charge of that. I am pretty sure there's a minimum age to play Lady Popular, didn't check it since I am 18 already but I am assuming people who claim they are 7 - 9 should not be on LP
  • People cussing a lot. Words like bi***, n**** etc. Maybe implementing a filter that would automatically block these kinds of words and make stars out of them is an idea? I generally don't mind swearing but then again there's children in the chatroom + people not only use words like sh** but also derogatory terms to insult others
  • Chatrooms solely made to exchange nudes pictures and/or for erotic chatting
  • Arguments that end up in people telling someone to kill themselves because they are gay/are part of a specific religion. Heres a quote from one lady that was directed at a gay boy "i hope u decide tht the pain is 2 much and kill urself"

It is really sad that there is no way to report this, at least I didn't see it. Correct me if I am wrong but you cannot report chatrooms nor single chat messages. I would be so grateful to have a proper system to report people. For example, if someone leaves improper comments on someone elses profile and you want to report that person all you can do is click a button and nothing more. I would like if a small text field (maybe limited to 160-300 letters) would pop up where you can describe what the person did. Or even just different boxes that you can tick like: Improper profile picture/description, harrassment, bullying, etc.

I hope this finds a solution because I enjoy LP a lot and want it to be a safe place for everyone regardless of religion, sexual orientation or personal beliefs ♥

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Re: Making reporting people more effective?

Postby ClaudiaM25 » 27 Aug 2018, 06:49


Comments can be reported - you have that option below the comment: "Report" or "Quote" and we will receive that message from the abusive person in the abuse section.

You can report messages from chat rooms with print screens in feedback section or ask the moderator of the chatroom to take some actions.

I am also trying to catch up with some populated chatrooms and go through them to take some actions...

I will forward your suggestion to the team and see what can be done about it.

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Re: Making reporting people more effective?

Postby Cammy » 28 Feb 2019, 16:41

There’s also a feedback thing that you can report on. You just have to make sure the subject is report so people know
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