All about Lady's club

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All about Lady's club

Postby cutybeauty713 » 22 Apr 2018, 13:17

Hello ladies! We all are playing Lady popular and we see that there are billions of ladies playing from other countries and speaking different languages.I n the LP we can join a club in order to get its benefits and to make new friends.I am here to explain all about Lady's Club.What are the benefits of being in a club?What does your club want from you and more....So let start!! ^_^

How to create a club?
If you want to create your own club , you will either need 300 Emeralds OR 30 DIAMONDS.You can give name to your club and can also change its symbol by clicking on it...About your club's image , it will change with passage of time as your club level up..

How to join a club?
Now , i will tell you about how to join a lady's club?You can do this easily .....It's simple..If you have already visited a club and you wish to join it , you can click on the ''APPLY'' button and then write about your lady and wait for the president to accept you...For joining a club , you will not need any diamonds or emeralds however , many clubs demand for entry fee which you have to pay if your club demands from you..

The benefits of being in a club:
There are many benefits which you get from your club...
Popular:Increases your popularity skills
Hard working: increases your salary in FTV jobs..
Photogenic:Increase your chance of getting Two emeralds fro a photo session.
Club trophies (If your club have) will also benefit you..They can increase your energy , give you more chances to play in lucky cards for free and also increase your salary...Club talents also benefits you however they need Dollars , emeralds and diamonds to activate..


How to donate in the club:
These images were provided by our club's president Raven Queen for club Website

Benefits of donating in a club:
You have read the benefits of being in a club...Now , wouldn't you like to donate something for your club??Donations benefits you as well as the club as they increases the club skills which in turn benefits you..

How to participate in the club's fight:
Club fights are very important as they increase the popularity of a club..Many ladies do not know how to participate in the club fights so i will add images so you can understand easily..
ImageIf you have not participated yet , the words ''PARTICIPATE IN FIGHT'' will appear instead of ''PARTICIPANTS''....
I hope my this information will help you....hanks a lot friends :) Take care!!! :biggrin:
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