Engagement Parties - Suggestions

Do you have any ideas to improve the game? Here is the place to be! Let us know what you would like to see ingame.

Would you like to see Engagement Parties shortened in time length?

NO - 8 Hours is a must!
YES - 8 Hours is too long!
OTHER - The bride should decide how long HER party will last (Minimum 4 hours, Maximum 8 hours)
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Re: Engagement Parties - Suggestions

Postby Gioiella » 07 May 2018, 17:46

As for the parties... and the limit of 10 minutes before doing another action
As far as a party lasts 8 hours, and since the brides will tolerate all those absent guests, I think we should do a little math together.
8 hours = 480 minutes
25 missions to do; at least 4 needing almost the Whole hour (Models, Lose a duel, Gain emeralds, Do a photosession); it means 4 hours or so.
We have 4 hours remaining for 21 missions = 240\250 minutes
Let's divide 240 for 21, we scarcely have 12 minutes per mission!
But we all know that some expensive missions last much longer than 12 minutes (especially when there is an absurd number of absent guests), so:
do you really think is a good idea to prohibite to do 2 times a long mission since the beginning? Think of it. Just 12 minutes per 21 missions.
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