Forum gratitudes

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Forum gratitudes

Postby Merimaa Wildee » 10 Dec 2017, 16:05

Hello wonderful ladies <3333

I have suggestion for forum :biggrin:

I am becoming tired to search through all my posts to see who thanked me and where :confused:

How about we have message of gratitude consisted like this: Lady xx thank you for topic xx etc.

This way I don´t have to search from beggining when i joined forum in 2015 through recent posts :rolleyes:

I just think it would make forum easier, do you agree? :blush:

Thank you <3333333

P.S. While we are on suggestions, one more thing, please make it that when I read message once, it is read and it isn´t showing as new message over and over again.
Thank you :love:
Merimaa Wilde
President of Wild Cats

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Re: Forum gratitudes

Postby Loranna » 11 Dec 2017, 03:36

You mean this?


You just need to open to see where you recived thanks and where you gave them.


Click on post to get to the place.

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Red Queen (11 Dec 2017, 09:08)
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Re: Forum gratitudes

Postby Enju » 08 Jul 2018, 07:25

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Gaia (28 Jul 2018, 13:07)
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Re: Forum gratitudes

Postby Gaia » 28 Jul 2018, 13:07

:wub: :love: :wub: Thank you Enju!!! You the best!!! Love you too!! :D :biggrin: :love: :lol:


Wish everyone a marvelous day!
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