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Postby Sarah Eilonwy » 12 Jan 2017, 21:45

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A wizard, a mystic, a sorceress, call her what you will but doubt her powers at your own peril. She is the Lady Brigid, more commonly known as the the Marigolds' Whisper. She was born to loving parents with nothing but a most ordinary bloodline. Yet from an early age, she could set the house on fire, and turn stews to sludge. As it was, she grew this way in secret. her parents taught her to not trust another soul and she learned concealment rather than control. Her powers should have grown unchecked were it not for the peace she found in the forests nearby, and in the friendship of the hare Bartholomew, a shape-changer. This companionship become true love and calmed her lonely, desperate soul. Now, they travel the country together, ever-learning how they can fit into this strange world that surrounds them.


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