LP Classic comes to an end!

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LP Classic comes to an end!

Postby sally » 29 Nov 2016, 11:15

For ladies whoever has an account on LP Classic:
Today, just now we got an announcement in LP Fashion Arena, that LP Classic is closing forever!
So, here's the announcement.
Leave a post with your opinion( whether you like the decision or not)
TRANSFER ACCOUNT2016-11-29 10:12:45
Dear ladies,

After months of hesitation, Lady Popular team decided to stop the classic game version - Lady Popular.
So we are glad to inform you that once again you have the option to transfer the most valuable things from your account in Lady Popular to your account in Lady Popular Fashion Arena!
Please note that in order to transfer your stuff, you must have a lady in Lady Popular Fashion Arena.
If you don't have such, please create one before starting the transfer.
If you are already playing in Lady Popular Fashion Arena you can still transfer the items to the account you already have.
Unfortunately, due to incompatibility between the two games, it is not possible to transfer every single thing, but here is a list of the things that will be transferred (please check it carefully):

- lady's clothes - all clothes in your wardrobe except for the ones that have never been added to Lady Popular Fashion Arena. Note that some clothes cannot be transferred due to technical reasons (Fashion Arena's Achievement rewards, Lucky cards final rewards, podium crowns, gifts for email confirmation and Facebook like, and special offers)

- all hairstyles that you have purchased or won from events

- lady's appearance (nose, lips, eyes) won from events

- all cars won from events

- diamonds - with exchange rate 5:1 (5 diamonds in Lady Popular = 1 diamond in Lady Popular Fashion Arena)
All you have to do to transfer your account is to go to Options > Transfer account and fill the username and password of your account in Lady Popular Fashion Arena.

When you confirm the transfer, you will receive the items in your Lady Popular Fashion Arena account after 48 hours.
When the transfer is completed you will be no longer able to play with your account in Lady Popular (it will be automatically disabled).
If you experience any issues with the transfer, feel free to contact us via Feedback.
You can't transfer items from more Lady Popular accounts to a single Lady Popular Fashion Arena account!
Transfer is available within the same version only (if you play in Lady Popular - Bulgaria, you can't transfer to Lady Popular Fashion Arena - International).
Fashion points will not be added to the accounts in Lady Popular Fashion Arena that receive the transferred items.
Please note that this option will be available until 09.12.2016.
Also have in mind that the game will be stopped on 12.12.2016

Note that transfer option is not available for ladies in Lady Popular Classic who are below level 10.

Lady Popular Team
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