FA contest - Happy Birthday video!

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Re: FA contest - Happy Birthday video!

Postby Nikolina120 » 30 Oct 2015, 20:49

Hi this is my video and message for Lady popular :)
Hope you will enjoy it. :d
Lady name: Nikolina120

Dear lady popular fashion arena,
We are together for years and you made our lives better.
We made a lot of friends thanks to you. You bring up together people from different countries, with different skin tone and a different religion. And we are thankful for that. I made this video just for you.
You made beautiful collections and fun events. Because of you we can have something what we can't have in real life. We can wear a lot of celebrity clothes. We can have beautiful hairs, sweet pets and of course boyfriends. You gave as amazing presents and with you we had a lot of cool competitions.
Until the moment when I realized how much I love this game I thought that I can't love any game that much.
Happy birthday, the best game in the world!


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