How do I Play? - my non-conventional apartment

You like one of the ladies or you think the clothes of another one don't match? Here is the place to gossip.

What is your priority in the game? How do you play? (Choose up to 2)

I gotta keep lvling!
Show me the money...
I just love dressing up!
I'm gonna be... the next TOP MODEL!
I like to meet some new friends :D
I just love everything about this game. (no priority)
I'm just bored... killing time... (no priority)
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How do I Play? - my non-conventional apartment

Postby Faile » 23 Sep 2011, 11:16

Hello Everyone,

Hope everyone has had a splendid day!

I'm writing this post as a sort of critique on the game. Well less of a critique more just my thoughts of it so far as well as how I have approached the game.

I just started the game a day ago so yes... I have not experienced the long-term play.

BUT!!! That is exactly why I want to talk about my thoughts and approach to the game.

The core mechanics of the game seem very straightforward. I would break the game down to:

(1) the basic gameplay mechanics as in: leveling up; achievements/goals; making money; buying to further customize; mini-games; and all the other good stuff.

All these mechanics at a glance makes it seem like the game is filtering people into a long-term investment in time. The slow pace at which you start and the lack of money to buy all the good stuff you want.

and then there is what I think is the most exciting part of the game...

(2) meta-gameplay: the whole voting system; trying to be the best or most "beautiful"; the community aspect of the game

This is where I would ask the question... "does having more money/time played make you more likely to be on the top?"

In concept I would say... "absolutely not!" Someone who has played less who has a better "fashion sense" or whatnot should have just as much a chance to win! In fact, the key to being on top I believe is to PROMOTE YOURSELF! Talk to everyone! I understand why they have a button to clear your comments because lets face it... you gotta spam people to vote for you! This is why I know I will never be... the "most beautiful" cuz face it I hate spamming people... which leads me to finally get to how "I PLAY THIS GAME"

-- HOW I PLAY --

Personally, I'm not very satisfied with the core mechanics of the game and the tools available. I am also not very satisfied with how unrefined the community usability is... communication/organization not very refined or easy to use. But that is besides the point.

It was these restrictions I saw in my ability to customize in the beginning being broke in the game that made me try to find a more creative way to approach how I customized my lady. Most profiles I click on do not have furniture and focus primarily on clothes. Most apartments that I visit are all decorated somewhat the same way (due to the fact of the limited options and mechanics to customization available). (I also don't mean the things I saw were bad in any way.)

So, I went the route of taking advantage of the ability to manipulate objects when customizing the apartment (although limited). This is was the most "creative"(allowed me more control and customization) tool I had at my disposal. So I went and bought the cheapest most simple furniture items I could find and tried to make something good without having to wait for more money.

IN THE END: I feel like you can make great things out of anything! A little creativity can go a long way.

The results? I would have tried more things but I'm out of monies :pinch:


Please share your thoughts and vote on how you play and what you enjoy most about this game!
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Re: How do I Play? - my non-conventional apartment

Postby Emma 33 » 23 Sep 2011, 13:33

voted for friends....:)
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Re: How do I Play? - my non-conventional apartment

Postby Reimu Hakurei » 24 Sep 2011, 05:41

My main hooks are levelling up, clothes and friends, and that's what I play for. I voted for levelling up and friends. I of course love dressing up my lady as well :P I love everything but I wanted to give a more specific vote.

That's a very creative idea you had there with your lady & apartment -- very artistic :D
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Re: How do I Play? - my non-conventional apartment

Postby Roxxia » 15 Oct 2011, 15:42

I only use it for killing time.. ps, great idea with the apartment stuff :P
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Re: How do I Play? - my non-conventional apartment

Postby Lavenda » 16 Aug 2018, 19:43

Had it not been for the MMO-ish parts (talking to friends) I would not have played for so long... it's a very casual browser game. Usually I'm playing another game whilst playing LP. Result? XP galore, popularity down...
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