Task 7:

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Re: Task 7:

Postby Renna » 02 Nov 2020, 19:07

I prefer classical painting, and it is difficult to interpret well :(

This lady is Praskovya Ivanovna Zhemchugova-Sheremeteva, a Russian serf actress of the Sheremetevs, one of the richest noble families in Russia. They had a serf theatre, where she was a soprano opera singer, the first actress of the theatre.
She was the mistress of Count Nikolai Sheremetev, but it was impossible for the highest nobleman to show openly his love and relationship with a serf girl. Only after his father's death Nikolai Sheremetev emancipated Praskovya from serfdom, and a few years later they got married in the strictest secrecy. This was an exceptional event for that time. News of the marriage scandalized society and angered Nikolai's family. She gave birth to a son, but her health was undermined, and two years later she died.

The portrait of Praskovya Ivanovna Zhemchugova-Sheremeteva was painted in 1803, by Nikolai Argunov, a serf painter of the Sheremetevs.


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Re: Task 7:

Postby ClaudiaM25 » 04 Nov 2020, 08:27

ladyana's "The Starry Night"' and Renna's portrait of Praskovya Ivanovna Zhemchugova-Sheremeteva win this round!!
Congrats to everyone!

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