Chapter 10. The end

Chapter 10. The end

Postby ClaudiaM25 » 22 Nov 2019, 08:38

The war was finally over and Osman, victorious is heading home! He lost the lives of many of his people, but he won the battle! There is a price after all for everything...

No one was waiting for him at the gates of the palace... Strange!

When he opened the throne room door, he saw Mustafa, his older brother he ordered to be killed when their father died, sitting in his place! And his most beloved consort, Bahar, smirking and sitting next to him! Suddenly, the room was filled with ottoman soldiers, surrounding him!

Osman: "What is the meaning of this?!"
Mustafa: "Dear brother, surprised to see me?! Ha ha ha!!!! I have come from the death to take what is mine back!"

:attention: Your task is to create an end to the story and to dress your lady as the 3 characters in the context described above:
- sultan Osman
- prince Mustafa
- consort Bahar

You can create a collage or just paste the images from your Gallery.

Since this is the last chapter, the admins will have 20 points to allocate and there will be no popularity bonuses.
Deadline: 29.11.2019

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Re: Chapter 10. The end

Postby Eva Adamova » 22 Nov 2019, 17:42

Osman: "You are so disrespectful to our father and his decision! You will die, Mustafa"'

Mustafa: "Leave the Palace or you'll regret it, brother!" - he looked exhausted and battered but confident.

Bahar was sitting on the throne and smirking: "Mustafa, I always loved you! Kill him and be the new Sultan."

Osman was shocked but quickly pulled himself together. He drew his sword and was ready for a decisive battle:
"Mustafa, I went through a serious battle, we captured new lands. My people won't accept you. You will bring ruin to the Empire. Come to your senses and leave while you are alive...." but Mustafa did not want to give up, the sword flashed in his hands.

There was a resounding rasp of swords, Osman was accurate with the last hit.... Mustafa dropped his sword and fell senseless.

Osman was very tired, he turned to his consort: "Bahar, you're a traitor to your country and your husband. Noone will trust you"

Bahar was crying: "Osman... kill me then. I will die with my beloved Mustafa. It is impossible to live without love"

Osman could not look at his former lover. He was confused to hear such words. was she unhappy with him? "I won't kill you. You have to leave the town, Bahar. Go and never come back"

Security broke into the room and arrested Bahar. Osman sat on his throne and gave his dead brother a last look. Now all enemies are defeated and it is required to develope the Great Empire.


Osman drew his sword

Mustafa dropped his sword

Bahar sitting on the throne
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Re: Chapter 10. The end

Postby Trinity Starling » 22 Nov 2019, 18:13

Osman went into a dizzying fury as he struggled to comprehend what happened? Was he in a dream? No, it couldn't be. His consorts had planned a coup! But, Osman wondered, how could they have done this by themselves? None of the consorts, even as a group, would be able to pull this off without outside help! Unless... Osman suddenly became enraptured in a thought, a dark cloud blooming over his spirits. Annara! She must all be behind this! Osman's mind snapped back into reality.

"Mustafa, how were you ever able to come back?" Osman asked, utterly bewildered.
"You see, dear brother--" He began.
"Call me 'dear brother' again and I'll see your execution through with my own eyes."
Mustafa smirked. "You never should've ordered me thrown into the river. I was always a strong swimmer and, a couple minutes before, I rigged my cloak so that the rocks in it would sink while I would hold my breathe underwater and escape."
Osman's rage increased; he had made a fatal flaw in not seeing out the executions. Who among them now might be a traitor to the throne?
"Bahar, why are you in on this? You're my best consort!"
"Your best consort wouldn't have to compete with your beloved Laila's attention, would she?" Bahar gestured to the door behind Osman.
"Laila!" Osman exclaimed, "Were you in on this too?"
"No, my sultan, I would never betray you." Laila replied with a slight bow to him.
"Good."Osman seemed relieved. "I knew I had someone I could trust."
Osman was intent on stopping the coup before it stopped him dead.
"Guards!" Osman shouted, "Arrest them."
"They won't answer to you, dear brother." Mustafa said with a glint in his eyes. "They're my guards and this is my throne."

Osman took a step back and grabbed Laila's hand. He knew that, somehow, they had to escape.
"Laila, where were you when Mustafa came back?"
"I was in my room, waiting for you when I heard the other consorts screaming at Bahar. She must've hurt them, but I escaped through the window to the garden before she could come. I heard her look for me and mutter something about the dungeon."
"That's where Annara is!"
"Then we've got to get down there."
Indeed, they took many flights of stairs to reach the dungeon, but Annara was already gone."
Osman turned pale, "Bahar and the prison guards must've helped Annara escape!"
They rushed back up to the throne room, only to find that Bahar and Mustafa were gone.

"Where must they be now? The palace is empty except for the two of us."
"A more pressing matter, perhaps, is where we shall go now? If we stay, they may be waiting to harm or even kill us."
"Ah, my flower, I always knew you were so smart." Osman kissed Laila's forehead and she beamed forward.
"Osman, we should go. We can go back to my village and stay with my father. He'd be delighted to have the sultan at his shop, I'm sure."
"I'll no longer be the sultan if Mustafa's plan is seen through."
"Perhaps, but the glitter and glamour of the palace life, even if it were burnt down before my eyes, could not dull my love for you. You'll always be sultan of my heart."
Osman beamed, smiling. "Maybe you're right. We could just escape this life." He turned to look at the palace again, "But where will my people be when Mustafa becomes sultan? He is too cruel and conniving."
Laila shifted uncomfortably, trying to forget what Osman had done to his family. He too could be cruel. But, she decided, he was not so for wanting to protect his people from a greater evil.
"Laila, I'm afraid we can't go. We have to find Bahar and Mustafa."
Laila sighed. "You're right, but where could they have gone?"
"I have an idea where: the forest just in the outskirts of the kingdom. It's the perfect hiding place for them: secluded but not too far away, so we can catch up to them."
It took Osman and Laila weeks to reach the outskirts of the kingdom. They asked around for Mustafa, Bahar, Annara, or the palace guards, but no luck.

"Laila, how are you feeling?"
"Tired. Are you sure they went to the forest?"
"Positive. Mustafa will be back to claim the throne, but his coup must be having a hard time instigating his reign over the kingdom."
They decided to walk into the forest, but, unbeknownst to them, something -- or someone -- was waiting for them. Suddenly, in the darkness of the night, a flash of light passed through their fields of vision. Lo and behold, Mustafa was waiting and Bahar was -- dead!
"Ah, dear brother, I knew you and your little princess Laila would come."
"Mustafa! What did you do to Bahar?"
"I couldn't keep a woman around in my kingdom. She was only a distraction."

Laila's knees buckled but Osman held her, whispering soft dreams of their love into her ear. Laila stood strong.
In some otherworldly rage she lunged at Mustafa and began punching his face wildly. In a flight of fury, she took the weapon Mustafa gripped in his hand and stabbed him with great force.
Osman stood bewildered again, wondering if it all really was a dream. His beloved flower, a murderer?
"He's gone, my sultan. We're safe." Laila said in a breathy voice, kneeling before Osman.
"Laila, how could you manage to do that?" He let out a chuckle, "I would've had the guards execute him."
"Not when your guards are disloyal."
Osman smiled, cradling Laila's face in his hands, knowing what great power lay deep in her heart. Suddenly, they heard a scream. Annara knelt beside the now-dead Mustafa and Bahar and wept.

"Sister, there is goodness in your heart. Goodness that I should've seen long ago before father made his decision."
The teary-eyed Annara struggled to look up at him, only crying more.
"I forgive you, Annara. Come back with Laila and me and we shall rule the kingdom as equals."
Annara regained her senses. "And your consorts? What will happen to them?"
"I shall have no more consorts, for all of us shall oversee this kingdom," Osman declared, putting his arm around Laila's neck and looking decidedly into her eyes. He held out his other hand for Annara. She took it and they began their travel back to the palace. Their palace.


Sultan Osman
Brother Mustafa
Consort Bahar
Lady Name: Trinity Starling
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Re: Chapter 10. The end

Postby Allison Whitney » 23 Nov 2019, 00:09

"Brother I have just come victorious from war and this is awaits me! I have been living and fighting in abominable conditions and don't want to fight another person" Osman replies almost too exhausted to go on any further. Osman slumps to the ground as his shaky legs just gave out on him.

"Brother Osman, you shouldn't have tried to claim something that wasn't yours in the first place" Mustafa replied getting off of his throne and standing above his brother surrounded by soldiers.

"I was handed something, I didn't try to take anything that wasn't against the Sultan or God's decree" Osman says looking up at his brother whose eyes had murderous intent. Also I expected this of Mustafa but dear Bahar I am saddened to see you next to my brother." Osman replied.

Bahar stood up and walked over to Mustafa and leaned on him " I am sorry Osman, I want to only be with the strongest man, I have no need to pledge myself to someone that is weak and lacking in power" and as she said those words she pulled out a hidden dagger and stabbed Mustafa, and Mustafa hit the floor.

Osman immediately stood up and declared that if the soldiers attempt to fight him they will never be forgiven and the soldiers immediately stood down, bowed and yelled hail to Sultan Osman and promptly left the room.

Bahar ran over to Osman and collapsed on the ground in front of him "Sultan Osman, I know for what I did I deserve death, but please don't punish your child inside of me. I never was going to stay with him, I was just holding on until you came back" Osman bent down and lifted Bahar up and pulled her in for a hug.

"Dear consort if you hadn't down what you did, I would have been killed instead, I will give you the title Sultana" Osman declared and took her hand in his and lead her out of the room. "We will entire this new era of peace together"

Sultan Osman

Consort Bahar




This has been fun! I hope we get to do this again!!
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Re: Chapter 10. The end

Postby bearavocados » 23 Nov 2019, 04:57

It took me forever to write the story :wacko: :wacko: :wacko:
Osman stared at the beautiful face of Bahar
"Bahar, did you betray me? How did I treat you and you stabbed me in the back"
"Ha ha ha, you're so naive, Osman, she's been our spy since the beginning." Mustafa smirked
"Mustafa, why are you plotting to harm me so many times, you're so cruel."
"So what? The wicked one is you, Osman, you ordered the murder of your brothers."
"Then what did you do? You have poisoned your own father? Before I had no intention of doing anything to you, but you seek to kill me many times already."
" I do not need to say much. Today is your ending. Soldiers, arrest him." Mustafa shouted
Because Osman's army was still outside, only a few hundred guards followed him into the capital and further more this unexpected situasion made Osman unable to return.
Mustafa's soldiers quickly surrounded and defeated the small and exhausted after long battle Osman's soldiers..
Osman was also very tired, though he fought fiercely, but the war had exhausted his strength. Five big soldiers with heavy weapons surrounded him, they attacked so hard, taking advantage of when he was having to fight with the other 3 soldiers. Someone from behind used a mace to hit his back. Osman fell to the ground. They cracked and twisted Osman's hands back and pinned Osman to the floor. Mustafa with a gloomy face reverberated throughout the room "Take him away."
Osman looked up at Mustafa with eyes of disgust, blood flowing from the corner of his mouth.
"Mustafa, you will pay for this . I swear it! I will not forgive you." Osman shouted.
They escorted Osman and his men into the deep dungeons inside the palace, where were cold and dark. The floor is full of cockroaches and rats.
Osman was locked into a separate cell. There was no light in the surroundings. He lay collapsed on the damp ground. His wound was quite heavy, blood was still smoldering. As time passed slowly, Osman thought, "I can't die like that. If someone can spread the news to Omer and my friend, they can send the army here to save me. Just afraid that Mustafa will kill me before Omer knows the story."
" And Bahar, why? No, I had absolute confidence in her. Her gaze could not be ... could it be that there is no one whom we truly love and trust, like my father and mother ... " So many thoughts ran through Osman's head like a vivid film of his childhood when he was abandon in the desert, where he and his friends Omer , Berat, Ayaz and Ahmet rode their horses really fast through the desert, practicing martial arts together. and dividing the team into a mock battle. Then the whole group sang and laughed and laughed all over the desert. His friends, they were out there, but how to tell them the news?
When Osman was lying in a coma, he heard a small noise, the sound of someone unlocking the dungeon's door. With reflection like a leopard, he stood up, staring at the flashing light in front of her. He recognized Bahar in a hurry and fearful manner "Osman, you have to run quickly." she whisper.
"Why are you here, you're Mustafa's people?
" It is no time to explain, you have to run quickly, I will explain later. Mustafa will come here to kill you soon and then he will send someone to kill your friends and take the throne. You must go immediately" Bahar gave him his sword that she held tightly in her hand. Osman took her hand " Come, come with me." Osman gripped Bahar tightly and ran straight out of the prison. But two guards suddenly jumped out to stop them. The skilled Osman quickly defeated them, though his wound greatly reduced his strength, but the two soldiers were unable to hold him back. They ran on long, dark and winding roads. At a turn, Bahar said, " This way, they ran out of the prison, outside there was a small person waited with a black horse. Osman helped Bahar and jumped on that horse, which was when the troops arrived. Osman, regardless of life and death, fought with them. Osman was endowed strength plus endurance through training in the desert and his iron willpower when close to death made him defy pain, beat the soldiers and spur the horse as flying, leaving behind the crowd. Those soldiers chased them but they already ran far away.
Mustafa heard the new, he bursted out of anger" Use full force, kill them. You useless bastard "
Osman and Bahar disguised and mixed in with the civilians and chose long the empty road to avoid the wanted soldiers for 12 days. Osman's wound was supported, and thanks to Bahar taking care of him. Only one day left until they would arrive at the camp of Osman's soldiers. "We are about to meet my people soon, Bahar. Then you will be safe."
" I'm sorry to betray you, Osman but Mustafa has kidnapped my parents and younger brother to force me to listen to him. Otherwise he will harm them." With sad eyes Bahar continued: "But when I saw you were hurt by soldiers, my heart ached. I can't let you die like that." Osman pressed her head against his chest. She could hear his heart pounding in his chest.
But just in the early morning, there was a rush of horse hooves. A team of soldiers following the tip of a bounty-seeking villager found the place where the two took refuge and tried to hunt them down. Osman and Bahar hurriedly mounted their horse and fled. But the chasing soldiers discovered them, they chased closely. When Osman and Bahar ran out of the forest, those soldiers caught up and surrounded them.
Osman had to jump off horse to fight those soldiers. Those soldiers were a team of ten elite men they were indeed very strong, but Osman was extremely agile and powerful, in a short time he easily knocked out the three men. The others guys had to fear his strength. When he was engrossed in fighting, the leader of those soldiers who sneaked out when he did not notice, captured Bahar. He put the sword to her neck to threaten Osman. "Put down your weapons or I will kill her, Osman. You cant escape thí time."
Osman shouted " Do not touch her" and he put down the weapon. The remaining guys are rushing into him, the situation is extremely urgent. Bahar tried to struggle in that guy's arms but he was too strong, her neck was choked hard. She cried: "Osman, no, no, no, don't care about me, ran away!" Bahar, while struggled, she touched the dagger in the knife bag on his waist. She immediatly pulled that dagger and stabbed into his stomach. But she stabbed too light, so his wound wasn't deep. That man raged and stabbed Bahar through her body with sword . Bahar collapsed to the ground.
Osman could only shout "No!" He roared like a wounded lion rushing towards that guy. Hot blood rushed to the temples, Osman's eyes blurred. But the solddiers quicly surounded him. From the distance there was a rattle of the hooves of horses
Mustafa's army was coming.
In the midst of the emergency, Osman suddenly heard a loud scream: "Protect the Sultan. "
Osman immediately realized it was the voice of Omer and his childhood friends. His army is coming. In a moment the situation reversed. Osman and his friends defeated the Mustafa's soldiers.
Osman tragically took Bahar's cold hand. She was dying. "Oh Bahar, don't die, don't leave me."
"I'm sorry, I can't be with you anymore." She took the last breath in his hand with a tender smile.
Osman reorganized the army and went to the capital to fight Mustafa. Although the battle was hard. Osman got the support of the people and quickly broke down the palace to capture Mustafa and his allies. He entrusted him to the council of elders. They judged him a death sentence because of conspiracy of killing the Sultan and betrying his country.
Osman became a wise Sultan and was the founder of the great Ottoman empire.


*** From left to right: Osman, prince Mustafa and consort Bahar
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Re: Chapter 10. The end

Postby ethelind helena chua » 23 Nov 2019, 07:29



Osman: (shocked) Brother what is the meaning of this, all the while I had a feeling you wanted to get rid of me, I did not believe them, now that I saw with my own eyes, so now it is true, and you my lady why! are you not satisfied or you just made sure you will not be thrown out of the palace if I died in the war.

Mustafa: Yes my brother, all along I wanted your throne, I want me to head the whole empire.

Consort Bahar: (shocked) but without regret, coz i the very start it is not Osman that he loved but Mustafa.

Osman: (very angry), even if he is very angry, his good heart still pervail, (that is how good Osman is), instead of instructing the guards to kill them, he just ordered to thrown them in a far away land and strip of everithing, in a place where nobody know them so they can live like a slave.





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Re: Chapter 10. The end

Postby nefeliethan » 24 Nov 2019, 13:54


"I'm sorry my Lord" the Commander-in-Chief kneeled before Sultan
"Take back at once," he ordered. "What are you doing?" he roared at the soldiers .The soldiers took back their steps.
"Your Highness ,At your word let me kill this arrogant" he asked pointing at Mustafa
"Why is he here. I ordered for his excecution!
Summon your head."
"Your Lord something happened at your departure. We are afraid to do anything without your consent..."

The Sultan ascended and dragged Mustafa off the throne. Bahar stood up quickly.
Musafar lauhed,"Dear Sultan, you remember this?"
Osman couldn't recognize it. "Sultan , you should hear the whole incideent before any action" The chief courtier said

******* ******* ******* *******

On the day of Muzaffar's execution, the soldiers went to pick him up. Just before the hanging, he screamed into the audience.
"How do you feel when something supposed for you is in other hands!"
A soldier dragged him back through the floor .Kicking off the soldier Mustafa pulled out a note and wave that to the audience.
"What!" The audience murmured.
"Yes. The last words of the late Sultan!"

******* ******* ******* *******

"Yes Sultan .."The encrypt was handed to Osman. What it's father's handwriting!
"Yes my lord. It's Late Sultan's last words .
It says that his highness wish to crown Mustafa as he is the one who ought to be the king. ....As you consented to lose your crown at your father's wish...."
...."inorder to keep your word you have to crown Mustafa" the rest was told by Bahar's father.
Father's last wish? Mustafa the coronation .....
Osman seemed to be unconscious ..
Bahar ....why you..
The Sultan couldn't control his anger ..... he dragged Mustafa off the throne.
"Send him to prison."

******* ******* ******* ******* ******* ******* *******

Sultan was so confused....he summouned the Commander in chief
"Your Highness"
"What's happening?"
"Forgive us. We wouldn't dare kill him in a situation like this without your consent ..."
"hmm.........he dared to sit at my have answer for that too?"
"We shouldn't have did it unless her highness hadn't stopped us. Its you who gave her highness the full authority"
"What ! My Bahar!The Sultan wept.Yes I did that. Did I ever think that my beloved Bahar would ever betray me?
"My mistake!You are the only one could trust at this moment... Tell me I should obey my father's wish?"
"Lord you should obey your word to your father as once you promised him to giveaway your crown at his wish."
"This is not just upon a word...He had createn an impression among the people on the hanging day too"

So should I leave my crown to him?
"Forgive me. But let me say that the rightness cannot always make the path better.
You mean, should I use a ...crooked way?
Commander replied nothing He stood up
"At your permission"He tend to leave"
After taking a few steps he stopped .Without turning he told.
“It wouldn't have happened if you hadn't given a woman your authority.
Some women knows well to seduce ... and how to betray too."
******* ******* ******* ******* ******* *******
Next day Sultan arrived at the court.
But the courtiers arrived even before . Everyone was waiting for the day.Bahar was absent. She had started to feel guilty towards her actions.She felt she shouldn't have allowed him to sit at the throne.
Mustafa is still in prison. He doesn't want to fail. He is dying but has no intention of giving up on the throne.
Sultan started."Hope you all heard about the accident I had at the war"
Accident???Everyone keenly listened to what he was telling next.
"Yes .I have made many mistakes. .I have killed many. I hurted many .I had to kill innocent people. I have orphaned some. I trusted many....I shouldn't have ignored the good advices ... all because of my blind love,That I was so blinded that I gave my substitute authority to someone whom I never ever thought would betray me .Which led us to this situation today we are"
""Due to the recent incidents, I decided to give away my throne.""
No Your Majesty! one of the courtiers cried...
The Sultan continued .... It is early. Although I can no longer rule because of my health, I will hand over my authority to Prince Saifuddin, my son , who will be your new king."
There a silence spread. It was too early to believe that Osman would end his reign. Althouh everyone was more merrier to welcome the order revieled that Mustafa didn't got it.
No one ever uttered a word to refer to Mustafa. They did not want to ruin the opportunity. But the one of the official's, Bahar's father asked
"Your highness , what about his highness late king Adbdullah's last wish?"
"Baba, are you afraid for your daughter,"
"No.I am standing here ridiculed because of her actions."
"It wasn't my father's wish.Actually Mustafa did tortured him and killed him for it.
Since Bahar is the only witness, I conclude that there were only two , Mustafa and Bahr, in the room at that time where the murder occurred. Both will receive equal sentences for murder because all the evidence is against them.
As you know my coronation was his last order. He don't make further movements
So should I grant him the throne?He ought to receive a high punishment"
The court was dissmissed .As soon it ended , the soldiers went all around for the new proclamation.They all burst into tears hearing the Sultan ending his reign. But slowly they began to feel welcomed by the new king.
The next morning, the soldiers surrounded Bahar's room. For her, she was faultless. What she did was for her love .She is not disappointed in her work, and it is the last chance to prove her royalty in her blood. So she had no tendency to escape.Actually she was waiting all the night for her arrest.She was brought to the prison.
But Mustafa still doesn't know what's going on. Since he was forbidden to speak to anyone, no one told him.He was so isolated inside it.
Days passed.
Suddenly the strong gate of the prison opened. Mustafa got up quickly and the soldiers came and took him out. The way they brought him, he could see was a festive mood all around. He wondered what special day it was.
The soldiers took him to court. Mustafa searched around for Bahar. No, she wasn't there.
Suddenly the coronation ceremony took place. Mustafa was confused until he realized that the Sultan was crowning the young prince. The Sultan wanted to kill him earlier but he wanted him to see the coronation of Prince.
Everyone hailed for the new king.
Bahar's father slowly moved towards Mustafa. He informed him about Bahar's execution . He replied nothing. He was sure she should have pleaded them to allow her to see him one last time.
Now he has lost everything. Everything is over
Suddenly he picked one of the soldiers' sword .But Osman and the new King was so far for his reach. So ,instead he managed to kill himself with it. The soldiers grabbed him though was unable to control him.
The sultan was watching all this. He burst into tears.

******* ******* ******* ******* ******* *******
Years later. Everything was peacefull under Saifuddin's reign. He and the rest of the royal family together perform the rituals each year for the peace for the soul of Bahar ,Mustafa and Osman. As of the medical predictons based on his medical reports after the war , Osman died the same year too in which Bahar was executed and Mustafa committed suicide, and in addition ,Saifuddin's corronation. Thus the year had gone unforgettable for the Ottomians.

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Re: Chapter 10. The end

Postby Eamane » 25 Nov 2019, 04:13

Osman: "What is the meaning of this?!"
Mustafa: "Dear brother, surprised to see me?! Ha ha ha!!!! I have come from the death to take what is mine back!"

Osman, cold and tired to death of years of fighting, confused to see Mustafa, alive and dissapointed to see that Bahar was so close to him: "But you were dead... and Bahar, the flower of my harem..."
Bahar, passionately: "I found a greater sultan that is worth of my love and my loyalty. You were a sweet boy when you took over and I believed I loved you, but you trusted your pashas to keep your distance from me! And the war took you away! When Mustafa reached to me, HE needed my help and my love, and did not keep away! My love for him is so great, that I realized that you were only a lord that I served with my body, but he is next to Allah in my heart!"
Mustafa, angry at this disobedience: "Enough! I did not give you permission to speak! Bahar is mine now, just as the throne and the country! I came to claim all that was to be mine, and she would have been mine as well if you did not trick Father. But now it all is back to its rightful owner! Soldiers, take him to the dungeons!
Osman: "My soldiers will be here any minute, you cannot win!" And he drew the only weapon he brought to the throne hall, the whip, to fight the soldiers away. But in a second, Mustafa was behind his back with a dagger under his neck.
Mustafa: "Not so quick, Osman! Your soldiers are in the dining hall as we speak, feasting to a very rich and poisonous dinner. And all who are yours will face the same fate.There is something special for you, and I will personally kill you! Die now from my dagger or later, it is the same to me."
Bahar looked surprised and shocked. Has she known that Mustafa was so bloodthirsty? And killing all? Her child as well? But no, he promised he will not kill them. Yes, this he says only because of the soldiers. And she felt reassured and her faith in him was restored.
Osman: "How do you plan to explain the people what happened to the victors of the war? They will ask for their sultan."
Mustafa snorted: "Their sultan! I AM THEIR SULTAN! Yesterday we mourned over you and your brave men, who died under the snow avalanche on their way back. Noone knows you're alive and noone has seen any of you, they are all in mosque for 24hours, praying for their former sultan's soul. hahahaha... As if your soul will be saved so easily. You will wish to be dead long before you really are. You have a lot to pay for, and you will start paying right after my coronation tomorrow... haha haha!"
Osman: "You're mad, stark mad! Bahar, he will kill you too, you and Omrum, he will! Fight for our daughter if not for you!"
Mustafa: "Bahar was your favourite, so she stays as my consort now, I have her now. And I will keep her mine out of respect to the memory of my brother Osman, killed at the prime of his life. And Omrum too, there will be openings to some new consorts when your flock of naked girls dies. Haha, hahahaaaa! Guards, take him down now!"
They grabbed Osman and took him away.
In cold dark dungeons Osman sat for almost a day. He could hear the mourning procedures in the distance and he knew they soon will be done weeping over him and his men and start preparing for Mustafa coronation.
He knew nothing good was there for him, Mustafa's madness was a guarantee of this. He could not believe he managed to get away from the sentence, there were more traitors than he knew. And his heart ached for his brave men who fought so bravely to be murdered by a mad man. And Bahar, so strangely dependent on Mustafa... He sat with his head in his hands, trying to figure out what to do.
"I was so worried they will kill you before you reach Topkapi palace" - a small whisper was heard from somewhere and Osman stared in the darkness in vain. "Who is there?" He started to yell.
"Shhhh, the guards are asleep. It is only us, and we've come to help you escape. But you must be quick and quiet"
And in the darkkness he saw a small flare shining on Ahu, the girl with golden embroidery, and the latest addition to the harem before he left, a tiny and terrified girl so afraid of him when she arrived. He remembered he tried to get her more relaxed, but she was always so scarred of him... what was her name... and the Chief Black Eunuch, Ahmed.
"Quick, take this cloak" Ahu has said while Ahmed was unlocking the door and the scarred girl shook while holding the torch. "Asli will take you ahead in the channels, she knows them by heart"
"And Ahmed and you, Beautiful eyes?" "We will come after we plant the dead body in the cell and start the fire. Go, Sultan, go!" Osman and Asli run away. In couple minutes they reached a small exit to the river, where a small boat waited. "We wait for Ahu and Ahmed now. Quiet!" ordered tiny Asli.
In the sultan room Mustafa was asleep next to the fire, while Bahar lay awake. She dared not move, Mustafa would get angry if she moved without permission. She trusted him with all her heart and was sure he only said those things to Osman to hurt him. Why, Omrum was royal and his niece, he would not make her into a consort. Ahd he loved her too, he called her the queen of his life and always said he will marry her when he was sultan. She thought of their future life together while she waited for Mustafa to wake up.
Several stone floors below a fire has spread from the cell to the guards, choking them in their sleep.
"Ahmed and Ahu are late, we must look for them", Osman whispered after a long hour of waiting. "Don't move" Asli said. What a brave, bossy tiny girl. No shaking now, even in her thin dress in this cold, she stays still. Osman felt warm feelings toward this tiny thing he always had for her. If I ever had a younger sister, she would be like this.
Ahmed appeared from the dark. "We leave now." "And Ahu?" Asli asked. "Was hurt in trying to get Osman's soldiers free. She put sleeping powder instead of poison, but Mustafa's guards have thrown their bodies in the skeleton room, thinking they were dead. Ahu sneaked to wake the soldiers up, but one of the guards returned and found her there. He cut her on the shoulder, but the Dark pasha awake and saved her from death. They will be on the other shore, they are taking the other way out." And they got into the boat and silently rowed away.
Bahar thought she felt some smoke and started to look around. Mustafa awake and got angry at her. "You wake me up on my coronation day, how dare you! Beautiful or not, I will teach you to obey me!" And he rose threateningly.
Bahar, half afraid: "My love, I only smelled some smoke and was worried. I apologize for waking you!"
Mustafa: "I will send a servant to check. If you woke me for nothing you will be sorry."
And that is how Mustafa woke on his coronation day to discover that the dungeons and the skeleton room burned to crisp with everyone in it, and that his revenge won't be fulfilled. He raged like a mad man and Bahar had hard time to get him calm.
At that time, in the thick forest Osman was hugging each and every of his soldiers that managed to get away and thanking Ahu, Asli and Ahmed.
Another small unit of soldiers appeared and Osman was ready to fight, when Ahu and Asli said those soldiers are the ones his sister Bahar has sent. Mustafa has married their sister Bahar to an old, but very violent pasha which has made her life so terrible for two years, after which he had a stroke and is now in bed, slowly dying. His own soldiers hated him, but came to like sister Bahar and her kind and caring ways, so that when Ahmed managed to reach her to ask for help, she could have send some trusted men to help.
Osman: "But how did you know their plan?"
Here Asli stopped wrapping Ahu's hand and said: "Ahu never believed Mustafa that you forgave him and sent him to take care of the palace till you came back, and neither have I. But your consort Bahar was so angry that you left her with the rest of us when you left, and believed him he always loved her and that he only wants to keep her safe that she fell so strongly in love with him... so sometimes she took us to help her prepare for the night and she would talk about him. Once we saw him coming to her room after us, so we hid behind the curtain and have heard her seduce consort Bahar and convince her to help him in his plan. We kept listening after this, and Ahmed as well. We noticed some letters and some actions till it was clear what he planned. But neither of us could leave the palace nor get in touch with you."
Ahu continued "We could only hope he will bring you to the palace. He wanted you to know that he has taken everything you loved the most, so I knew he wanted to show you and enjoy in your pain. That was our only chance to help you, Sultan."
Osman: "I can never repay you for your loyalty, either of you!"
Koyu-pasha:" We must hurry and plan our attack, my Sultan. Soon the coronation will start and they will expect us to try and stop it!"
Osman: "Which is why we will not stop it. Listen to my plan..."
Coronation went well, even though the people were still dazed from the intense mourning after Osman to completely realize the new events. Mustafa wore so many diamonds it was getting ridiculous, but he was their sultan now so he must be right. Bahar looked beautiful behind him and everyone thought how kind Mustafa was to keep his brother's favourite consort in er place. A month of violent rule followed, where it became clear what lunatic Mustafa actually was. It was also whispered around he slept with eunuchs as well as with consorts. It was also whispered he insisted that his brother's daughter, Omrum, to be brought to harem, but he couldn't have made her a consort, she was far too young. And it would be unheard of, such sickness cannot be. People already started to miss the rule of Osman and to fear the mad Mustafa. But nothing could be even whispered, the new sultan had plenty spies and would have you killed for much less that this. Fear reigned the palace as well, and the soldiers started to question the story they were told and to wonder why every member of Mustafa's guard has dissapeared. Little did they know that the guards that saw Osman and took him to the dungeons were killed by Mustafa.
A celebration of old sultan memory was held next month. Mustafa hated the old man who gave the throne to Osman, but pretended to honor him. After all, you had to give people something, the fear alone is not good. So he went through the motions of honoring his late father, with Bahar at his side, pretending to be deeply in love. Bahar grew thin and worried, he will have to replace her with some of the new consorts, this does not look good, he thought, She almost looks as if she is is in deadly terror of me, and I've kept her in my bedroom almost every night. This is getting too difficult, I will have to have many consorts to keep her more in the background.
Bahar thought: Mustafa is in a good mood today, I hope nothing will make him angry. Ah my love, I wish I could understand what makes you this way and help you be your old self.
Little did she know that this was the real Mustafa, and that before was only a play.
Next, a hell broke loose. Mustafa at the square, speaking about his father to the gathered crowd of respectable people and common ones. A dozen of hooded riders riding straight into the square. Hoods down, Osman in front of them, alive and well! Osman holding his sword towards Mustafa. Mustafa in rage, screaming at the guards. Guards confusedly going towards Osman. Twenty commoners pulling their sabres to defend Osman, where did they get the sabres? Soldiers fighting the commoners, more soldiers entering the yard, Koyu-pasha at their head. Mustafa screaming "I had you killed, you're all dead, all of you! This is a nightmare, you're all dead, dead, dead!!!" Bahar crazed with fear, trying to get to Mustafa to calm him. Mustafa pulling the dagger and stabbing Bahar, yelling "You betrayed me, You will die first". Bahar bleeding out, looking at her love's eyes full of hatred and craziness. Soldiers and commoners realized Mustafa has been deluding them and turned on him. Mustafa being stabbed by 30 sabres and bleeding and screaming they were dead, all were dead, falling on the ground and being stepped on before Osman could calm the riot.
A year later, Osman is still a sultan. Ahu is his main consort, and he plans to marry her after their first child is born. Asli is their trusted friend. She left the harem to be married to Koyu-pasha. Ahu has betrayed their fondness of each other to Osman when he thought how to reward them. He should have been angry that his pasha has been looking at his harem, but as Ahu said, Asli would not help Osman if she was not in love with his best friend, Koyu pasha, and their Dark pasha has always been a loyal friend to Osman. And Osman wanted his friend to be happy, even though he missed his tiny almost-sister in the palace. Which is why he had the estate next to his own palace assigned to Koyu-pasha. Ahmed got freedom and could choose more, but he decided to stay at the palace and at his old post. He liked Asli and Ahu and was a faithful confidant of all four. Omrum is educated as the oldest princess, but she never talked again after her mother died in front of her eyes, even with the love and care everyone has given her. She and Ahmed were great friends and giant Ahmed was Omrum's only sanctuary when the nightmares would torture her. Sister Bahar was a widow soon after, and Osman let her choose her own life afterwards. She eventually found a good and kind man and got married hapily.
The country slowly recovered from few months of Mustafa's mad rule and appreciated and loved their Sultan Osman even more than before. One thing was changed, though - Osman was never allowed to go to the war. People preferred to see him safe and sound in the palace.


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Re: Chapter 10. The end

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... the war was over and Osman was on his way back home. He had all reasons to find some rest but he didn't know what it was that kept his mind busy. After all the fighting, finally on the way back home, he felt a sadness was watching him. But was it really sadness or a bad hunch that haunted him? He should find out soon.


An uncomfortable feeling crawled up his back when he got closer to the palace. The place seemed to be too quite for his liking and when he entered the central hall it dawned on him, he faced his brother, and Bahar standing next to him, smirking... "Mustafa? How on Earth could you..." - now all the pieces fell into place, but, too late he found himself surrounded by the palace guards. "Arrest him!", Mustafa barked at the men.


Reluctantly, as if they knew they'd do something wrong, the guards moved towards Osman to take him into custody. Then something happened, things somehow felt wrong. So when she saw what was going to happen, the smirk on Bahar's face vanished, one could tell she underwent a change...


Or wasn't she making up her mind and had planned this altogether? Bahar knew all she could do was to make Mustafa feel safe, that she was on his side. She had only to wait for the right moment. She couldn't do anything to control the guards, Mustafa simply had been too powerful. The only chance to bring this to a good end was to wait until Osman returned. A consort wasn't supposed to talk but Bahar suddenly explained: "No, it's not right...". While she was tempted for a fraction of a second to give in to Mustafa to let him be the Sultan in order to rule the country with an iron fist to establish order again, she suddenly felt it wasn't right to let things evolve this way. She started to tell openly what plot had been behind all this that the guards now had to arrest Osman. The guards, once they heard the story, now started to slow down moving towards Osman. Bahar looked at the family's amulet that she held in her hand...


"No, I can't let this happen." she concluded, "... there has to be an end to all the fighting. I feel guilty as I was in the midst of them all to let his happen but now it's time for the right man to get back in power...". She looked at the swordsmen who now understood what was going on. Osman now realized he had to take power into his hands, it had to be for Osman to take back the lead. "My true friends..." he addressed the palace guards, "... we need to show that there is also an alternative to fighting and shedding blood, we definitely have a long way to go, but my way, the one of a friendly and peaceful future is what we need to turn to, now, let's no longer follow the path of violence." and with a firm voice and taking Bahar by the hand he ordered the guards to arrest Mustafa. "Brother, why did it have to come all the way like this?", he looked at him in disbelief, "Guards, get him out!". Without any resistance Mustafa let it happen as he saw Bahar had let him down.

After all the chaotic events were sorted out and the rebellion was finally defeated, Osman became the Sultan with Bahar on his side.


~ The End ~

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Re: Chapter 10. The end

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