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The sorcerer's apprentice

Postby frrumussica » 12 Oct 2018, 12:53


In a faraway kingdom, in the medieval era, there was a powerful sorcerer who ensured the safety of all the people who lived under his king's rule. He did his job well for many flourish years, but eventually he grew old, too old to even protect himself. The hardest moment of his life was when he realised he is not immortal and he's going to die someday. As time passed, he learned not to fear death, but the fact that he will disappear one day from the lives of the close ones remains. Then, who will protect the young prince? Who will advise the old king? Who will amuse the beautiful queen with it's flawless jokes? So, the old sorcerer decided to take an apprentice under his wing. He will teach him everything he ever knew about magic and how to carry on his duty after he will pass to the other world.

After putting out an announcement where he invited all young people with magical talents to the capital, countless of girls and boys from different races (elves, mermaids and so on) and different social classes knocked at the sorcerer's front dor. He then asked them to tell him their story life and their wishes, to describe their speciality in magic (some said they could make plants grow, while others could produce fire from their fingertips). Latest, he asked them to motivate their choice of taking his place...

This is a two parts contest. For the first part you have to create a short story about a medieval character, where you describe everithing the sorcere whants to know and dress accordingly. You can use either your fiance, or your lady. Dress as a poor guy, a royalty or a beautiful fairy. The choice is yours. Just be creative!

Ten participants who succeeded impressing the sorcerer will participate into the second part of the contest. 

• Two of the finalist will be the girls with the highest raiting (But beware: only the votes fom active accounts, older than 1 month will be taken into consideration).
• Three of the finalist will be picked randomly.
• Five of the finalist will be picked by me personaly, based on the following items:
—> Your creativity and originality in background stories (I want to see unique and crazy storyes);
—> Your outfit (if it matches the story);
—> Your explanations about your power;
—> Your motivation.

❕ You have one week to knock at the sorcerer's house and try to impress him. The second part of the contest begins on 19 octomber. ❕

At the end of the second part, there are going to be two winners:
—> for the first place: 30 emeralds, 10 photo slots and max energy for 7 days
—> for the second place: 10 emeralds, 5 photo slots, 20.000$ and 3 supermodel equipments
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Re: The sorcerer's apprentice

Postby Emirillia » 12 Oct 2018, 14:09

I walk in to the sorcerers drawing room, a fabulously designed room with various trinkets spread all about. I can see he was very proud of himself which causes me to smile. As I take a seat on a chair he offers me some ale to which I refuse. Instead asking for a cup of milk. Once I’ve had a sip I hear the sorcerer speak, “May I know of why you came here?” his voice old and kind.

My lips smile as I start to speak, “Well, learning from you would be a great honour of course but I feel as if this is what I am suppose to do” I try to hide a little bit of laughter (not succeeding) as I continue, “My mother was a seer and said I will amount to great things”.

I stare at the man as he nods and gestures for me to continue, “She died a few years ago, an unfortunate accident had come to many in my hometown. But I’ve always remembered something she had told me a few days prior. You will have to leave here one day, and that may not be now but when the time is right, you’ll know.” As my throat dries a little I have a few more sips out of the cup, emptying it by three quarters. “When you had sent out that announcement, I knew I had to some here. It was my mother’s anniversary, those words had rung in my head as I discovered that you were looking for an apprentice”.

A few tears slip out of my eyes but I continue to have a small smile on my face, “Ever since I was a little girl I’ve learned to fight, I can use a sword, a staff, and shoot an arrow. And of course I have a power, I am part mermaid, so I have healing abilities and I’m able to control water, along with that I can talk to animals and I am able to detect the truth. I know they aren’t exactly offensive powers but I hope my weapon skills can make up for that. I want to be able to become your apprentice for knowledge, to help and to make my mother proud. I know I don’t look like much, with these rags I doubt I make a good first impression but I hope more than anything I can work with you and help the royal family, to keep this kingdom safe” I nod taking a breath, realising I had gone on a rant, I look into the eyes of the sorcerer. “And if I were to take your place, I would hope you believe in my abilities, trust me to do what’s right and allow me to take responsibility for what troubles may come to this kingdom”.

Blah I feel like my story is a bit too cheesy, but I hope you enjoy reading it, sorry if it’s too long!

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Re: The sorcerer's apprentice

Postby Trinity Starling » 13 Oct 2018, 03:59

I knock twice at the sorcerer's door, while admiring the exterior of his house: it seemed to be almost as old as he was, but still had charm and some sort of woodsy appeal to it. The sorcerer opens the door and entreats me to the sitting room, where I see a stone fireplace and a great elk-head adorning it, along with a quaint little desk and two chairs. I sit at one end, and he sits at the other. Then, offering me a draught of beer, which I graciously refuse, he begins our interview.

He first asks me, "Wherefore do you come to visit me, for now, I am looking for an apprentice." to which I reply, "For the reason you have just stated." He seems to be intrigued by my clever answer. Then, he asks about my life's story. I tell him, "I am a woodland fairy. I may not seem like one, but I lost my wings in an accident over by the babbling creek just beyond your house. My parents always taught me about the importance of compassion, honesty, and loyalty. Now, I carry those traits with me every day as I tend to the wild animals near my own home." "Interesting," he says, "Now tell me more about your powers."

"Of course," I reply, "As was the tradition for other fairies in my community, our leader, Queen Seraphenes, would endow each newborn with a gift that she saw was appropriate for our personalities. Mine was the ability to talk to all sorts of animals, as well as to summon plants and wildlife. I use both these abilities daily as I tend to nature."

"What has motivated your decision to become my apprentice?"

"Besides the honor of learning by your side, I want to carry on the legacy of my fellow fairies in securing peace and prosperity throughout this kingdom. I wish to be of great service to the people who inhabit it."

"Wonderful, my dear," said the sorcerer, upon hearing my testimony. "Tell me, how will you care for the kingdom once I am long gone?" "I will advise the king ans queen when they need me, and of course, care for their dear little son. I will continue my care of the wildlife, and perhaps even summon them to amuse the palace workers and royalty."

"Lovely," he replies. "Well, it seems that our time has come to an end. May we meet again. Farewell!"

"Thank you, and adieu." I reply, walking out of the sorcerer's home.

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Re: The sorcerer's apprentice

Postby ClaudiaM25 » 13 Oct 2018, 07:52

It was after midnight that all the youngsters left the sourcerer's chambers. He still couldn't make up his mind about who would be the proper person to take under his wings...and the time wasn't on his side!
Sitting silently at the table with his thoughts, he heard a shy knock at the door.
Sourcerer thinking: "I thought all the apprentices already left, who could it be at this hour?!"
When he opened the door, he saw her : a misterious girl but with a vibe that he hasn't felt before! It was something strange about her ...
The girl entered the sourcerer's house without saying a word and when the door was closed, she finally got her mask off her face! It was the princess herself!
The sourcerer was surprised: "Your majesty!" <bowing>
Girl: "No, don't do that! Tonight I am not a princess, tonight I am just a novice asking for guidance."
And she started telling him the story of her life.
She was found in the woods and raised by a group of druids that introduced her to what magic is! They told her that it's her destiny to mary the prince and bring great things to the kingdom! Therefore she started learning different spells,incantation and potion creations but her speciality was influencing people's minds and thoughts. This is also how she managed to infiltrate the palace after real falling in love with the prince she met one day when she was out in the woods gathering medical plants (cause the queen of course wouldn't have accepted an unknown daughter-in-low :D ). After the arrival to the palace, she had no one to help her improve her skills and when she heard about this chance that the palace sourcerer's offered , she thought to give it a try. She motivated her choice saying that what better option would be since she will eventually be the queen of the kingdom one day so protecting the kigdom is in her benefit!
Girl : "I wouldn't let this power in the hands of someone else, it's a great responsability and if it falls in the hands of some unworthy person, it could bring the end of our country!"


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Re: The sorcerer's apprentice

Postby Swiftcat » 14 Oct 2018, 11:35

On my way to the sourcerer I seen the princess walking around the castle garden, she was sad cause the kingdom needs a new sourcerer for the caslte to carry on his magic so I new just what to do, I found a wizard that has enough magic to give to the prince for his happyniss while the sourcerer learn more magic before the old sourcerer pass away he learn magic everyday till he was gone.
So the magic still goes on with the wizard that's now the new sourcerer no one will live without the magic he learnt
Cause he is a true sourcerer and a true friend to the kingdom. The End

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Re: The sorcerer's apprentice

Postby Elamae » 14 Oct 2018, 12:59

The Sorcerer was about to blow out the last candelier, before going to rest, as he heard a small noise coming from the door side. He felt that a strange emotion, push him to open it. Outside, nothing seems to be different and shortly before he wanted to turn back, he heard a voice into his head asking if he is ready to welcome someone who´s not welcome at the most homes...! The sorcerer was irritatet but he was an open minded, wise man, so he agreed and in a white mist slowly the shape of a woman apeared and he standed in front of a strange lady, dressed in unknown clothing and with a dark skin, he never saw before. He heard about Shapeshifters and nothing was good, but instead he saw a young woman and he heard another time the voice in his head: this is my real apparence and i´m not this kind to hurt or to manipulate people, i was just risen up by Shapeshifters and learned theyr secret, but they only abused me for theyr own purposes so i had to flee as far where it has no more shapeshifters arround, you know they feel each others presence! The sorcerer was first relieved that it had no more of this ambivalent and unkontrollable monsters arround, but finaly one of them stood in front of him and if you can´t trust someone then it´s a shapeshifter. In this moment a feeling of inner peace and light and he certainly knowing that she was speaking the truth overcame him..Please Sorcerer i´m a pursued peson, nowhere welcome and i want only learn how to use my skills for the good and helping people, instead of spy and hurt them! I heard you are the best teacher arround, so please help me! He let her in and the girl crumbled with a relieved sigh in the sofa beside the fireplace and asleeped right then. The orcerer with a smile covered her with a blanket and he knew, that for questions and answers tomorrow would be another day...

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Re: The sorcerer's apprentice

Postby Katreena.k » 14 Oct 2018, 15:05

Name ~ Bella Collin


Story -
It was a dark and stormy night. I was both excited and nervous to meet the great sorcerer of the Wakina kingdom. I had heard great stories about him. I gently knocked his door. A voice came: "come in!". I slowly walked in and started to examine his magical house. It was very amusing. A big photo frame of him was hung up on a wall. The sorcerer came out from a room. He was an old man, with long grey hair and beard. His eyes were hopeful and he seemed to be tensed. He asked: "How may I help you young lady?" I immediately straightened myself up. I said:"Hello sir! I am moon princess Bella from Galoona kingdom, I heard that you were looking for an apprentice, that's the reason I came here tonight. The sorcerer was a bit confused. He replied: "Yes! I am looking for an apprentice, but I didn't expect that any princess would like to learn under me. Excuse me, I'm just a bit shocked". Oh that's alright I said. I know it must be a bit surprising, but this is my soul desire trust me! I really want to excel in my magic and learn more magic from you If you allow me sir. uh....alright lady, but I have to see if you're really determined and are capable to protect this kingdom first. You must explain me why would you want to join me to protect this kingdom when you could easily live a luxurious life at your castle he asked. I answered: My kingdom 'Galoona' comes under Wakina kingdom. I have never wanted anything more then to protect my people. I have heard about your great stories. I was really inspired by you. I want to serve my kingdom just the way you did sir! If you give me a chance to be your student, I promise that I will never let any harm come to this kingdom. I am determined to serve this kingdom to the best of my abilities I exclaimed. Hmm....I how can I turn down those honest eyes of yours. Tomorrow morning I wan you to be here at 7:00 am sharp he said. Tears of joy ran down my face. Thank you! Thank you so much sir.

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Re: The sorcerer's apprentice

Postby Eamane » 14 Oct 2018, 17:19

Marram's letters
I always knew this thing is better to keep it from people and I was so right.
Galen, do you miss our home? Mother and father miss you terribly, but are certain it is better you've left to search your chance to do what you're gifted to do. I should have gone with you when you left across the world into a country that appreciates people who know the magic of land, herbs, weather and forces, but I was too young and couldn't leave ma and pa alone. I do miss talking to you, especially in those cold days, like those when we used to search the woods for everything we could find to have something to eat and keep warm with. I felt your presence still, telling me where to look, just like you used to, and it was comforting. Now look at me, in the old sorcerer's hut and out of my wits. And I do not fell you any more, he's blocking you and I'm miserable about it.

First, the faire came through the village and settled near the castle, which felt like a bad omen. They had some really strange and dangerous animals with them.
Then, a lion went missing and people were scared. I was in the woods, safe, gathering branches, and of course, the lion came and followed me around, just as the birds and deer always do. I have barely convinced him to stop following and go back to the faire, when I heard the old sorcerer's voice, commanding me to come to his hut.
I tell you, it scared me silly - just ringing in my head and compelling me to obey.
He is scary in person, old and white, but clearly powerful, with a mist of energy around him, snapping and sparkling with fire. He said he saw me in the mind of the lion (the traitor) and recognized the power. He's searching for a new protector of the kingdom, to prepare for after he's gone. I'm afraid to admit, I'd love to be strong and wise and powerful enough to be that someone. But until now I was always a strange girl that animals followed around and that all kinds of weird habits that kept people thinking she might grow up into a witch. I'm hardly powerful enough to protect anything, even though I wish I was as strong as you are.

He had me tested for a week now and all I want is to curl down in some corner and rest. And guess what? You're not the only real magical talent in the family. Your little sister is gifted in influencing natural elements, like wind or rain, can channel the energy and direct it into one direction or object and understand the omens pretty well. Reading runes and signs is boring, but I'm good at it too. And those flashes of future, you kept teasing me about and comparing to your overwhelming knowledge of what is to come, so greater than my little flashes? It has enhanced since I'm here, which is great, but also scary.
I've always wanted to be normal, to take care of my parents and come to you after they're gone and I was ashamed of my quirks. I still care about ma and pa, don't worry. I sneak out to take them wood and food, but the sorcerer always catches me. He says the king is taking care of them, and it seems he does, but I still worry and wish to go and see them. It makes me so angry sometimes to be imprisoned here, not being able to take care of them and feel their embrace.
The other half of me is thrilled about developing my powers (I know 'my powers' sound silly to you, who has started by being a hundred times more powerful than me). I am getting along pretty fast and I love the feeling of the power seeping through me and I feel the conviction I can deal with so much more than I ever thought possible.
I still look like me, though, a strong, healthy and vibrant girl with long hair you remember. But I feel I'm changing, and every time I tap into the pool of real magic, I feel it changes me, making me stronger in one way, but somehow less human and somehow less me. Did you feel like that when you started developing your powers? He says I must loose myself completely and that I will regain myself again when I learn to control and master all the powers. Do you think I will, Galen? Will you help me if I fail? The sorcerer terrifies me and I'm afraid he won't help me regain myself.
I'm setting this letter on fire with the flame of the black candle, you should have it soon. I send you all the love I have, my brother, my other half of me.
This has been a long year, Galen, and your letters gave me the confidence when I was lacking it. The Master sorcerer is almost at the end of his earthly life, we both know it. The energy around him is so visible, it looks like a fog and he is so fragile-looking. I looked at the future even though he forbade it, and I agree with you - in a year or two I will be the only sorcerer here. When I think of my beginnings, I remember how raw and basic my powers were and I admire the speed in which I developed. I'm grateful to him for taking away my control from me in the beginning, so that I could reach all the potential I had, but also to you, my soul-mate in this world and the other half of my magic self in that eternal world of magic, who has been my only support for ever so long.

Sometimes it worries me how strongly linked we are and if the way to defeat either of us is to destroy the other, we both would fail. This evening I finally found the courage to talk to the Master about it. I'm sure you already know, but I must tell you nevertheless: he has always known about our bond and even though he has blocked the mental connection to give me room to grow, he allowed our candle correspondence. He said he knew I needed your support until I found out that I could rely on my own powers and now that I do not need my brotherly crutch any more.
Now he asks me to close the connection. He asks us both to break that earthly bond that kept us connected our entire lives and that has always been there with us, to rely only on magical powers to reach each other when we need to. He asks us to close that link of magic siblings he calls us, but to remember how to regain it again, because we will always have it even if everything else fails us. He says it is our liability, our vulnerability, the very thing I was worried about, and that closing that last link that made us rely on someone else will be the final thing that will push us into being the most powerful we can ever get.

It hurts me, but I know he is right. It will hurt you too, I can feel it, and it makes me unwilling to close the link, the thought of your hurting. I know it will protect us both, and give that final kick into our overwhelming power abilities, but still... I hesitate. Let's never loose the way to open the link again, Galen, let's always keep it down there, below our minds, where nothing and no one else can reach it, except our ultimate and essential need to get to each other. I will close the gate of my mind and heart, which always opened freely to you, I will suppress it, bury it so deep, and block the entrance because I know it is to protect us both. My core being will never forget how to find it and go through all the blocks in the time of need, despair of hurt. You will do the same, Galen, I see now you were preparing us both for it for some time now. Master has helped us both, I know he has reached you too, I can feel it in his mind, and I'm glad, because you're only better for it. I saw his hope, his plan for us, the magical siblings, one day to join and protect our world and the world of magic. I've seen some glimmers of the distant future, so far away I could only glimpse. I saw us closing the gate of magic world and separating our world from it, protecting the magic from being used to destroy the world. We will be strong enough to do it, and our bond will help us then too.
I miss myself still, and I do not look like me either. You'd recognize me, but not because of how I look. That magical power has altered me, making me more an embodiment of magic than a happy, healthy girl I once was. I miss the girl I was, poor and hungry but happy and optimistic. I've never been so carelessly happy since I was here.

The king and queen respect and like me and say I'm so much more positive than the Master, which is funny because I feel like I'm 1000 years old and the knowledge of the world and universe weights on me. The Prince is now old enough to try to seduce the girls from the village and gets himself into such scrapes that I must laugh. I always know about it all beforehand I see it and the Prince confides in me, but the Master says just to let him do it. He needs to try everything out to become a wise king one day, so we only laugh at his endeavors and keep an eye on him. He makes Master feel more cheerful, he has always loved the Prince like a son and I think he will use all his powers to live as long as he can, just to spend more time watching over that happy-go-lucky youth.

I know I can deal with all that will come my way myself and that I can protect the kingdom. I know you've been doing the same for so long. That means we are both ready to be alone. This is the last letter from me that will come to you through the candlelight of a black candle. After I send it I will start closing the bond. I will miss feeling my brother next to me, though.
Goodbye, Galen, I'll see you in the magic realm sometime. Until then, we'll use the regular messengers and the magic ball.

Marram before she starts learning from the sorcerer (the contest look)

Marram that wrote the second letter, after becoming a real sorceress
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Re: The sorcerer's apprentice

Postby Istra » 14 Oct 2018, 23:54

The sorcerer was dying. As is the fate that every mortal being must share, you thought to yourself. Still, what a way to meet! Your mother would have laughed: she was, for all her sagacity, a capricious being who delighted in the flair of the absurd and the poetic. A man. proud, even on his deathbed and an errant witch in his vicinity, unnoticed so far.

"It's impolite to stare," came the gruff reprimand from the sorcerer. You merely raised your eyebrows. Despite being on death's door, his senses hadn't betrayed him.
"Even more so to break in and enter the sacred library and rearrange the entire scrollwork. What in Merlin's name were you trying to do?" That brought a mischievous smile to your face, as you quipped in reply, " I was just redecorating. Sorting the scrolls in the least misogynistic order seemed like an appropriate task to begin my apprenticeship here."

"Pride. That is the bane of your kind," the sorcerer replied. "What makes you think I will take you under my wing, knowing how you willingly flouted the rules, didn't participate in the ceremony to display your magical skills, and even now, would rather sneak upon an unsuspecting elder rather than knock on his door?"

A lesser being would have cowered, thoroughly chastened by the patronizing tone. A lesser being would also miss the humor in his eyes, too lost in the censure of the words.

"Putting off theatrics in front of the Queen and the Crown Prince would not have been smart. After all," you flourished with your hand, "my ability tends to spook people."

That was when the sorcerer noticed it. The faint shimmer surrounding everything around him. An illusion? No, the taste, the sound, the was all too real. But it wasn't the present. The antique armchair next to the witch gleamed, but it lacked the burn marks that it had gathered over time. It wasn't the present, but a memory.
A mind-reader? Impossible. He would have felt the intrusion against his mental shields.


It can't be......

The half-blood witch watched the myriad of emotions cross the sorcerer's face, as he struggled to discern her magic. Suspicion, disbelief, and finally awe as he happened upon the truth.
"Istra. You are Istra, the keeper of secrets, the wielder of the psyche," The manipulator of souls.

"At your service," you bowed with a flourish. You were your mother's daughter after all.

"Why are you here? What circumstance could be crucial enough to pique your interest?" questioned the sorcerer.
Your eyes flashed, while the sorcerer watched the scenery in front of his eyes, no, around his soul, he corrected, dissolve. The opulent embellishments of the palace halls gave way to the dreary countryside: the peasants watching the skies hoping for rain, for reprieve, the women feeding diluted gruel to the undernourished children again, the youth burning with helpless, righteous indignation, while the royalty made merry in their ivory towers. All because the mighty sorcerer was no more, and the ambitious upstart who would take his place would rather please the elite few, poisoning the young, impressionable mind of the Crown Prince, whilst coveting the throne for himself.

As the enchantment receded, the sorcerer drew in a sharp breath, it was not the future, but a distorted manifestation of his deepest, darkest fears. Of his psyche. All brought upon by a little chit who dressed more like a wayward gypsy than the refined nobility of her blood.

"I am here because my goal is the same as yours. To prevent what you just saw from becoming reality," you answered.
As the sorcerer gazed at you with a newfound respect, you couldn't help but smirk," And as the wielder of secrets, I will keep the events of this night a secret from everyone. Wouldn't want the Queen to faint if she found out how the state of affairs could degenerate in your absence, unchecked; now, would we?"

The sorcerer laughed.


I am the master of my own thoughts.

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Postby SkylarLevely » 19 Oct 2018, 06:39

The flamboyant warm hues of the day were soon engulfed by a deep blue which carried a tinge of violet, and a wave of relief rushed over me as the wavering heat was no more. I looked up to the sky, speckled with stars, and I silently thanked my mother who had blessed me with strength in the night, but as the wind brushed through my hair, I had to kneel down to adjust my sandals as they were rubbing on the vesication on my feet. I quickly smoothed out my skin which was also caused vexation. While I knew that would most likely arrive at a reasonable time, I would be there much earlier if I didn’t have to dress so disobliging. However, against my mother and my wishes, I was whisked away to be dressed in cultural attire; a white dress with a toga draped over it and a dense silver corset underneath. Then a pair of gladiator sandals and the signature olive branch to accessorize with. I considered changing on the way into something that was a little more me, but I was stripped of my extra clothes. Suddenly, I got a whiff of a lingering aroma in the air and my stomach made a harsh growling sound, I’d been so focused on getting to the sorcerer, I didn’t have time to hunt and cook a meal or eat at neighboring town. But as soon as discomfort materialized in my head, I headed off the trail to the nearest kingdom called Caemage. Children ran across the fallen virescent foliage as I admired the kingdom, and made my way across a cobblestone pathway to a soup kitchen in the corner. I dug out a few coins as I was dished some soup, but all of a sudden, a beast made it’s way down the pathway, showing no mercy to those who was in its path. I swiftly drew my sword which was hidden in the back of my dress, and I charged at him. The fight lasted awhile, but I was able to finally roll under his incoming hook and lacerate the back of his legs. The monster had been slayed. There was a sudden outburst of relief and cheering, but I couldn’t stay for all of that. I looked up to sky, the detour lasted a lot longer than I anticipated. I grabbed my soup and made sure some of the injured were okay before rushing off into the night.
The minute I arrived I knocked softly on the door, praying that he wasn't asleep, that I still had a chance. A shiver ran up my spine as the wind howled through the trees. There was silence, I arrived to late. I slowly turned around and started to trudge in the direction which home was when the door swung open.
“Leaving so soon?” The sorcerer asked.
I turned around in my tattered dress, “No sir, but I’m sorry to have arrived so late,” I replied politely.
“It’s quiet alright,” he stated, “Come in,” He gestured as I took a step into his home.
He sat me down near the fire and took a seat across from me, “Name and title?” He asked.
“Skylar, Demigod,”
He nodded, intrigued, “Demigod? That’s not one I’ve heard in awhile,”
“We tend to stay hidden these days,” Skylar assured him.
“Go on,” he said, gesturing for more, “What was your childhood like?”
“I was born from a sacred jewel that was crafted by the gods and blessed by a goddess,” I started before adding, “She was a mother figure to me .” I then continued on, “That jewel and several others were destined to protect my kingdom from a fatal disaster, and once I was born, it became my destiny. I spent my life training alongside a few others who were born the same way and shared the same destiny. I know how to use an array of weapons such as the bow and the sword, and I have mastered multiple fighting styles. Once our destiny was fulfilled, we went our separate ways to continue what we were born to do, to protect people,”
“Ah,” he said, nodding slowly, “I see. Now do you mind telling me a bit about your powers?” He asked.
I nodded, “Yes sir,” I replied, “My abilities and senses are more enhanced than an average villager, however I’m much stronger in the night than in the day. I also adapt much quicker to different environments, and I have the ability to inflict plague and relive people of it,”
“Alright, one last question,” he smiled, “Why do you want to take my place?” he asked sternly.
“Like I said, I was born to protect people. My kingdom is now safe, and my destiny is fulfilled. However, I want to continue to help people, and magic? Magic can save many lives. I was born a warrior, and I want to make sure that there’s the least amount of casualties possible. This could help a lot of people,”
The sorcerer listened to my answer. “Hm,” he stated with a smile, “Well, Lady Skylar, good luck,”

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