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Postby Astaria » 22 Sep 2018, 10:30

.。*゚+.*.。Wєlcσmє tσ Lumínєscєncє。.*.+*゚。.

My name is Astaria, I am the president of Luminescence, which was just created on September 20, 2018. I am currently seeking for new members to join the club! Since this team is brand new, I'm looking for ladies who can work as a team in building up our club to be the best possible! We will be combining & sharing ideas to decide upon as a group. Not only would we be a team, but we would be sisters in battle.

Luminescence is currently at Level 90
The first ten sisters to join the club will automatically get a first free week without any payment to the club, as well as 75% off dollars payment and 60% off emeralds payment for 1 week a month. Meaning 1 week every month, sister only pays $1750 & 2 emeralds (unless you just want to for the club's benefit)!

Being a new club, rules will probably adjust in the future. For now, rules are set as followed:
  • Sister must be at least Level 10
  • Battling another sister is fully prohibited
  • A weekly donation: $7000, as well as 5 emeralds
  • Sister shall be respectful & kind to all other sisters♥
  • Sisters ought to vote for each other to promote popularity
  • If sister is going absent for more than a week, notify president
♟If sister is caught battling another sister(s) 3 times, she will be exiled with no return
♦If sister cannot pay emeralds for the week, each emerald must be replaced with $3000
Example: Sister paid $7000 & 3 emeralds, but paid an extra $6000, totaling $13000 & 3 emeralds
♦If sister cannot pay dollars for the week, each $1000 must be replaced with 1 emerald
Example: Sister paid $5000 & 5 emeralds, but paid an extra 2 emeralds, totaling $5000 & 7 emeralds
♦Sister can used diamonds for partial for full replacement of emeralds
Example: Sister paid $7000, 3 emeralds, & 2 diamonds for the week
♦If a sister misses the payment for a week, she can make up the missed payment in the following week by paying double the dollars & double the emeralds (or $3000 per emerald + $1000 per emerald) what she missed, along with that weeks payment.
Example: Sister paid $5000 & 2 emeralds first week, missing $2000 & 3 emeralds. Second week sister paid $4000 & 6 emeralds (or $9000+$3000=$12000), along with $7000 & 5 emeralds, totaling $11000 & 11 emeralds (or $23000 & 5 emeralds (from second week))
♦If sister does not make up the missed payment in the next two following weeks, she will be exiled.
This means sisters have two weeks to make up the first week. On the third week, if sister has not paid off the first week's payment, she will be exiled with no return!
♥If sister is having issues with another sister, the problem must be solved or brought to the president for mediation. If sister is or continues spamming, being inappropriate, or harassing another sister, she will be exiled with no return.
★If a sister does not tell president that she will be absent for more than a week, sister will be exiled on the 8th day of no communication. Sister may be accepted back into sisterhood with a payment of $10000 & 10 emeralds.

The rules will most likely be adjusted! This will depend on YOU! By you joining the club, you have a say in how our sisterhood functions. But this cannot happen without YOUR willingness to join! If you would like to make a difference in your club & have sisters that support you, then you've found the perfect match!

ImageIf you are interested in joining Luminescence, please contact me! My name is Astaria!
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