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Postby Loranna » 27 Aug 2018, 00:00

As growing up in the same house you get more attached as to those grandparent that you see on holidays, so this is a tribute to my grandparent who both passed away within a year, both 2 weeks after their birthday (will be soon 2 and 3 years). :(

They were both born between the wars so growing up at that time wasnt easy, specially in grandpas case as being send to it as 18-year farm boy, even more.
When i think about them what comes first to my mind?
Grandpas white hair. Since I remember he had snow white hair and my mom also says thats how she remembers him. He always had something for us kinds - either chocolate or fruits. Not to forget the powder drink he always had on stock. And since at that times only 1 flavour was available and he got used to buy that it was always the same - orange. Up to this day my brother cant drink that flavour anymore. He was always been very active and would walk anywhere. He would go daily into city just to get a walk. And even in his 80s he would go up the mountain close here. While some people always wear jeans he would always wear a suit (not the fancy one) and a plain white shirt. And when leaving the house a hat on his head. :D
Grandma used to wear perm for long time. She also colored her hair in dark blond/light brown to make it look natural. She was a great cook and baker. She was the more strickt one while grandpa used to joke more. One of her hobbies was crocheting, which I regret never learned from her (I know how to now - more or less - but still wish I had learned it from her...same goes for using sawing machine which I still dont know how.).
Together they raised 5 kids, had 12 grandkids and 16 grand-grand kids (to which I contributed 0 :unsure: ).

So this are my grandpa Ivan and grandma Marija as they stayed in my memory. :wub:

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Re: New Weekly: Senior Citizens

Postby Red Queen » 28 Aug 2018, 15:51

The Senior Citizen Awards goes to the following:

OpheliaOz ID: 1631308
Ceny Mensen ID: 1709106
WandereDee ID: 1145897
Gaia ID: 1663132

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