Game rules regarding diamonds are UNFAIR...

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Re: Game rules regarding diamonds are UNFAIR...

Postby laudare » 11 Aug 2018, 01:31

I agree with you guys, also the surveys that can get you free diamonds do not work and/or are too complicated to understand, honestly it is just not clear if filling a survey ever worked or not! I don't mind doing surveys, watching ads, installing and playing games on my phone etc. But if it is not understandable and the companies are dodgy then I simply can't do it. I don't even think lady popular would lose money, since they get money from the companies that put their ads on LP. Also, i am sure none of us wants 10 diamonds for 1 ad. Instead even 1 diamond for 10 30sec ads would make us happy. Maybe even put a limited amout of redeems possible per day on it, like only 5 diamonds. It would help a lot with being able to get the special items during events and keep us from getting sad!
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Re: Game rules regarding diamonds are UNFAIR...

Postby Gaia » 12 Aug 2018, 02:21

Yeah, plus sometimes when I’ve been doing a survey for some good mins but then I don’t even qualify for that survey.. A few surveys did work for me, but I only do ones that are mostly quizzes and you only get about 1 diamond for those.

I stopped doing surveys and free offers cause they just don’t work for me. I think all the years I played lp, only about 5 diamonds earned from doing offers.
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Re: Game rules regarding diamonds are UNFAIR...

Postby Guinastasia » 23 Aug 2018, 23:59

Most games I play allow you to watch an ad here and there to get extra currency. The only thing you can do that for here is emeralds. I don't see why they couldn't offer that for us. :(
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Re: Game rules regarding diamonds are UNFAIR...

Postby Loranna » 24 Aug 2018, 12:17

I do understand that as free player is harder but things started to get better once they intruduced the wheel. And with recent change of rewards its even easier. Dont tell me you cant save anything if you can get 5, 10 or even 20 diamonds? Even with 3 and 5 was possible. I was able to save 100 for my party just with the wheel and so you can do as well if you just dont spend them on shops and events. True, acidents can set you bit back here and there but you still can do it. Just chase that goal you have.

I totally agree with podium chances. When i was trying 3 years ago without talent which was at that time exclusive item as there were no free diamonds, I couldnt pass that 4th place. When I tough next week I will get that 3rd place someone new came out of nowhere with talent passing me again. Now with wheel again you can save enough to buy talent that will last you long enough. Watch the rankings and do some calculations when is most optimal to start running and buy talent than instead of buying it for weeks where you basical just wasted your diamonds and couldnt even come close. And dont forget - just talent wont be enough, its a lot of work, money and amazing support team behind you.

Now here I will totally agree on earning diamonds from surveys and co. This things are geo target and living in an adds black hole will be impossible to even get an add or they will be rare as black diamonds. Some countries like Us and UK are sure more lucky in this regard. There is nothing you can do about this except moving country. :P

And once again, I dont get the emerald adds complains. One video will take you max 30 seconds. And after youre done you will have 30 FREE ems. Now just think how many ps you would need to make for this. Not only that you spend equiment on it, also more time. And its not even garanted you will get ems from it. We dont get those daily so be just happy getting them for free.

One more thing - dont forget that with selling diamonds to those that can afford or chose to play this way they make money. Its also because of those paying players that the game is still free for us.
Oh yes, believe me its sometimes frustrating to see that best item in shop is for diamonds or its impossible to get that great item in event for free but if youre patient enough maybe that same event/shop will be back in 2 years and you can finish it for free or less diamonds you would need first time. ;)

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Re: Game rules regarding diamonds are UNFAIR...

Postby Kitty » 15 Sep 2018, 18:45

Yes! This is ridiculous! I understand that buying diamonds makes money for the game, but I think it is very unfair to all of us ladies who can't for whatever reason buy diamonds. Also, for extended search, you should have an option for ems. Maybe more ems, but please include an emerald option. Another thing: We should be able to convert ems into diamonds. Diamonds into dollars is dumb- no offense.
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