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Postby Katwomann » 20 Nov 2017, 06:47

It had taken Captain Katwomann several months of calling in favors, taking on additional assignments, and 67 light years of travel, but she was happy. Her ship, a galactic carrier built in the shape of a huge sphere, was the second fastest ship in the OAA (Orion Arm Alliance) and had just arrived in the Suids solar system. Her crew, known to stay in high spirits through thick and thin, from dangerous to tedious, from perilous to mundane, were even more jovial than normal.

The OAA LadyBug, affectionately know as the Fat LadyBug. had completed planetary orbit around Genus Sus, the forth planet in the Suids system, and for the next month the crew would be rotating in and out on two week shore leaves. Genus Sus was beautiful medium size planet and the home world of a species called Susptera (pig with wings). It is one of most popular tourist destinations in the 873 planet collection known as the OAA, hence the difficulty in getting orders for shore leave. For Kat however, this was more than just a vacation for a well deserved crew, it was a chance to see her friend, her best friend, one she considered a hero many times over.

Hametta and Kat had met on their first day at the academy and rapidly became friends.Although many would consider them polar opposites, they remained the best of friends throughout four years of the academy and two years of probationary space trials. It would be eight years later before they would meet again. Kat had been assigned her first command on the OAA Husky.She had known the ship lacked a science officer, but was quite surprised when Hemetta showed up at the space shuttle port, not merely because of their friendship, but because Hametta had become one of the leading Physicist of the entire alliance.

At a 1300 meters long and 188 meters in diameter, the Husky was considered a frigate class, the smallest class of interstellar ships. It would be on this bridge, three and and half years later, that Hametta would look Kat in eye and simply state "we can do this". Of course at the time, that translated into blatantly defying command orders. The bridge crew, not used to hearing the habitually soft spoken science officer speak at volume, all turned their attention to the on going conversation and watched as Kat looked her in the eye, slowly gazed around the bridge while reading the looks on all, then turning to her navigator and quoting an old Earth idiom " Full speed ahead and dam the torpedoes".

That had been just over fourteen years ago and under extraordinary circumstances. This day was one of celebration, Today was the known as the Suspetamga locally and the Day when pigs fly throughout the Orion Arm, It is a tradition that signifies the passage into adulthood to the Suspetra people and today was Suspetamga of Hametta's oldest daughter Baconai. Her flight from the cliffs of Hadar had been a huge success and the day was capped off with festival and fantastic recipes sure to excite any palate.

As the long but joyous day faded off into sunset the casual talk turned to long ago memories. Kat smiled almost uncontrollably upon hearing Ham's description of a locally grown plum like tree known as a Sausage tree. Hametta offered one of the juicy sausages and said " I didn't forget you either". They briefly hugged and promised to not wait so long between visits. It was a good day. It was easy to see that regardless race, gender, or species, it is love that spurs us all to greatness.

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Re: Forum Event: Write a Short Story

Postby Ashika » 20 Nov 2017, 16:09

Mr. Arrogant
In a little village, there was a man named Tim and also known as a Mr.Arrogant . He was very selfish & never listened to anyone. And he always used to believed he never ever wants anyone's help. Not only that he always used to say i don't believe in love and love doesn't even exists. Because of his behaviour & attitudes no villagers wanted to build any kinds of relationship with Tim.And villagers always believed Tim will become a good guy when pigs learn to fly. Hence he lived a lonely life.Actually not a really lonely life. He lived with his pet, a fat lady bug.

Infront of Tim's house there was a huge hole.Lot of villagers told him to fill it with soil. But as always he didn't listen to them and ignored their advices.So one dark night electricity of the village went at that time one man who named David didn't see that hole and fell in.he yelled and yelled to ask help. Unfortunately no one herd it other than that useless Tim. Cause Tim's house situated in the corner of the village. Cause he didn't wanted to live with villagers.Tim had a habit to go for a walk with his pet at night. So as usual Tim came out of his house to go for a walk and saw that helpless David. David asked Tim to pull him up and Tim said "man why did you fall in. I didn't tell you to fall here. You fell in by yourself so come up by yourself too." Cold hearted Tim ignored David and went for a walk and came back. Night passed and sun came up. Villagers who goes for their jobs early morning saw David and helped him to come up. Just like that, villagers' time passed with Tim.

After two months a huge rain started to fall down to that village. Villagers were advised to go to the camp side by climate scientists before a serious flood begins . Villagers were terrified and went to that safe place a speed of a space shuttle. so aren't you curious about that Tim ? That Tim didn't listen and stayed at his home. After few hours he wanted to go for a walk with his pet and without thinking twice he went out.that hole which David fell at night was filled with water that day and it had become barely visible .So idiot Tim didn't see it and fell in to it. He yelled as much he can for asking help. But no one heard him cause no one was there. But do you remember that David guy ?but luckily He came back to village from safety camp because he forgot to take his pet dog's medicines. suddenly David heard Tim's voice .and went there. Then he saw Tim was struggling to survive and without thinking twice he helped Tim to come that moment Tim's one and only friend that he had , (fat lady bug ) wasn't there. Cause that pet also abandoned him and flew away.

Then Tim realised everything and felt ashamed of himself and asked forgiveness from David.Tim asked " Dave why did you help me. When you asked from my help I didn't help you? . So then David explained " I helped you because i have a heart and when you helped someone you can feel the real happiness. So start from today try to become a good guy who everyone respects ." After that both of them went to the safety camp where all villagers stayed at , and infront of all villagers Tim promised to become a good guy . Villagers forgave him and they shared juicy sausages which made according to a new recipe. Just like that Tim learned a good lesson and villagers and Tim lived happily. :wub:
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Re: Forum Event: Write a Short Story

Postby RajMatangi » 20 Nov 2017, 20:29

Lady Name: RajMatangi
'My True Love'
key words: Fat ladybug; juicy sausage; when pigs learn to fly; space shuttle; recipes; love; "yes"; purple glow.
I had always dreamt of making it big in the fashion world, had to struggle hard, sleep on pavement with an empty stomach before I finally got my first show. Now that I am a big name in the fashion industry in India, I thought that my happy days have come and hardships over. Thus filled with content, I shifted to my new apartment thinking that the only thing missing in my life now was love. It was a cold evening. I went in the bathroom to have a hot shower, got dressed in my comfortable, lovely nightgown and decided to cook my favourite recipe, Idli for dinner. Dipped the hot Idlis in juicy sausage of coconut and ate them fresh while dreaming about the love of my life, a handsome prince charming. I was about to retire to my bed when I heard this loud thud in my garden. Thus shaken out of my dreams quickly wrapped myself in a shawl and ran out to see what it was. That's when I saw this strange little toy of a space shuttle. I couldn't convince myself that this could have been a source for the loud sound but this was the only object in my garden that was alien. I decided that it was the source of the sound. I quickly lost interest in it as it seemed some kid might have thrown it in here and it seemed unimportant enough to draw my attention which was now arrested by a ladybug sitting on the beautiful red rose in my garden. In my hometown they said you could ask it to fulfil a wish and the ladybug fulfils it, so I held this ladybug on my palm and asked it to bring my love in my life. As I made my wish it flew away. I finally retired to my bed. That was when my friend Jay called me telling me that I shouldn't have bought this apartment, on questioning she said she was just worried that it was in a lonely vicinity. To me she seemed worried for no reason at all. Besides it was the same when she worries for me or when pigs learn to fly. She was not the kind to worry you see! I thought she was crazy. So I told her I was okay and discarding her off my thoughts I went off to sleep. I cosily slipped in my sleep and soon saw my favourite actor cum singer, the handsome Andrew Ashutosh White sleeping besides me. I was obviously dreaming in my sleep as I knew this favourite actor of mine had mysteriously died last year. Oh but I loved to see him by my side even if it was just a dream. Then he kissed me lightly on my cheeks, my eyes and my forehead. I felt the warmth of his arms around my body. I found my love I knew it, the fat ladybug had granted my wish (even if through a dream). I soon realized that the warmth of his love had shaken off the laziness in me and I wasn't sleeping. I was wide awake! And he was still there, holding me and kissing me. I suddenly shrieked in fear only to realize that I was hallucinating, because he vanished. Early morning I called Jay and told her everything that passed in the night. It was then that she told me, she did not want to frighten me and so had not related the real reason of her worry for me. She said that I was unaware of the fact that Andrew had bought this apartment and had been murdered in it. She also told me that there had been reports of two more people buying this apartment after the Andrew incident and both died of a heart attack. She told me to leave the house before it was too late as she was afraid that it was haunted. I told her I didn't believe such things and put the receiver down, though in reality I was shaking with fear. Then I saw him, yes, he was sitting right in front of me smiling. I would have fainted with fright but he (or his ghost) held me and the warmth of his arms was somehow comforting and not scary. I decide for myself that he was alive as he held the warmth of love and not the chill of fear. Before I could ask anything he was telling me that people don't give him a chance. Those who died of a heart attack died of their fear of him. But he wouldn't harm anyone. He wanted justice he said. Someone was needed to help expose the truth related to his death he said. "So you are not alive" I asked. "No" he said. "Ghosts are a real entity, and they hold things, they have a touch and warmth about them too given that they are really strong source of energy. There are some thin Ghosts too, as thin as air and people could pass through them. But its only about the concentration and strength of their energies that makes all the difference." Then he told me that his wife had murdered him for his money and property. He wanted her to be exposed, and also told me that he, though only a Ghost had fallen for me. He said in life he couldn't find true love and only love could bring peace to his soul. So he asked me if I would be his beloved. I knew something nice and real was happening in my world so I said "yes". Thus glowing with his love I knew I was the sole survivor of this haunted house. I did not see dark fear in it's atmosphere but saw purple glow of love in it.
By RajMatangi
(Kusum Vashisth)

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Re: Forum Event: Write a Short Story

Postby Clueless1 » 21 Nov 2017, 12:51

Fat ladybug; juicy sausage; when pigs learn to fly; space shuttle; recipes/s; love;
Word count: 676

Once upon a time there was a young lady named Tina. Tina was 20 years old and lived in LP Universe, Forumsette. While walking home from work one day, a red fat ladybug jumped out from behind a space shuttle and tackled Tina to the ground. But just when she was about to let out a scream for help, Tina realized that the fat red ladybug was only licking her face, not trying to bite it off. At that moment, she decided to keep the ladybug as a pet. On the way home she decided to name her new pet ''Red Queen.''
When Tina and her new pet finally got home, guess who was standing on the front porch? That's right; it was her mother, Claudia. And boy was she surprised to see a fat ladybug following Tina into the yard!
''What in the world is that?'' shouted Claudia. ''Well… it's a ladybug,'' answered Tina. ''Dah, I can see that, Tina, but what on earth is it doing here?'' asked Claudia. ''It's my new pet!'' answered Tina. ''Oh you think so do you?'' remarked Claudia. ''I wouldn't get your hopes up. You know how your father hates ladybugs. Especially red fat ones. But, well, I suppose you can keep her until your father comes home.''
And with that Tina grabbed Red Queen by the scruff of her little neck and led her new pet into the house--even though she knew her father was probably going to disapprove. Once in the house, Tina and Red Queen played Lady Popular and other online games. That is until Tina's favorite television show, ''When pig's learn to fly,'' started. At that point Tiny Tina forgot all about Red Queen having an unsupervised run of the house.
Half way through ''When pig's learn to fly,'' Tiny was brought back to reality when she heard her father shout, ''Hell!! Tiny! Get your hiney in the man cave...NOW!!'' With that Tina rushed into the man cave to see what all the fuss was about. When she entered the man cave, there stood her father, Hunky, pointing toward a plate with a juice sausage. ''Will someone please explain that?'' asked her father. Then, as she followed her father's finger to where it was pointing, she instantly knew what he was so upset about. There, smack dab in the middle of the plate, was the biggest pile of ladybug doo-doo she had ever seen! ''I don't EVEN want to know how that got there,'' said Hunky. ''But you had better get it cleaned up now! And you had better get rid of whatever it is that could have done such a thing!''
Well, knowing her father as well as she did, Tina knew there was no sense even asking him if she could keep Red Queen for a pet. So without hesitation, Tina set out to find where Red Queen was hiding. After a few minutes of looking, Tina discovered Red Queen crouched beneath the table that Tiny love to keep her recipe’s on. ''Come on, Red Queen, it's time to find you a new home. And hey, don't look at me that way, I'm not the one who did the dirty deed on the plate!'' scolded Tiny. ''Thanks to you I'll never get to have my own pet fat ladybug!!”
And with that Tiny Tina led Red Queen out of the house and down to the local Bowl of Recipes. They had a pet section and Tiny knew the owner would find Red Queen a good home. So after saying good-bye to Red Queen, and thanking the owner of Bowl of Recipes, Tina walked backed home and attempted to drown her sorrows by slamming down a half dozen cups of coffee. But Tina's pity party came to an abrupt end when her father reminded her about the mess she had neglected to clean up.
And low and behold, midway through the clean-up, Tina suddenly became thankful that someone else was going to have to do it from now on.
The End.
Clueless1 - Valkyries

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Re: Forum Event: Write a Short Story

Postby LillithGrente » 21 Nov 2017, 15:45

Once upon a time, a very long time ago, there lived the seven royal sisters of Elandra. Their names long forgotten, and their stories a mere legend. Though in many places, their stories are still told to this day. Back in these days of legend, the princesses made up many fun games, and stories, such as one about a FAT LADYBUG. They were great friends to each other, and all were very pretty, but the youngest of all was the most beautiful. Her elder sisters grew jealous of her good looks, and soon became very greedy, selfish women. They only cared about themselves now, and soon the townspeople grew tired of them, and when they learnt that the eldest, a greedy woman with hair that was deep brown and skin that was so covered in make-up that it barely looked human, was to be crowned queen, they grew very angry, wishing for her never to be crowned knowing it was a RECIPE for disaster. They knew of the youngest, a kind and gentle girl with strawberry blond hair, and fair skin, rumored to be the most fair and not have an ounce of greed or evil, and wished her to be queen. When the six older sisters heard of this, they became so angry at their sister that they announced to the people that it was tradition for the eldest to be crowned, and that their sister would never be queen. They joked that her being crowned queen was as impossible as PIGS LEARNING TO FLY and SPACE SHUTTLES raining down on the earth. but, there was another way for her to become queen instead of her sisters. She would need to get married. So, late at night, the youngest princess snuck out of the castle and put up a royal announcement at town square. The announcement said that there was to be an arranged marriage, and all worthy men were to arrive at the castle gate in 3 days time. They obeyed, and in three days there were hundreds of men waiting outisde the gate. But none were eligible. The townspeople and their princess grew worried, knowing that the eldest sister's corronation was growing near. But, one day, a young, handsome, simple farm hand found the announcement. He came to the castle, and asked to see the princess. now, when the princess met him she knew at once that they were to be married, for it was LOVE at first sight. They were married first thing in the morning. But, then she learned of his profession, and instantly she felt faint; for if she were to be crowned, she must be married to a prince! She still loved him, and went to her new house. she actually found its quantness quite cute. but then, her husband turned at looked at her, smiled, and in an instant the house grew to the size of a castle, and his tattered clothing turned into that of a prince. The prince had been hiding as a farms hand, but now they could live peacefully as king and queen of Elandra. The whole kingdom celebrated their corronation with a feast of JUICY SAUSAGE and bowls of fruits. And they all lived happily ever after.

The End~

An original short story by Lillith Grente
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Re: Forum Event: Write a Short Story

Postby Tiny Tina » 21 Nov 2017, 16:44

LillithGrente wrote:
was i supposed to use every single one of those words and sayings?

Yes, throw them in there somewhere! :evil:

Look him in the eye, nod politely and
kill the living hell out of him!

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Re: Forum Event: Write a Short Story

Postby Guusje123 » 21 Nov 2017, 19:21

Please don’t mind my English!!

Once upon a time…

Jiska leaned out the window and stared at the bright stars far above her. She sighed. It was time to sleep. She had a busy day ahead and she was exhausted.
She had spent the whole day playing with her little brother Matthew. He was five years old and full of energy. He dragged her along with all kind of games: swimming, football, flying kites, playing with blocks made of wood,…
Though he was very cute, he could make everyone tired.

Jiska was about to go to bed, when a little teeny animal flew into her room through the open window. She frowned her eyebrows. It was a fat ladybug.
‘Hello there!’
Jiska screamed and jumped back.
‘Don’t be scared,’ The fat ladybug said with a beeping voice. ‘You have to come with me!’
‘Why? Where?’ Jiska yelled. This had to be a dream. She pinched her cheek. ‘Ahh, that hurts!’ She smirked.
The ladybug answered: ‘To help us! Come with me to the space shuttle! Please!’
‘Us? Who is us?’ Jiska asked.
‘That doesn’t matter now. The only thing that matters is you helping us!’ The ladybug flew in circles across Jiska’s bedroom.
Jiska sighed. ‘Well, okay than. It can’t get more odd. Where is this… space shuttle?’
The ladybug buzzed happily. Jiska swore she could see a little smile.
‘Follow me!’

The space shuttle was hidden behind an enormous oak tree. Her branches were far-reaching and her crest was high in the sky.
Jiska walked near the space shuttle. There was a little door at the right side. She opened it and stepped into a small room. Everywhere she looked, there were little lights blinking.
‘Welcome aboard.’ She heard the voice of the ladybug. Jiska turned around and said: ‘This is amazing! But… what are we going to do?’
‘We are going to save earth!’
Jiska started having doubts about that. The fat ladybug explained: ‘Earth is threatened by an evil sorcerer. His name is unknown but he has great powers. He wants to destroy the planet. Tonight.’ She looked around. ‘Pew! So much talking causes a dry mouth. You didn’t bring a juicy sausage, accidentally?’
Jiska chuckled. ‘Of course not.’
The ladybug sighed deeply. ‘Well, then I’ll just have to wait till we have saved the planet. Let’s go!’ She pushed a green button and with high speed, the space shuttle flew up.

After a couple of minutes, the space shuttle stopped and kept hovering in space. Jiska stared out of the small window. ‘Wow…’ The view was beautiful.
‘Come on! Come on! We have to hurry!’ The fat ladybug yelled and drove Jiska out, dressed in a spacesuit.
‘You’re not going anywhere.’ A dark voice sounded. Jiska startled and looked around. There was a man hovering in a black spacesuit. He held a laser sword and an iron shield.
Jiska was scared and didn’t know what to do. She saw nobody else and it reminded her of something her mother once said before she died.
‘When you are alone, the only thing you need is love. It is the recipe for an antidote. For vengeance.’
‘Well, what are you going to do, dearie?’ The man whispered.
Jiska placed her hands on her hips.
‘I am going to find you a woman to love.’
The man laughed till he cracked. ‘Haha! I can’t love, dearie! I have never known love! And you think you can beat me?! Haha!’
Jiska spouted her lips. ‘If you want to kill me, go ahead. I don’t mind. I only want you to know that there is someone out there waiting for you. Waiting for you to love her. And if you find her, your life is going to be… well, lovely. And I don’t know who broke your heart, but I’m sure she can repair it. If it is a her. It could also be a him.’ She said. ‘I have hope. I have faith you’ll find your happy ending. What do you say? Shall we go?’
The black man was flabbergasted. He blinked his eyes and frowned his eyebrows.
‘I will find love when pigs learn to fly.’ He muttered.
‘They already have.’ Jiska laughed. ‘They call themselves Angry Birds.’
The man raised his left eyebrow.
‘Alright. I’ll come with you. But if this is a trap… I will kill everyone you love. You as last.’
‘Deal.’ Jiska agreed.

And that was the day Jiska saved planet Earth. Nobody knew except the fat ladybug and the man in the black spacesuit. His name turned out to be Elias. He found love.
And they all lived happily ever after.

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Re: Forum Event: Write a Short Story

Postby LillithGrente » 22 Nov 2017, 16:05

Thanks, Tiny Tina! :lol:
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Re: Forum Event: Write a Short Story

Postby jupep7 » 24 Nov 2017, 06:13

The Weeping Angel
by Lady Aeliane

I was running. I was running as fast as I could. I wanted to laugh like it all was game, but reality had taken over. I was no angel. I often broke laws and I had done many dangerous things. The only thing I ever wanted was having fun. It was not my fault if people in this town did not dare taking risks.

This reminded me the time when Tyler had decided we should ride his dad’s boat in the middle of the night. It was fun… the first hour. Then, I wanted something a little more extreme so I jumped out of the boat down into the water. Okay, it was not a small boat, but it was only water, wasn’t it? Tyler immediately jumped to meet me in the water, but our friend John disapproved. He hated breaking rules, even if it was for fun. I think he was scared to get caught. However, he always ended up doing it anyway.

Wasn’t it funny how I could think of that night when a crazy psycho was running after me with a meat knife? I wanted to laugh even more, but I knew I should not. It was part of the game, right?

I felt like a fat ladybug running like this. I should not have eaten that much juicy sausage for dinner. That crazy pompom girl was a girl from my history class. Her name was Eliza Bradbury and she had the biggest crush on my boyfriend. At first, we kept our relationship as a secret because we did not want our best friend John to feel like the third wheel. When we finally told him, it was like the Apocalypse. We had not heard from him for three days back then. Now, everything is fine. Except for Eliza who had learned about us from her friend Trycia half an hour ago. I knew it because she knocked on my door with the beautiful knife she was holding at this very moment.

-What are you gonna do with this knife? Slice me in pieces as a new recipe for your mother’s cooking blog? Call it, New Age Eliza’s steak?

She did not answer.

-Or what? Cook some meat pâté?

She grunted and ran faster. Why not add a little spice to this game? I turned into Lake View Cemetery.

-I’ll delete you, she screamed, but she sounded like a beast.

-Oh yeah? When pigs learn to fly, girl.

Did she really think she could erase me? Tyler and I had been together for months now. I was one of the most popular and beautiful girls of our school. He would not change his mind. Especially for someone as mad as Eliza.

-I’ll heal him from you, she says. He’ll see that you manipulate him into having feelings for you. I can save him.

What was she talking about? That was crazy.

-Call me when the space shuttle lands, I answered.

Running through the tombstones, I did not look at my feet and I stumbled on a root. I turned on my back ready to get back on my feet, but a big black silhouette fell on my body. I wanted to open my eyes, but I could not. I thought I was scared, but then I realized that I truly was. I was scared. I had never been before. What could a crazy girl in love with a boy she cannot have do? Eliza was way heavier than I believed.

Suddenly, I fell something sinking deep into my right hip. The meat knife. She moved and turned it in order to cut what was inside my body. One centimeter for having stolen the boy she loved. Another one for getting my friends in dangerous situations. One last centimeter for breaking laws.

The silhouette had been gone for a few minutes now. I could finally open my eyes. I tried to scream. I tried to talk. No sound came out of my mouth. Only a hot liquid that tasted like metal. Moving was too hard. It would have taken me extreme strength. I was only human after all. I looked around me. My eyes stopped on an angel statue next to me. He seemed to stare right into my eyes. On the stone was written “Haserot.”

“Don’t close your eyes. Stay strong. Somebody will find you soon, I thought to myself. It should not take too long.”

I looked at the angel once again. He seemed to weep for me.

The game was over.

Don’t close your eyes. One blink would feel good.

Only one…

Story by Lady Aeliane

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Re: Forum Event: Write a Short Story

Postby Aelise » 25 Nov 2017, 18:49

Lady AeIise

Where It All Begins

A chef; an astronaut; an entomologist.


The sweet, minty smell of basil mingled in the air, floating to the top of the stairs and into the open door on the right, where Jess' room was located. The little girl inhaled deeply and looked longingly towards the door as visions of food invaded her mind, making her stomach grumble. She looked down at her unfinished homework, and hurriedly completed her given assignments. Once she was done, she ran out of her room not caring about the mess she left on the floor. Skipping down the stairs excitedly, she made her way to the dining area and grinned childishly when she saw the table full of her favorite dishes.

Her parents beamed at her and motioned for her to sit down. On her right was a platter full of chicken and assorted vegetables. To her left, there was a bowl with pieces of sausage swimming in creamy looking soup. At her front sat a long, oval plate with strips of golden brown fish that had slices of bright red tomatoes on the side. Everything looked positively appetizing, so she ate a little of everything. It tasted just as good as it looked, if not, even more so. The chicken was fried to perfection, and the vegetables crisp and fresh. The soup was hearty and the juicy sausage complemented it nicely. The fish was mildly seasoned, and the tomatoes balanced its flavors wonderfully.

She finished her meal and excused herself from the table. Just as she was about to climb the stairs, she spotted a book lying on a table nearby. She picked it up and went on her way. She entered her room and closed the door behind her, placing herself on the bed before she flipped through its pages. It was a book compiled of recipes. The more she read, the more her interest grew. So she read and read and read, until the night grew darker and her parents entered her room to tell her it was time to sleep. When they said their I love yous and left the room, she laid the book on her desk, and climbed into bed, smiling contentedly.


Rain poured heavily on the street where they were playing soccer. The children ran on the slippery terrain, their feet muddy. Nico's ragged clothes were soaked, and the unpleasant weather almost distracted him from the game, but he persevered. Several goals later, when the torrent of rain had slowed, the other team was declared the winner. Nico went home feeling disheartened, teeth chattering and skin smeared with dirt. As he approached the broken down apartment that he shared with other people, he heard men hollering and shouting. They were probably watching another soccer match.

Nico stepped through the entrance—there was no door. His thoughts were confirmed. He sat himself in a corner on the wall behind everybody else, and watched quietly. The small television screen was of poor quality, but it wasn't so bad that they couldn't see what was going on. Nico focused his attention on the tv. Everything was a blur. Swift limbs coupled with excellent strategy ended the match quickly. The young boy wished he could be like them, but the words of another child echoed in his mind.

"When will I be good at soccer?" Nico asked another boy of his own age.

"When pigs learn to fly." The boy said, rashly.

Nico snapped out of his thoughts. The tv then switched to another program. This time, there was a reporter raving on about something Nico was too young to understand. The scene shifted to a giant vessel of white metal with three cylinder tubes at the bottom. They called it a space shuttle. Nico watched in awe as white-hot fire erupted from the engines, the space shuttle launching into the sky. The reporter cheered along with the crowd, and the program ended shortly after. That evening, as Nico went to sleep, he searched the stars like he did every night, but none shone as brightly as the sparkle in his eyes.


Mina walked delicately on the grass in her white ballet flats. She wandered away from the small gathering that flocked underneath the shade of several palm trees. She wasn't interested in the conversations they held, about business and stock markets and investments, whatever that meant. Her father was at the center of the crowd, conversing with several people at a time about his next project. She strolled along a row of trees, and a red dot hovering above a field of flowers caught her eye.

She discreetly ambled towards the little creature and was careful not to scare it, then bent down and inspected it closely. She recognized it to be a ladybug. It rested on a tulip, it's little wings flapping softly in the breeze. The little bug had two matching black antennae, protruding from its tiny head. Black spots dotted it's bright red exterior, and its short legs slowly creeped along the edges of the petals. For every inch the ladybug moved farther away from her, Mina followed. The small insect had captured her attention, and she was in no hurry to return to the group.

Mina was still staring at the ladybug when she heard her father call out. She stood up and lightly patted her dress. She was about to turn back when she got an idea. She gently plucked her new friend from the stem on where it was crawling, and placed the fat ladybug inside the pocket of her dress. Mina turned back to the group with dozens of possibilities running through her mind, and made her way back.


Note: The story above revolves around 3 different children just starting to discover their, shall we say, talents. They are not connected to each other in any way. I apologize if this story upset anyone in any way, it was not my intention to do so. Word count of the entire story is 956, 1025 including this note, which I hope won't be an issue. Thanks for reading this!

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