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Re: Club sites contest

PostPosted: 30 Mar 2015, 00:51
by thispurplethingie
Hello, everybody! :D

I'm thispurplethingie and I'm a member of the newly created club, Purple Reigns, and this is our site. It's constantly updated, since the club begun, so make sure to visit us regularly, so you can see the progress we make on it, every day.

Our club was born 3-26-2015 and it was created by PurpleBondGirl, our President. Our club is all about teamwork. It belongs to all of us and will be run by ALL of its members as a TEAM not just a club with leaders.

We're an evergrowing group, so if anyone is interested, we're recruiting strong and active players, in case anyone wants to apply. ^_^

Re: Club sites contest

PostPosted: 03 Apr 2015, 09:35
by ClaudiaM25
Contest is closed!
All clubs have great websites and we encourage you to continue with those!
But for this contest we had to pick a limited number of

1st prize: for the magazine
2nd prize: for the games(fun section)
3rd prize: for the international friendship + collages and games inside the club
4th prize: for the ladies behind the ladies section and the collages AND for the contests inside the club

Prizes added!