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New Weekly: Take a Compliment

PostPosted: 09 Mar 2020, 08:53
by Red Queen

Did you know:
March 1 is celebrated as World Compliment Day, a day that aims to address the “basic human need for recognition and appreciation.”

According to the official website of the unofficial holiday, Hans Poortvliet created the day as a way to spread happiness and increase productivity. He encouraged people to use words instead of gifts as a way to praise and appreciate people. The idea is to create the “most positive day in the world.”


Lets’ empower each other this Women’s Month and say something nice to someone else.

Choose your favorite lady or best friend in the game and say something positive to her here. Also dress up as that lady

1st – 15 emeralds & $20 000
2nd – 13 emeralds & $16 000
3rd – 10 emeralds & 12 000

Things I'll look at when choosing winners:
1. Did you dress as someone in the game?
2. Did you say something nice about her and give her name?
3. Were you creative?

Please Remember:
Please add your lady ID
Add your lady name in the game
ONE entry per lady
Keep photo in your gallery 'till end of the contest.
:attention: Please add one photo of your lady without any background.
if you are using a background for the contest. :attention:
Contest end date: Sunday, 15 March 2020

Re: New Weekly: Take a Compliment

PostPosted: 09 Mar 2020, 16:17
by Eva Adamova
My friend is lady Lukovka
She is a very very kind woman with a big heart, with a great sense of humor
I believe, her amazing imagination and her voice was created to write and voice children's stories

her LP nickname is Луковка. that literally means "a little Onion" :)

i copied her outfit from her gallery



my friend's original pic

Re: New Weekly: Take a Compliment

PostPosted: 10 Mar 2020, 02:21
by dyiamond
My Best Friend is Lady Victors Secret (VS) :D
VS has a big HEART, always willing to listen and help others no matter what.
Also a vivid imagination and a great sense of humor keeps me and those around laughing :lol:
Thanks for joining LP World

Lady Victors Secret
Lady Dyiamond


Re: New Weekly: Take a Compliment

PostPosted: 10 Mar 2020, 10:59
by Clueless1
My sister in real life and sister in the game, Dee - Dee. She is my best friend, I love her with all my heart and would do anything she asked of me. I owe her so much. She is the strongest women I know. She is one of the nicest people I know she would do anything for anyone. But her true strength is that she doesn't suffer fools gladly. I love that about her. She is never cruel to people and gives everybody the benefit of the doubt but she is no mug.
I am really proud to call her my sister she has a great moral compass and treats everybody she meet equally. She sets an example that everybody should live by. DD I love you so much you make my life a better place. Thanks for everything you do for me. Thanks for giving me another sister, Red, sorry boobies, I could do only one. But love you too.

Dee - Dee


Re: New Weekly: Take a Compliment

PostPosted: 12 Mar 2020, 02:52
by ethelind helena chua
This is SwedeePea, in my 5 years of playing only Swedee reaches out to be a friend with a total stranger, we have different time zone and we are miles away, but we do catch up with each other once in a while. If you will notice we have different skin tone.

SORRY FOR EDITING this is what I wanted to tell her




Re: New Weekly: Take a Compliment

PostPosted: 15 Mar 2020, 02:15
by nefeliethan

I rarely see her, also I rarely have the clothes she puts in her photos . So I made a different choice. Wear as much similar and cross-coloured (the colour of her necklace = the colour of my dress, the colour of my necklace = the color of her dress)

About Klea Dervishi ... :D my bestie , she is 3- 4 years younger than me , but she is my younger sister , peer-aged friend , a colleague when needed , fellow maniac .... even she can be my older sister if needed...

I can (firmly) tell that she is my bestfriend since she is a very honest and straight-forward girl and don't wear masks and not an online-pretending-friend

I don't have much to say about her other than I miss her alot as she comes once in a blue moon ( just because of her studies)

once playing truth or dare I was asked what is my bff's bad quality....As I say she is a bit(alot) innocent. I think she is too open-hearted if we grow closer to her and I think she must behave like an adult and always keep the limits and a little cold-heart (maybe my jealous :biggrin: _)

What I want to tell her...

Klea...if you are reading this..
I want to tell you my usual ' you can't imagine how much I missed you '
But now I want to tell you this I love you so much more and more . You are so beautiful. And I am a lucky friend to have you , I am glad I could meet you. Thank you for being kind to me . You are amazing !

Thanks to God..Thanks to Ladypopular and BTS for making us meet
and Thank you to forum for giving such opportunity :wub:

Re: New Weekly: Take a Compliment

PostPosted: 16 Mar 2020, 01:49
by Tigerlily
I have several friends in the game but probably my most special one is Tanja (TanjaD.). This is a nickname, her full name is Tatjana and she lives in North Macedonia. We have known each other for slightly more than a year and instantly knew we were much alike. We live in different countries, have different native languages, and communicate in one we both know: first it was English, now Serbian. She is in her twenties, I am in my forties, and yet we have a true closeness of spirit. Tanja is very creative, has a very developed aesthetic and fashion sense, as well as a rich inner world. We can discuss a variety of topics and I always have a feeling we are twins in a spiritual ad emotional sense. Our daily lives and surroundings are pretty much different but we are tied together with an invisible thread in the virtual world. I am truly grateful I got to know Tanja through our common interest in LP. :love:

Here I am wearing her current outfit, which I have adjusted a little to my personal taste (her image is to the right).



Re: New Weekly: Take a Compliment

PostPosted: 17 Mar 2020, 11:42
by Red Queen
Hi all.
Because there was only 6 entries, I decided to reward you ALL ;)

1st – 15 emeralds & $20 000 - Eva Adamova ID: 4252403 & Tigerlily ID: 431953
2nd – 13 emeralds & $16 000 - Clueless1 ID: 1737484 & ethelind helena chua ID: 1200723
3rd – 10 emeralds & 12 000 - Dyiamond ID: 379001 & Nefelithan ID: 6081080

Ladies they chose to compliment each get the following:
5 emeralds & $5 500

DEE - DEE ID: 851804
TANJAD ID: 4972564
ЛУКОВКА. ID: 3559200