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Re: The sorcerer's apprentice

PostPosted: 27 Oct 2018, 13:23
by frrumussica
Sorry about that! It wast the first time I've ever did something like that and I forgot to add the due at the ending. I realised that only yesterday morning. But if I'll ever organise another contest again, I'll make shure to have it. ;)

Well, at least, I had fun and I hope you had too :)

Re: The sorcerer's apprentice

PostPosted: 29 Oct 2018, 09:04
by ClaudiaM25
Frumu, please provide Istra's lady ID.
Eamane - prize added.
Frumu - 5 diamonds added for succesfully organizing this contest

Re: The sorcerer's apprentice

PostPosted: 05 Nov 2018, 04:01
by Swiftcat
The Sorcerer's Apprentice

We got to the new world in a flash, time stopped and things were acting strange, the girl walked off and never looked back and we all knew we have to open up the Sorcerer's gifts in brown paper, as we opened them up there were Wands, Roses and Necless and Rings with powers that can change anything like steel metal back into bricks to make homes, the roses and wands gave everyone horses for there carriages and also turn bricks into homes where they all could live.
I opened my gift up to find a Magical Music Box that sings to the people of the New World and gives them magical hearts.
The girl returned and she looked beautiful dressed in gold, she no more looked the weirdest cause the magical powers lighten up her heart with magical powers that came from the Magical Music Box given by the sorcerer in brown paper.
The powers gave them a New World with a whole lot of pride in there New World now it's back to normal.
Last of all the powers given to us were that we were not fighting anymore like it is a contest, but giving each other love and happniss.
We all hugged and all the powers touched and we all got sent us back to the Sorcerer's work tower, the Sorcerer thank you everyone of us for the work we done and we all celebrated together with love and happniss all around the Work Tower circular room.




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