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New Weekly: Versailles

PostPosted: 27 Aug 2018, 10:38
by Red Queen

The year is 1682 when Sun King Louis XIV decides to move his family to Versailles Palace and gather the highest representatives of the aristocracy in France under one roof. He sends out invitations to the most noble lords and their women to join, but it was actually an order that threatened the security of the positions of those who rejected it. Some gladly accepted, others reluctantly. They left their own homes and lands where they lived and headed to the heart of France.

Being one of these blue blood members called to Versailles, your task is to make a dress and describe your first impressions of the palace when you arrive in it - the king, the gardens, the room, the rest of the people.
What is happening? Are you greeted by the King? Are they indifferent or are they glad to see you? What tribulations happened on the way? Were you tired of waving, do you hate this place already? What are you going to do next?
We give you the complete freedom to describe everything that has excited you.
Make yourself comfortable, pour a glass of wine and soak in manners and grace from a long-forgotten world.

Oh, we heard that tonight Louis organized a spectacular ball! We are going to go, will you come with us? He would have a lot of yummy hors d'oeuvre'sn. We are very curious to meet the others and see what surprises our favorite king has prepared for us!

Let your text be about 500 words. (We will not count every word, use it as a landmark.) Rather, we plan to focus more on your creativity. Write something new, something different from the typical fairy-tale of the princess, with whom he finally married. Remember, our Louis is a married man. Apart from being his mistress, you can not get him. Disguise your Lady as a man if you wish. An interesting fact - at that time it was customary for men to have male lovers, especially in Versailles - why do not you show us a gay couple? Favors and backgrounds beyond those in the game are allowed. You have the complete freedom to express yourself, your fantasy and your creativity. Show your best. Be better than others and become the King's favorites!

Welcome ... to Versailles!

1st. 30 emeralds + $ 20 000
2nd. 25 emeralds + $ 15 000
3rd. 20 emeralds + $ 10 000
4th. 15 emeralds + $ 5 000

Things I'll look at when choosing winners:
1. Did you dress your lady as blue blood member from Versailles?
2. Did you write a story?
3. Were you creative?

Please Remember:
Please add your lady ID
Add your lady name in the game
Keep photo in your gallery 'till end of the contest.
:attention: Please add one photo of your lady without any background. :attention:
if you are using a background for the contest.
Contest end date: Sunday, 2 September 2018

I would like to thank the Bulgarian Forum Team for this great idea and picture.

Love poems are corny
and so are some songs.
But maybe this
one will make you belong.

Re: New Weekly: Versailles

PostPosted: 27 Aug 2018, 11:38
by klepsydra
In order to ally with a new wave of so called barbarian, King Louis invited some of Europe's new wave of Scandinavian nobles. To stop an iminent atack from our icelandic troops to take Versailles, the King invited me, as the daughter of the regent clan.
The french courtmock the vikings for their inability to dress noble and they do not fear the atack as the king does. I tokk the invitation and travelled by horse with my companian, Earl Azrael. The goal, learn the french weaknesses and honor my ancestors by taking Versailles, while showing the snobs in the court, barbarian are luxurious dressers. After all our luxury is handcraft with the treasures raid from Europe's most luxurious countries. ;)



Re: New Weekly: Versailles

PostPosted: 27 Aug 2018, 12:53
by ♥Alice Cullen
A few years back, as a child, i was captured by french troups in a battle and made slave at the service of King Louis in Versailles.
In a political visit, the Red Royal family of South Africa has convinced King Louis to sell me to them and i was released as soon as i step foot in Red Kingdom. I remained loyal to the benevolent queen and gained a place in her court. So, when the Red Royal family received invitation to go to Versailles I came accompanying the Red Prince. We come to maintain conversations with the french court to keep trading routes open but, secretly i came to take revenge to my captor and murderer of my family...



Re: New Weekly: Versailles

PostPosted: 27 Aug 2018, 14:24
by florairene
being a distasnt cousin of the queen.... i was invited... i had to take my husband with me... the man who i thought i loved and married.. downrating my life and giving up the chance of being married to Luis instead of my uglier cousin.... Once i walked in my eyes met louis eyes... the suprise that i the cousin of his wife would of made a much more beautiful queen.... i looked around the palace... yes this is the place i should be not in my husbands country chateau.... at some point the king came behind me and whispered in my ear..... tell me it is your wish and versailles will be your home and i will be your husband your lover your servant till eternity....

Re: New Weekly: Versailles

PostPosted: 27 Aug 2018, 15:35
by ketevank
my story started like in fairy tale, i was a court lady of the queen. One day Marquis, one of the closest adviser of the King Louis, fallen in love with me, he asked the king permission to marry me .. so,soon i became Marquise.. but it doesn't end like happily ever after, i always felt envy, i hear rumors about mistresses of my husband, bust yesterday i revived a short letter...

" she will be in Versailles..."

someone tries to ruin my family? who is she?is this rumor true or they try to make me crazy :blink: i should try to observe all ladies tonight in the Versailles...I will carry a little green flacon with me.. just in case

i am not kind Cinderella anymore... :evil:


Re: New Weekly: Versailles

PostPosted: 27 Aug 2018, 15:39
by PenelopeT
[size=150my day started like all the others when a letter changed things. it came from the king Louis who invited me and my mother to his palace.I was very excited, impatient to visit the royal rooms.the next day we set off, the road was long and I was so excited
at the palace, I was enchanted by the beauty of the walls and the amazement has increased.there were richer women accompanied by their daughters, but nobody knew why the king had invited us. we were in the main hall decorated for a party. the tables were covered with food and the glasses always feet of wine.
at one point, King Louis is escorted by his trusted men. The room fell silent and he spoke: was looking for a new wife.
become the wife of a king. all of a sudden the mothers exploded in a chorus of approval. but my mother did not and neither did I want to marry King Louis. so my mother silenced all the others screaming: my daughter is not interested and we approached the exit but the king's guards stopped us as if we were prisoners
we understood that we had not been invited by courtesy.
my mother could not accept to be held back by force and in a fit of courage she grabbed the guard's sword and pierced him with it.
he told me to run and not look back. He got on a horse and left the building.I have not seen my mother again. I cried his death for a long time, today I'm ready to avenge her][/size]



Re: New Weekly: Versailles

PostPosted: 27 Aug 2018, 16:40
by katzey

While the architecture and food were amazing, I was hoping to not have to talk to anyone. I have a few allies and close friends, but there is always drama at these parties. I prefer politics when they are needed and involve me, and I don't need to know about the argument the two women at the cheese plater are having. Hopefully, I can just talk to Bella about the architecture.

Great, Bella was killed. This is why I don't like these parties.

Re: New Weekly: Versailles

PostPosted: 27 Aug 2018, 17:33
by Hellanna
Preamble: Since Louis XIV decided to install the Court and the central power at Versailles, in 1682, the castle gathered thousands of people: the royal family and its commensal officers, the courtiers/courtisan and their own servants, the ministers and their multiple clerks, but also a whole staff of servants, workers, merchants.
Note: I do not speak English very well. I hope most of my text is understandable. Thank you. :)

I am Hellanna d'Alençon and I am a courtesan at the court of Versailles.

I come from a noble family. We were invited to the Court of Versailles by the Sun King, Louis XIV, the spring of 1682. I remember the wonder that invaded me when I arrived at the Palace of Versailles. He was more majestic and grandiose than in my dreams. I had the deep conviction that this castle was waiting for me. It's when entering the castle that I decided that I would never leave it. I was ready for all the sacrifices and I am still today, to live there for the rest of my life. I want to live in wealth and abundance. I want everyone to bend their heads in my path.

As I mentioned before, I like luxury and abundance of wealth. The Palace of Versailles is huge, luxurious and filled with priceless treasures. I am still dazzled by so much beauty.

I was not born queen, princess, nor countess. But I feel I have the same rights and I have a plan to fulfill my dreams of royalty and to be treated and respected as I feel I deserve it.

To access the following privileges: To be fed, housed and entertained at the expense of the Crown.
I must attract the favor of the monarch and become his favorite.
I am willing to sacrifice my freedom for this title and be entitled to favors related to my rank.

By becoming the favorite of the King, I will be able to cross this large and magnificent castle and its gardens as I wish. I will attend court parties and ceremonies. I will be dressed in the most beautiful dresses and I will wear the most beautiful jewels and the most beautiful hats. I will be able to frequent the royal residences regularly. I will dance all night at the balls given in honor of the Sun King. I will be treated with respect ... I will become a great and beautiful lady of the court and I will be envied by all. Yes, all will envy my prestige and rank.

To please the King, I am interested in all forms of art and I learn the art of appearing at the court, which is essential to be noticed and appreciated by the King.

I am interested in the tastes of the King and his entourage.
I already know that Charles Le Brun is the favorite painter of the King. André-Charles Boulle is the cabinetmaker who created all the furniture that furnished the castle. And that Jules Hardouin-Mansart and Louis Le Vau are the architects of this great work of art. Lully, meanwhile, is the King's favorite musician.

So, to get nearer to the King, I will become the intimate friend of his wife Maria Theresa of Austria, and the confidante of her heir. I will dethrone his favorite, Madame de Montspan.

And after all her sacrifices and stratagems, maybe one day, I'll be queen!



Me, in all my splendor accompanied by my servant. :P

Re: New Weekly: Versailles

PostPosted: 27 Aug 2018, 17:49
by frrumussica
My mother and I had always shared a common dream: to rule the land where we live. She struggled and fighted in her young days and she rised from a pour farmer's girl to this land's lord's wife. She was happy – as happy a woman married someone who she doesn't love could be. That was until King Louis XIV moved into the castle. She wanted more, but couldn't have it, so in her place I needed to get it – the power, the glory, the entire kingdom.

When we recieved the invitation to the royal ball, we accepted it in no time. What was there to think about? We made plans and preparations for a long time and we were waiting for the right moment to act. The plan was simple. I had to win the king's heart using my beauty – easy enough, knowing I was the most gorgeus young woman in the whole country – and play with his mind, making him forget about his wife.

But I never liked the ideea of being someone's second choise, so I'm going to take mother's plans to the next level. Yes, he needs to forget about his wife and fall in love with me, but the queen needs to die so I can take her place. For this, I prepared a death potion to witch I added a pleasent fragrance and poured it into a bottle of parfume. No one's going to suspect anything when their beloved queen would fall ill.

But I encountered one small problem: the king's wife were nowhere to be seen at the royal ball...

Re: New Weekly: Versailles

PostPosted: 27 Aug 2018, 17:59
by SandraMilasevic
For a long time I was growing in sympathy for the King Louis, whom they called the King of the Sun. He was an excellent, great lover of art, glamor and shine. I was eventually invited to the court as his long-time friend ... for the rest I was a friend, and in essence I'm his mistress. The court was as always beautiful, brilliant and full of everything and everything. I came accompanied by a young officer who knew everything about me and the king and kept that secret in my life. Basically, I think he loved me. I met every corner of the court ... I was impatiently waiting to sneak into a beautiful garden and meet with the be continued ^_^