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Re: New Weekly: Versailles

PostPosted: 29 Aug 2018, 07:18
by LadyKharie

Dear Cousin Lady Popular,
I’ve been informed that you snuck away on holiday out of the country. I do miss you and want to let you know of my latest happenings.
Our dear uncle King Louis the XIV has invited me to yet another one of his most extravagant and haughty hall events. He insists on my presence that I might meet some of his closest dignitaries of whom he is sure I will find a suitable mate. I am most sure that father and my uncle are conspiring together for this matter as they are equally as invested in my marriage and their benefit from it.
Nevertheless I shall attend this gathering, fore I am guilty. I do fancy dressing up a bit and making the other maidens jealous of the luxurious fashions and embellishments that our uncle’s office affords me. And I never tire of the marvelous spectacle that is Versailles and its various guests, however hideous and disagreeable they may manage to make themselves. However, I always do find the guest’s carriages very beautiful as they create quite the magnificent display when they line in front of the gates of the south garden. You haven’t been here in some time to see it. When you enter the south garden you are enveloped by a wide stone path that is lined from the gate to entrance with roses, lilies, and sweet jasmine in yellows and whites that surround you like a cocoon. The fragrance of it all is quite the sensation. The flower bouquet ends at a heavy and stately iron door adorned with carvings and forgeries that are a marvel to the eye. Upon entering the castle a most handsome and stately cathedral hall draws into the ball room. There are cellos and fellows and dancing ladies everywhere. I have never seen so many candles and floral preparations and so much china in one room. The provisions are most abundant and quite delicious. How I wish that you could be here. Or dear uncle has outdone himself again. I wish you good fortune and bid that you will be present and at my side for his next grand affair.
Yours Truly,
Lady Kharie.

Re: New Weekly: Versailles

PostPosted: 29 Aug 2018, 14:27
by Czarina
t was the first day in my life, when I visited the palace of Versailles. Since I was a relative of the king, I had to be present there. I was brought in Austria by my aunt. I had lost my parents when I was small. That is why I always had a lone feeling in my heart. But who knew that my life would change...
When I reached the palace in the morning, i saw king Louis. He was kind and gentle to me. He introduced me to the members of his court and Marie Antoinette aunt. She was a bit weird but sweet.
Soon the meeting started. Nobles and Kings from different nations came there. Suddenly when my eyes stopped on a handsome, charming guy. Marie told me that he was Malesherbes younger brother, Arthur. At that moment he looked at me too. I walked away from there to the garden. After a few minutes, he also came to the garden and asked my name. I replied him with a blush. Slowly we had a great conversation. We didn't even realize that the meeting was over and we now had to return back.
Few months later we again are here at Versailles.This time not for any other meeting, but for our wedding...

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PostPosted: 30 Aug 2018, 06:19
by Swiftcat
As I got to the Palace Sun King Louis XVI was greeting everyone in the Palace, we all have suprised looks on our faces, suprised cause the Palace is an amazing beautiful place to live with Sun King Luise XVI, infact it was so great I even now have new friends here that share the same great ideas and values.
The Palace was so fill now and the King wants to know why we all choose to live with him and what can we bring to his Palace?, He turned to a shoes maker and ask him "why you chooses to live at this palace and what can you bring?",
The shoe maker replied by saying Sun King Luise XVI "I can make shoes and I like to start a new life here with you a new beginning for back home is now a battle ground is no good for my children to live", The King Lusie gave him a honor with his sword on both sholder's and said "you may enjoy your time here".
After the shoe maker the King turned and asked me, I told him "I am a teacher and can teach the kinda a better world for the future" the king was so happy with my answer we all went to his garden to celebrate our stay at Sun King Louis Palace



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Re: New Weekly: Versailles

PostPosted: 02 Sep 2018, 06:18
by Lariel172
Version: Lady Popular v.3 English
Lady Name: Lariel
Lady ID: 64529

Aah, at last, the Château de Versailles, the official Royal Residence of France under the "Sun King", Louis XIV.

The Gilded Cage.

As beautiful as the palace and the gardens were, however grand the parties and fine the food, that is all that it will ever be for nearly all of the nobles that resided there. The rules, the stakes, were quite clear in this matter: The Nobles that agreed to stay in Versailles right under Louis XIV and his family were pacified with more titles, monies and all the grandeur that Versailles had to offer. The Nobles that did not? They found themselves soon bereft of titles, in debt and disgrace soon enough. Thus, their "choice" to stay in the palace wasn't much of a choice at all.

What good are titles, wealth and prestige if your freedom, the right to go where you please, as you please, is taken away? No good at all, I would say. In this, the common man was "richer" than a Noble of Versailles.

Alas, this was merely an observation, not a bitterness I could speak of from personal experience. I am the daughter of an Emperor, not of this country at all. While my Darling Husband, cousin to Louis XIV and known to many as a "Man of Many titles", "The Bluest of Blood" is the Prince du Sang (Prince of the Blood), the Prince etranger (Foreign Prince) and Duc et Pair (Both Duke and Peer of the France). My beloved Father and Grandfather insisted, that if I were not to be married to a Sovereign, than only someone of many titles, of power and influence whose birth and divine status could never be questioned would do. There were other reasons, of course, as to why I could not marry an Emperor, King or Crown Prince. My family could not bear the thought of me being forever pulled away by another ruler, another country and a look at history showed that, however unlikely, a woman can become the Empress or Queen of her realm in her own right. If ever something had befallen my brothers, I would be the heir to the Imperial Throne and my claim would not be questioned. After all in intelligence, diplomacy, bearing and love for the people, I was equal to my older brothers and the people loved me just as much, if not more as their "Beloved Princess".

It was the match of the century in my opinion--my husband was handsome, intelligent and loved as well as respected me deeply. And while I always lived in luxury as a Princess, my husband ensured I wanted for nothing, supporting my love of books and art, as well as my need to gain power politically and financially in other kingdoms by forming alliances, friendships and trades with royal families around the world. All he asked in return was for my love, loyalty and respect. For conversation, for laughter.

To embrace his romantic attentions and to stay in our bed--our marriage bed, I reminded myself with a smile as my husband wrapped one arm around my waist and used the other to take my hand, giving it a not-so decent kiss.

"It is not so bad here, my Love," my beloved whispered to me after yet another Duc and Comtesse greeted us, complimenting my beauty and how fine our clothes were. "We can enjoy the luxuries of the Chateau de Versailles and leave whenever we tire of it. No other can boast of this," he soothed, pressing a discreet kiss to the back of my neck.

"Darling, we never boast." I lightly scolded, leaning into his touch. "And it is only due to the fact that you are the Royal Family's favorite cousin and that Louis fears my Father's wrath and army if he tries to keep us here that makes it so that we are not caged like the others." I whispered back, quietly batting away my husband's hand as it tried to slide lower. "Trying to get me with child again?"

"Always, my Heart," he chuckled. "Besides...on the carriage ride here you admitted that my cousin's plan to centralize power in France and keep his court in check was a brilliant one."

"Yes, but it still doesn't stop me from this feeling of...near pity for the people in this Gilded cage." Near pity, as aside from us and the royal family, there were actually people that wanted to be there, like the King's many mistresses. My Grandparents, having befriended Suleiman, Kangxi and many other rulers along with their families, told me of the importance of being the "confidant" to not only the rulers, their spouses and children, but also to their courtesans and servants. 'It pays extremely well to be a careful listening ear,' they would say. 'The information and power you gain is worth more than gold'. Thus, I was not only a dear friend to Maria Theresa, the Queen of France, but Louis' many lovers thought of me as their important confidante and 'Elegant Friend'. Mind you, I didn't think of all of them--if any--in the same regard, save for the kind and respectful Marquise de Maintenon and some of the male lovers of a few Ducs and Comtes.

"Look at them, Darling. They all believe themselves to be the most beautiful, to eclipse their Queen. They all desire to replace her, except for Françoise. Where such greed and vanity comes from, I do not know." I quietly said to my husband, a calm expression on my face as I observed two of Louis' mistresses vie for his attention. It was all for naught, however as the Sun King spotted us and promptly walked over, embracing us warmly. We both knew of the King's desire for me, but also that nothing would come of it. My husband and I would never be unfaithful to one another and Louis cherished his cousin's friendship and political influence.

Speaking of family and friendship... I smiled at my Cousin-in-law. "Where is Your Queen? I have yet to see Her Majesty," I ask lightly.

"She is in bed, I'm afraid, and quite ill." the king lamented. "It may be a day or so before Her Majesty feels well enough to see the Court, although the letters you share have given her much strength."

"Her letters always bring me much joy as well," I agreed, sighing. "Oh, Dearest Maria. It must be due to her arm again," I added sadly. Although I am glad she doesn't have to witness you panting over your bedmates.

My brilliant spouse, never one to miss an opportunity, in his most caring voice said "If Your Majesty will permit us, it would be our honor and pleasure to attend to Her Majesty. We both have missed her so, and I know My Wife will not be able to truly enjoy the festivities until she sees The Queen at least once."

At that, a soft, grateful smile graced The Sun King's lips. "Merci, my Cousins. My true friends. Of course, You may tend to Her Majesty. I am sure that, with your love for her and light, she will be well again in no time." He embraced us once more, kissing our cheeks. "We shall speak later, at Dinner." Which meant that naturally, we would be seated next to Louis on one side, with one of his courtesans on the other.

With a bow and curtsy, we walked away from The Sun King, my beloved's arm still secured around my waist, lightly caressing the finely embroidered gold and cream silk of my gown. "See, my Heart? It is not so bad--I got us a few hours reprieve from everyone and you get to see your dearest friend."

I nodded, squeezing the arm around my waist. "Thank you, my Love. We shall need the hours, for as soon as we return, we will have to play our own parts on this Grand Stage of Courtiers, becoming witness to this....circus. Lending our smiles to the sycophants..."

My husband cut me off with a deep, passionate kiss. Slowly pulling away, I could see the triumphant smirk on his face. "And our ever commiserating, listening ears to the residents of Versailles, High and Low."

Still a bit dazed from the kiss, I laughed. I had taught my Husband well. "And our listening ears," I concurred before pulling him in for another kiss.


Re: New Weekly: Versailles

PostPosted: 02 Sep 2018, 18:04
by ahiya123
I was invited by the King.I entered the ball room of the grandest palace,the center of political power and symbol of the king’s dominance and wealth.The royal court, garden,the 700-room palace housed the nobility that king had brought into his sphere and thousands servents serving the guests.A lady approached me, "oh! dear Marie-Anne,your bravenss pleased me,you found a way to get where you don't belongs!" .She was the king’s morganatic second wife, Madame de Maintenon who visited me few days ago at the convent to disabuse me.
"The fact that a lady of your rank has taken the trouble to tell her that she is not king's daughter convinces that she is" , Madame de Montespan, king’s chief mistress, who gave birth to seven of the monarch’s children, interupted us. After their grudge talk, Montespan offered me a glass of wine.She intrigued about the rumors of my birth how Marie-Thérèse,the first wife of the king,gave birth prematurely to a short-lived princess.The baby had dark skin caused by lack of oxygen.The baby did not die, but instead was hidden away in a convent and funeral was acted.She was a greedy lady and envied the queen.I moved around the ball.
"Your Royal Highnes" I greeted the king as i approached him
"You are privileged to enjoy the royal ball,you will be sent to a convent in Africa.Perceive yourself,i refuse to proclaim you my heir,only a white deserves that!" He was harsh and cruel.
I looked around for the young beautiful lady who served my mother during her last days.She melancholy explained,"Highness was patient, faint-hearted,naive, sweet-natured and very pious,a great admirer of her husband, she was hurt by majesty's infidelity.Her illness was sudden, and her decline swift."
The conspiracy behind my visit was nothing but to employ the young lady to mildly toxify the king's food everyday.I exchanged the toxin with her.He will decline gradually for abandoning my mother and perish four days before his 77th birthday when the last dose will be given, being unable to legitimate his illegitimate children of mistresses and royalty prevents the privileges of the morganatic queen.The way to have power is to take it!!!!!!!..........



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lady name : Scarlet Timberlake

Re: New Weekly: Versailles

PostPosted: 05 Sep 2018, 12:21
by Red Queen
Hear ye, hear ye!!!

The following Noble (and not so noble) ladies has been hand picked by the King himself.

1. Lariel172
2. Eamane
3. Glitterbits
4. Sarah Eilonwy

I want to congratulate each and every one of you ladies who really did rise to the occasion, you all did great.

Re: New Weekly: Versailles

PostPosted: 05 Sep 2018, 14:51
by Red Queen
Lariel172 wrote:Version: Lady Popular v.3 English
Lady Name: Lariel
Lady ID: 64529

Hi Lariel, please give correct id of INTERNATIONAL GAME, we cannot find your name / ID. We won't be able to add your reward if you can't give correct name /id combination.