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Re: New Weekly: Versailles

Postby WhatKittyWore » 27 Aug 2018, 18:30

Natalia Romanovna is the daughter of a rich and influential Russian noble. She is yet unmarried, despite her many suitors. Her beauty and grace are known to everyone who meets her, and her willful and intelligent nature impress without fail. Unfortunately for her, however, she is not the kind of woman to stay "in her place". She loves wearing bold colours and expressing her political opinions. Because of her honest and bold straightforward nature, she is very well liked by the tsar and his wife, who are known to ask her opinion on many matters. She is very shrewd and sees through people's fake outsides, protecting her friends from mean intentions by boldly exposing those with bad intentions.

However, because of her bold disregard for social norms, men are easily intimidated by her- Not used to a strong woman with strong opinions who boldly shows her intelligence and demands the attention and respect of those around her, men tend to look at her more as a friend than a possible romantic interest. Because of this, Natalia is secretly very lonely, even though she would never show it. She wants to be loved as much as everyone else, but she knows she can't be happy if she pretends to be like everyone else. Will she find someone who loves her for who she is, a man with an intelligence to match who will also respect her will and desire to be involved?

Lady name: Kitty E. Steffan
Version: English Facebook
Lady ID: 2758520


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Re: New Weekly: Versailles

Postby Sulka » 27 Aug 2018, 18:34

This is the story of a girl who was taken by her father to the palace of Versailles, since he was in charge of the gardens, he was an expert in the field, so King Louis XIV, I entrust him the architecture and the design of the greenhouse of the orange trees of Versailles, which is under the Table of noon.
she was a beautiful, vivacious and brilliant girl, who attracted the attention of the king to such an extent that every conversation with her, for the king, was a breath of fresh air, is for that reason for he took so much appreciation to her; a casual day, the king approached the girl's father to take her as his protégé to teach her everything about royalty and protocolsthis opened for her a new world full of glamor and beauty, in which she, thanks to her great intelligence and sagacity, developed very well.she grew, in grace and beauty, to such an extent that it was the fruit of many conversations in the dances that her mentor (the king), because he loved her as his daughter, and protected and raised her as such.
One day in one of those many dances, she knew with whom she would steal her heart, to the point that the reason why I have intelligence was short-lived before that love; he was a man with fire hair and eyes of sea, the son of a jewelery merchant who had made an incalculable fortune; he and she danced all night, professing his love in every look and breath.This love was sealed with their marriage in 1680, giving birth to 2 beautiful children, whom their mentor, the king, always loved them as their grandchildren.
Lady: Sulka
ID: 5013797

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Re: New Weekly: Versailles

Postby krissyboss » 28 Aug 2018, 04:55

Golden Glass(The Sun Kings Ball)

The letter clutched in my hand I step out of the carriage. I openly gape at “The Palace of the Sun”, Versailles. Golden spires punch at the sky while ant-like people hurry around, dressed for the king. As my father steps out, I take his arm and we walk to the West Wing. As we walk I can smell flowers, sweet and natural above the cloying perfume and sweat. As we turn the corner I see the famed gardens, which has orange trees cascading with snowy white blossoms. A miniature river cuts through the scenery and a glass wing overhangs all of this, protecting the fragile blossoms from the frosts.

We have adjoining suites, at the begging of the Hallway of Diamonds. My room is lavished with silk and ivory, while imported teak-wood and mirrors make up an entire wall. I shake my head in disgust, wondering how the Sun King can be so blind to his own peoples suffering to build this oppelunt, wasteful palace. The bathroom is no better, with three maids to help me undress and another two to help me bathe. As I take off my corset I breathe a sigh of relief, I can go hours without the stifling device constricting my ability to think.

The next morning is a bustle of activity, preparing for the ball, hosted in the Sun Kings Honor. I have only to make a few choices, the ball’s theme is the Sun. I toss aside the idea of going as night, dusk, and overly yellow. A pale pink skirt with a golden brocade top and necklace, with a pink beaded circlet, and a pale pink corsage. My arms are bare, scandalously so, but I do not care, this night has no meaning to me. The maid I must admit though, is a master, giving an illusion of a sun-kissed face. I impulsively pull my hair from its elaborate bindings. It trails to my waist, wavy and slightly messy. I pull two strands out and tuck them behind my head. My maid watches disapprovingly.

All of these thoughts melt away as I approach the throne. The hallway too it seems endless with mirrors all reflecting everywhere. I school my expressions into a smile and bow before the sun king himself. I dare a glance around and see everyone else in varying shades of gilt. “What are you dressed as?” his voice rumbles from above. I almost jump but remember myself just in time. “Pardonnez-moi, je ne voulais pas offenser Votre Majesté. Je viens habillé comme l'aube qui annonce ton règne glorieux, ô grand Roi Soleil” I say with a deep curtsey. His face changes subtlety. “Then welcome to Versailles, little one.” As I back away I feel the eyes of his young son upon my shoulders. Then I understand, this is what my mother had kept from me. I will marry into the court to secure their future as my heart shatters into bits of broken glass.


My Ladys name is MissMagnolia
Her ID is this I'm pretty sure: 4694719

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Re: New Weekly: Versailles

Postby Sarah Eilonwy » 28 Aug 2018, 08:06

Lady Sarah Eilonwy
Club Black & White
ID: 1269831

I have never seen anything so bright in my life as the chandelier above my head as I go into the palace hall. The party has begun already and I seem to be late. The glamorous crowd stares at me, as people usually do when i go around in this garb of mine, i suppose I can pass as a jester, of a sort, as it is sadly it is the best I can do. Mom and I grew up poor, even on her seamstress salary. My predicament kept her from finding a husband of course, a matter I always felt guilt over. Now, she has passed away and I am left to clean up the mess that was made some twenty odd years ago. A pair of letters were sent on her death bed. One, to the palace and one to me. I take a glass of wine that is offered to me by a tall server. It is strong and bitter. I wince and I hear a woman nearby snicker as I place the glass down on a nearby table.

Every man has a woman on his arm, some have two. All are talking and laughing, watching the couples who are dancing with delight. They are a sight to behold. Elegant and desirous and poised, all in unison, each not missing and step and each still managing to look like they could very well be falling in love.
And I'll bet that some of those are actually sincere.

Then, she appears. The Dowager Empress. Elderly though she may be, she is regal beyond belief and still very beautiful in her deep blue silk gown and violet sash. She approaches me, nodding as people bow to pass her. She looks me up and down and asks, "You must be Helena's daughter?"
"Yes, Your Grace, I am Olivia."
She nods and beckons for me to follow her. "Come. You simply cannot meet my son looking like that. Ive had something made for you."
I follow her along, having a hard time in these ridiculous heels. "So you believe me? Believe my mother?"
"Yes, dear. Of course. I can tell just by looking at you."

Down the hall in a private room, she allows me to dress while peppering me with questions about my mother and mines life. Our hiding and running and scrounging all come out quickly. She listens patiently and seems to genuinely care.
"And your magic? How are you at controlling it?"
I frown as she helps me button up the beautiful dress that costs more than my family has made in four generations. "Well enough, when I keep my emotions in check," I admit.
"Well, lets not burn down the palace tonight, shall we?"
"Thank you, Your Grace."
"The same kind as your mother?"she asks, quickly pulling my wild black hair back and pinning it in place allowing just a touch to frame my face lightly.
"No, not at all. She only had powers of ice and wind. I have a combination of all five elements, but Im so weak, I could never master anything. Mom was so strong..."
"If things go well tonight, you will be trained by four of the finest masters of the elements this kingdom has known in decades. But, first things first..." She looks me up and down again, a gentle smile coming to her soft face. "Perfect. I pride myself on choosing the right fabrics for these occasions."
I take a deep breath feel my stomach do a somersault.
"Everything well be fine," The Empress promises me. "Louis will love you."
I nod, unsure of myself, of my will and my magic and my history and all of the stories my mother told me growing up of how this time would be...

I follow her back into the Grand Hall and see the crowds staring again. We pass them all, but the King is not present. The Empress leads me down another hall into yet another private room filled with guards. The King stand beyond all of them, dressed in his royal hunting gear as it is the annual celebration of the Boar and the Bear together. I almost smile, thinking of how the nobility finds excuses to drink their nights away in frenzied fits of gossip and dance.

I approach King Louis and curtsy deeply, like my mother showed me and dare to look into his deep dark eyes. "Hello, Father."

~Before and After Outfits~



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Re: New Weekly: Versailles

Postby womaninwhite » 28 Aug 2018, 13:13


I was not beheaded, I survived, I am officially countess of Anjou but everyone knows me like a WITCH women in white.
Yes I was survived, becouse king knows I am always tell truth, I can predict future. I can’t see everything but what I see is TRUE.
king gave me lands and noble title, now I am standing in the middle of the hall in the Versailles , and I watch faces, eyes full of fear, ambitions, desire, avange, questions …I see , I see answers….

I see potions but no potion will find her correct AIM. Green death will come to take servant’s life instead of his beautifull pink lady…

I see a Husband who was never loved by his wife but will found his true love came from afar. slave from chidhood, slave of revange,she will became slave of Love…

See a woman in pain who trying to kill king of the sun will never see the sun…

athere will be no queen after year, lady with sunny colors will become a wife of the king but never a queen...

but now i am not going to tell all answers, i am going to dance...

lady: woman in white
id= 2506666

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Re: New Weekly: Versailles

Postby NIVEDITHAA KANNA » 28 Aug 2018, 14:07

Am really gland that to come to royal spectacular ball.... which is organised by king louis... :rolleyes:
i am honured that i have been welcomed by the king him self... :cool: the garden where the ball is conducted it decorated as loyal it could be .. on seeing it anybody would love to dance.. :) am really enjoying the couple dancees held... the gay copules who were dancing there is really adorouble.. :wub: i too love to dance on the light shades... :biggrin: :blush:
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Re: New Weekly: Versailles

Postby Roney Chanu » 28 Aug 2018, 14:48

Present day:- It was a tiring day. I ended the day early. I had been having a lot of weird dreams the past days so prayed for a good night's sleep and rested.

Me: ( am i dreaming, i hear birds chirp and smell lillies.) Wait where am I?

overnight I had traveled to the past. I saw many unfamiliar places , My poor little brain was in haywire. just then a hand grabbed my elbow. I turned and faced her and to my surprise the lady looked exactly like me. I was about to ask some things but then she said chop chop no time.

I was in some type of suit. she called her handmaidens and ordered to sew something wearable from it for the ball. I was like excuse me A ball!!. While the dress was being made, I tried to fill in the gaps. OMG she was a blue blood and she said we were invited to the palace of Versailles. And so me and my Doppelganger went to the ball after some etiquette lessons :P

The palace was grand , the garden was exquisite; I was awed in many ways but the mirror Hall which was so heavenly. Seeing it in real was nothing compared to looking at the 360 degree captures. But then the Queen started acting up as the king announced his search for a new wife. The king was enjoying the moment. Many tried to capture the King's heart. My doppelganger was more interested in finding her suitor to build her nation so we went and met many princes and lords. unfortunately she liked none. Then the whole ball got disturbed, bloods were shed. I said let us hide for now and return safely. Took her hand and ran without looking back.

by the split of a hair we managed to slip past the front door. We called her carriage and went for the day. I woke up after 2 days. what happened next was a mystery. I don't dare open a history book now. I still fear if i had caused a minor change.

Me Doppelganger in past era
Me who went to past
Lady name- Chu

id= 4260496

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Re: New Weekly: Versailles

Postby Eamane » 28 Aug 2018, 18:39

Now, it did not suit us at all to go to Versailles. It is a horrid, smelly, sinful place, with secrets and plots and alliances hiding in corners. But the flowers ARE nice, to be truthful. And the parks, forests, woodsmen...yes, especially the woodsmen.
But the sunshiny idiot says you have to come, and you come. No choice in the matter, if you want to keep your head, and the heads of the rest of your family.

Normally, I would be terrified and nervous about it. That is why we are all thankful to the Granny. SHE was something else. Noble by birth and from a powerful family, she was gifted with a 'far-sight', as the kings would mention. Some thought she was a witch, but being in the family of the king's closest and most trustworthy advisors, she was rather consulted than killed. Of course, the Church had their share of her services. Truth to be told, I think that the Granny had very little of supernatural powers. But she was gifted with strong intuition (or survival instinct), impactful AND pleasant appearance, extremely good hearing and memory. She had a skill to become the closest friends of many and she knew how to use it for herself (and us), without betraying the trust. She taught all women in the family as much as she could, strengthening the already present natural instincts and looks. So we learned to use our looks to maintain the lustful glances of men (pigs, I might add, most of them plain and dirty pigs), while enhancing the mystery of red hair and family history of those who see beyond this world, by the mercy of God.

Of course, she (as the rest of us girls of age) could not avoid calls of the flesh the kings and high-ranked advisors, church leaders and the rest of the smelly nobles had when they saw us. But as the powers of the Granny was whispered about, she used it to negotiate and choose the lovers as wisely as she could. "Always be modest and innocent, girls. At the first and second glance. No matter what you experience, seem modest and innocent. And never let them own all of you. And when switching to the next, never scorn off the old, but seem to suffer slightly after their friendship when you see them", Granny used to say. A very wise woman, that Granny of ours. If we were in the royal family, we would be killed off long ago. But this way, we danced on the verge of strange powers, but more than that, being wise and trustworthy and ... good in sack... well, no way to go around it.

So all of us girls put on our crimson dresses, did the hair as granny used to do to seem like we're half in this world and half in some other realm and thus taking our special position the moment we enter Versailles. That sunny bastard will go nuts after us. One of us will probably have to entertain His majesty, most likely. I hope it will be Beatrice, she likes slightly deranged men, God knows why. Mamma will see to the chancellors and be as charming as possible. In our free time, however, we will check how the woodsmen are getting on :D
Oh how I will miss swimming at home. Everything and everyone smells here something terribly, even through the smelly salts. Maybe a kind woodsman will show us a secluded pond in the forest to take a bath now and then... that would be so wonderful.
Hopefully in a years' time we'll do our service and sent off to our own estate, deserved by special services to the King and the Country.
It might not be so bad, after all. If the estate is large enough, we might hire woodsmen of our own. And have plenty of ponds.

Now, to the Court!

Lady: Eamane, id=978139

"Now, Anne, that spoonful ain't any bigger than it was last year and I'M ever so much bigger." (Davy)
"When your heart skips a beat, it isn't love, it's indigestion." (Mrs. Rachel Lynde)

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Re: New Weekly: Versailles

Postby AnGeL » 28 Aug 2018, 22:10

Many years earlier..Me ,Angel Dufour, was 12.I saw the boy with large black hair during a visit to the castle with my dad .My Dad,Sir Benoit Dufour, was a nobleman. We started paying more visits to the castle . I always loved making fun of that boy's hair...soon we became friends..we played a lot. We made many adventures. I helped him many times to sneak out from the castle . And that was my nineteenth birthday..he came with a pretended smile with a gift in his shaking hands .. he told me some killing words. His relatives wanted him to go far and marry Lady Émilienne . She was very powerful . They said that she would help him in ruling the kingdom with all her relations and popularity . They told him I cannot be more than a childhood friend . He made his choice . Now he isnot my large haired boy ..He is King Louis XIV . I started seeking for power with all my will . I became very strict and i can say a little bit arrogant just thinking about positions but i have mercy and much care for my people..yes for my people. In a sunny day in 1682 , I was invited to a royal ball not as Angel Dufour but as Lady Angel Dufour , the Grand duchess of Tuscany. I didnot want to attend but it wasnot my choice . I dressed to show my power . i didnot know if he would recognize me after all these years.Soon, The doors of the castle were opened for me and I entered with all my dignity . I was a large hall with all that gold and glitter.I saw him..standing with sparkling eyes as if he was waiting for me ..He knew me from the first second he saw me. He came to me with a glass in his hand and said after some seconds in Intermittent voice " It is an honor to have you here Lady Angel "

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Re: New Weekly: Versailles

Postby Glitterbits » 29 Aug 2018, 05:38

Lady Popular v.3 English MadMoo
Lady: Glitterbits (formerly Glamorosa_Pickyrnoza)
ID: 5017170
Date Aug 28, 2018
Ball at the Palace at Versailles

Ahh…at last!! I shall enjoy another fanciful gala at our shining Sun King’s Palace and curtsey to my sovereigns again. The invitation arrived today & I’m rolling around on my fluffy big bed embracing it! I stir my handmaids to gather the satins, aigrettes and trims; my finest jewelry, and the biggest wig – the best of everything. We rush to the Palace at Versailles in the heart of France. I love it so much!

My gown is stunning. Fit for my stature as marquise. All my handmaidens labored day and night on the floral embellishments and ruffles, using only the best materials. I let them powder my face, and dress me, adjusting my hair just so. I stand before the mirror laden in jewelry. It is time to go to the ball!

As we depart the carriage I can already hear the festivities, music & people laughing inside. The palace is magnificently enormous and His Majesty is not finished adding to it! Three wings are planned next. The gardens are embellished with fountains, statues, basins, canals, geometric flower beds and groves of trees – so lush! I know it takes several servants to keep the topiary in such perfect condition.

Once inside, one cannot help but look up to the mural ceilings in the height of fashion, all gilded and ornate. The mirrored hall is filled with sparkling chandeliers. Golden statues hold more crystal lamps. The Sun King’s portraits are everywhere along with a mix of sycophants and friends.

I see the myriad curly locks and bouffant new styles in the crowd. The gentlemen with their beribboned cuffs & buckled slippers, all chatting in circles or introducing one another about the golden hall. I meet a few myself, followed closely by my lady in waiting with her hawk eyes set on protecting my reputation. King Louis is decked out in his high pleated collar, silk stockings & slippers peek out from beneath his ermine mantle adorned with golden fleur de lis ...and his Queen at his side (although his eyes do wander).

The ladies? How tall can you go? All of us in our wig confections, elaborately adorned with pearls, birds, aigrettes and pirate ships. Some powdered; some not. The jewelry so ubiquitous and brightly glittering; each of us proudly displaying a treasure trove about our necks. And all lean close to one another, cooing over the beautiful gowns, the food, the majestic "chateau", and interesting people we want to meet across the room.

It is loud with the soft murmur of cocktail guests, and staccato of laughter -- each hoping to get a bit of a chat with the King. He and Queen Maria Theresa come my way and I smile & curtsey (thank goodness, I did not trip). They greet me congenially, as we have met on prior occasions, and I query about his hunting. His eyes glisten, remembering the hunt. I have asked the right question and he tells me about the chase and the catch before moving on. Smiling, I head toward some of my friends across parquet floors to giggle a little over circumstance and enjoy the champagne. Tonight there are smoked pheasants and oysters, roasted duck with glace l’orange, bon bons and little cakes, and an entire table laden with cheeses and aperitifs. I shall take home dreams from this evening and sleep under fairy dust, happily.


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