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Re: The spirited “baby” of the zodiac

PostPosted: 02 Dec 2020, 15:30
by Lady Alexandra
AndreeaG wrote:Hi! So as you observed I decided to leave the forum. For good this time. I contemplated this idea for a long while after seeing a long series of wrongs and inadequate attitudes especially from the ,,people with power” around here. Knew from the start that ,,absolute power corrupts absolutely”. Some things I was vocal about, some I pretended too I didn’t see and kept silence about them. I doubt they had much impact, but my mind is at rest, knowing I tried and did the thing I considered right, despite involving having a spine.

Unlike my initial thought I decided I will keep this account and not get it deleted. It was almost 2000 posts in less than a year. And each and every post was close to my heart. Maybe after some time, there will be someone as equally crazy and brave to fight for her beliefs and principles and maybe she will happen to stumble upon one of my posts and say ,,well, I ain’t the only one”. And if not, still, rereading my stuff after years will bring a smile, probably.

Unfortunately, yes, I'm sad and it is always hard to part with things that brought me joy. On line reality is no less flawed than real life. At least, I've warned (yes, people took the care to tell me that forum left many with a bitter taste. I gave it a try though.) At least, if I choose to fight somewhere injustice and principles that simply I truly believe are not right, I will fight in real life. I need no such place in my free time also. This forum experiences only confirmed some things I knew long about. But maybe it highlighted the need to be more aware of the reality and stop wishing for things to be more ideal. Yes, the society far, but, maybe, their own fates, yes. I wish you all the best, despite everything. You make the mission so much harder for those few who have these idealistic goals and work not in their personal interest, and instead for a greater good and idea, but those idealistic goals are all about you all and it will be a contradiction to not wish you the best, despite the hurt you inflict on us. I could give names, examples… but those of you will keep on being flagrant, as always, especially since I am no longer here. So it stays. Wishing you the best.

And goodbye.

Re: The spirited “baby” of the zodiac

PostPosted: 24 Mar 2021, 00:15
by fiona star
So i was wondering now when you are back, would you continue writing here?